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(A silhouette on top of a building comes to light. She's wearing a colorful schoolgirl outift and holding a wand.) I'm the magical girl, Pretty Ami! No, no, that doesn't work...

(She snaps her fingers and is now wearing a semi formal suit.) Hi, I'm Tajiri Ami! You may remember me from such self-help videos as 'Smoke Yourself Thin' and 'Get Confidence, Stupid!' Wait, that's Troy McClure...

(She snaps her fingers again, this time wearing a scant cowgirl outfit.) Howdy y'all, and welcome to Bigshot! Nah...

(She snaps one more and is in her normal attire, a white spaghetti-strapped shirt and and a black skirt. She has medium long dirty blond hair, a holster with a wooden fan in it on her right thigh, and a hip chain on her left.) Hi hi, I'm Tajiri Ami, I'm a teenage otaku, and I like to write and draw! I've only published one thing thusfar, but I'm hoping to up that soon, so please look forward to my work! Oh, and to help with my stories, I have a bit of a glossary of Japanese terms that I use here in case you're completely unfamiliar with Japanese:

Aishiteru: I love you.

Baka: Fool, idiot, or stupid.

Bishie: My abbreviation for 'bishounen.' Example: Kenshin is a total bishie.

Bishoujo: literally 'beautiful girl,' and that's pretty much how I use it. Example: Naoko Takeuchi wrote 'Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon,' which translates to 'Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.'

Bishounen: literally 'beautiful boy,' but my dictionary describes it to mean 'handsome young man,' and that's the way I use it. (Some people think it means 'pretty boy,' and I really don't think that's how it works...) Example: Mmm, Spike is such a bishounen!

Chan: An honorary you add for affection, such as addressing a friend, boyfriend, or family member, or child. Example: Tetsu-chan

Daikon: A really big Japanese radish.

Deshi: A word meaning a pupil or student. I'll probably only use it when Hiko addresses Kenshin.

Ecchi: Somewhat like the word 'hentai,' and it's actually derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the letter 'H.'

Hentai: In Japanese, it's a noun meaning 'pervert,' but most commonly out here it's used as an adjective meaning 'perverted,' or a pornographic material. Example: Kyo likes to look up hentai on the internet.

Ja ne: An informal goodbye, like 'see ya.'

Kawaii: Cute, or sometimes in reference to girls, fetching or attractive. Example: That Mokona plushie is so kawaii!

Ko: An honorary used for a girlfriend, meaning something like 'My beloved ...' Example: Usa-ko

Konban wa: Good evening.

Kon'nichiwa: Good afternoon.

Kun: An honorary for someone younger or lower in rank than yourself. Example: Yamakawa-kun

Ohayou (gozaimasu): Good morning.

Oro: Just a random but cute term Kenshin uses. I'm not sure if it has a specific meaning, but he seems to use it when he's confused or he's been smacked dizzy. Example: (Kaoru smacks Kenshin with a daikon radish) Kenshin: Oroooooo... (Swirly eyes)

Oyasumi (nasai): Good night.

Sake: A strong Japanese rice wine.

San: An honorary used when normally addressing someone, and it's sometimes describe as being like the words 'Mister' and 'Missus.' Example: Watanabe-san

Sayonara: A formal goodbye, like if you won't see someone for a long time.

Sensei: A doctor, teacher, or other such professional. Example: Haruna-sensei.

Sempai: An honorary for someone older or higher in rank than yourself, sort of like the word 'Senior.' Example: Tatsuya-sempai

Shishou: Essentially like the word 'master,' as in someone who teaches you. I'll probably only use it when Kenshin addresses Hiko.

Sukiyaki: A beef dish that tastes like Heaven on Earth.

Sugoi: It means something like, 'That's cool!' Example: Gal: I'm buying the boxset of Excel Saga today! Ami: Sugoi!

Yukata: Something like a kimono that's less formal, lighter, and used in summer.

If you have anything to correct or add to this, please drop me a line at In fact, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can send them there. I hope you enjoy my work.