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Author has written 5 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and Final Fantasy X.

Hullo thar innocent victims. >:3

My name is Erika.

I am 19.

My favorite food is unagi (river eel) sushi.

I am predominantly a writer of Final Fantasy VII fanfiction. I adore the Turks (that includes Vincent), Tifa, Sephiroth and Jenova. Most of my stories are about Vincent and Tifa, because it is my personal opinion that they mesh together well. I encourage this pairing because I like it, and I'm always happy when I am able to make a non-fan of the pairing like the story, even if in the smallest bit.

When I'm not writing FFVII stuff, I usually dabble in bits of Final Fantasy X fiction. I do love Auron and Rikku pairings that make sense, but that's about the only pairing that interests me. Yuna annoyed me after FFX, and Tidus just looks too much like Meg Ryan for me to find him attractive. I used to write FFVIII stories, but as of yet I am not working on anything big in that area. Favorite characters include Irvine, Quistis and Seifer.

I don't have much time to devote to fanfiction anymore because I'm no longer a witless, jobless child. I am saving my money so that I can visit friends abroad, and that means I spend most of my days at work. On my time off, I'm usually playing Dungeons and Dragons. Don't knock it unless you've rocked it, people. It's fun and addictive. Currently I am playing a 5th level rogue elf called Utharwyn on version 3.5 because 4.0 is stupid and full of god-moddery.

If I have time to write, I tend to favor my own original works over fanfiction, but it all depends on the mood I'm in. I tend to rotate between fandoms, and there will be phases where I'm really into something one minute and then really bored with it the next. I never really drop these fandoms all together, but it can take time for me to pick them back up again. I can't really help myself since I'm somewhat ADD and a hereditary procrastinator. Reviews help, but they can't save a project I've completely trashed (rarely happens, but I've done it before).

I love to draw and I'm always doodling when I can. I can be found on deviantart with the screenname alectryomachy. It means "cock fighting" and is just another wonderfully obscure word that has been forgotten amongst the tides of the English language. I picked it because it is a vague joke reference to yaoi, another thing I like reading on occasion. I tend to stick with mainstream shonen-ai titles, such as Loveless or One Thousand and One Nights, though.

Personality wise, I'm often an asshole to other people. It just tends to come out because I'm not very fond of the levels of incompetence that I must face when I go out every day. I also happen to work in retail at the moment, and it's not a pleasant thing when you have to be inside the same building for 8 1/2 hours answering the same question billions of times coming from people who will treat you like dog poop. I know it's life and I accept it, but don't expect me to be peachy in return about it. I also feel strongly about people who don't care to proofread before they post their stories. I can understand a typo or a few misspelled words, but if the document is riddled with errors, it's a huge turn off to me. If you speak English as your first language and you are 13 or older, you have no excuse for illiteracy. Even if you don't have the internet at home, you have access at some point in your life or another to a dictionary. Utilize it or expect your ass to be burned.

As far as my story situation goes:

Keepsake is on hold at the moment. I am thinking of trashing this story because I am not pleased with where I led it, and I was a less mature author at the time. I have a great idea instead that I would like to put in place, and I am going to work on that ASAP so I can post it and ask for feedback.

I have deleted the Naruto stories I had previously posted because I determined that I would not continue with them. Please don't ask about them. I don't care about Naruto and have never read the comics, and I don't believe I am doing the original story justice when I don't actually like it in the first place. Thank you for your reviews and time, however. :3

I have also deleted older stories that I felt weren't getting any action. People were simply reading and not commenting on them, and as much as I appreciate hundreds of hits, I appreciate commentary more. Even if it's constructive and not a compliment, I don't mind. It doesn't help me to leave rude remarks since it doesn't affect me, and leaving nothing at all doesn't give me any information. Did the person like it? Did they hate it? At least post your opinions, folks! It helps in ways you can't even imagine. :)

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