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Welcome to me profile! I am new here, and my name is xDontBreakTheSilencex, formely xEnchantedLlamax and PandaPower911.

I am a proud mod of the DuskClan forum! If you are looking for an exciting RP that will blow your mind, here is the link!

Please join! It would mean the world to us. :) We always warmly welcome new members!

Hey guys! I know this Victorious forum if you're interested! If you are looking for an amazing RP that will knock your socks off, here is the link!

Please join! It would make americanhoney139 and I so happy! :) We can't wait to see you there!

I have two people I would like to give a shout out to for being two of my first friends on Fanfiction!

americanhoney139: She is so nice and kind, and an amazing roleplayer! She has joined all of my forums, and I really love roleplaying with her! She is very detailed with her characters, and has great plot twists! She is so cool, please check out her Victorious forum!

Hollystream: She is the admin of DuskClan, and she is awesome! She accepted me as a roleplayer on her forum, and now I'm a mod there! Holly is so kind and sweet, and she welcomes everybody and treats them kindly. She is awesome, and please go check out DuskClan!

I really hope I can add more people to this list soon! Please check out my forums, as well as the others I mentioned! Or you can see more around wherever. Hope to see you soon!

I have decided to delete all the current stories I have, since they have like no reviews. I'm planning on starting a spectacular story for Victorious, and I hope you check it when it is posted. I also have an idea for the Hunger Games. So, check those out when they are posted!

Hey, I've been posting links for other peoples forums, why not post links to mine?

I have an RP for Nick's new TV show, How to Rock!, and I have a Hollywood RP where you pretend you are a celeb, I have a Real Life RP where you just play normal people and their lives, and I have one for Erin Hunter's book series, Warriors. Check em out! Please check them out, I only have one person roleplaying on my Hollywood one, two on my Warriors, Real Life, and How to Rock! Please more?

Hunger Games RP In need of Tributes!

Pairings I Love : Victorious!

Cat and Beck: These two are absolutely adorable together. Beck is basically the only person who hasn't ever really gotten mad at Cat. People might say that Beck is like an older brother figure to Cat, but I think it is love. Beck needs someone looking at the bright sides of life, and someone who can cheer anyone up, like Cat. This pairing is very unique and cute, and that is why I love it.

Jade and Andre: The reason I ship this pairing is because, first I think they are very cute together, second because I feel as if Andre is one of the very few people she can trust and likes. She is actually sometimes nice to Andre, and doesn't seem to have a problem with him at most times. And one time Andre confessed that he liked Jade, and wrote her a song. I freakin' loved that episode. Even though Andre said he was over Jade, I don't think he is over her just yet.

Tori one. Robbie, possibly? The reason Tori is with no one is because I don't like any of the boys with her. Beck No. Andre just seems like a best friend, only a best friend. I used to like Tori and Andre, but I realized Jade is better for Andre. And Robbie is just strange with Tori! So no one for Robbie or Tori, unless they like a random person, or like each other. :P

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The Reaping
The POV's of people at the Reaping of the 74th Hunger Games. First chapter is Prim. R&R, and don't be afraid to criticize!
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