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Please note that the tributes for the 55th and 100th Hunger Games are currently striked out as I have lost the inspiration to continue with those SYOTs at this current in moment in time. Do keep an eye on them as I do intend to pick them up again in the future!

The Tributes for the 125th Hunger Games

(Any name in bold denotes that the tribute is still available to apply for!)

District One Male - Sunday Salome (19 years old) / 66samvr

District Two Male - District Two Female

District Three Male - District Three Female

District Four Male - District Four Female

District Five Male - District Five Female

District Six Male - District Six Female

District Seven Male - District Seven Female

District Eight Male - District Eight Female

District Nine Male - District Nine Female

Brent Cornwall (20 years old) / 66samvr- District Ten Female

Winstead Dale (24 years old) / curiousclove -Abilene Ackerman (24 years old) / curiousclove

District Twelve Male - District Twelve Female

The Tributes for the 65th Hunger Games

(Any name in bold denotes that the tribute is still available to apply for!)

(Please see the story for the various reservation information)

Gawain Gentry (18 years old) / MessyModgePodge - Ciara O'Malley (17 years old) / District 9 Tribute

Callaghan Rowitz (18 years old) / 66samvr - Sweetie Persephone (12 years old) / AmericanPi

Bradley Cooper (16 years old) / Blake Is My Penname - Rachel Autumn (15 years old) / luluthefox

Joel Thomas (18 years old) / Blade Is My Pennname - Caspia Sinclair (18 years old) / paperairline

Shia Faldarie (16 years old) / MessyModgePodge - Dayley Casner (14 years old) / MessyModgePodge

Hawker Boeing (17 years old) / Sparky She-Demon - Marlee Chasner (17 years old) / 66samvr

Everett Hummel (14 years old) / SylveonCupcake - Ivy Birch (16 years old) / Fluffytail15

Silver Mahoney (18 years old) / BabyRue11 - Taylor Solo (13 years old) / District 9 Tribute

Mattaniah Hest (12 years old) / screening - Veda Finley (17 years old) / greekdemigodwannabe

Veles Ozera (18 years old) / Sparky She-Demon - Diane Lanius (17 years old) / Miaow0

District Eleven Male - Ginger Krishna (17 years old) / AmericanPi

Admani Brenton (18 years old) / Golden Moon Huntress - Kalama Adeen (12 years old) / Golden Moon Huntress

The Tributes for the 55th Hunger Games

(If the Tribute you want has a name instead of 'District blah blah blah Fe/Male, that means it has been taken.)

(Reservations will last for only two days.)

Jackson Corano (17 years old) - Vicuña Sphene (17 years old)

Alexei Parthenos (18 years old) - Aurelia Thisbe Leviticus (17 years old)

Barry Baxter (17 years old) - Rhea Fray (14 years old)

Rowan Bay (17 years old) - Tolly Waterbird (16 years old)

Lacklen Thorrets (16 years old) - Celia Brace (17 years old)

Will Diesel (13 years old) - Smoky Winchester (18 years old)

Quercus Alnifole (15 years old) - Aspen Willows (16 years old)

Jonathan Brocade (18 years old) - Paige KnoxWell (16 years old)

Quentin Klear (15 years old) - Nectar Bloom (14 years old)

Ferdinand Knoll (17 years old) - Fora Dexters (15 years old)

Cliff Totscan (12 years old) - Wisteria Nide (17 years old)

Ashton Minerva (18 years old) - Braith Lix (13 years old)

The Tributes for the 100th Hunger Games

(If the Tribute you want has a name instead of 'District blah blah blah Fe/Male, that means it has been taken.)

(The current victor Games that are taken are the 64th HG, 65th HG, 66th HG, 67th HG, 68th HG, 69th HG, 70th HG, 71st HG, 72nd HG, 73rd HG, 76th HG, 77th HG, 78th HG, 79th HG, 80th HG, 81st HG, 82nd HG, 83rd HG, 84th HG, 85th HG., 86th HG, 87th HG)

Aluxor Gleam (18 year old) - Wednesday Diamante (17 years old)

Hyperion Petra (18 years old) - Arial Marbler-Tiberius (18 years old)

Dell Vodafone (14 years old) - Theodora Imogen Edison (17 years old, 64th HG)

Zale Tulius (18 years old) - Akira Tulius (16 years old)

Emmett Truman (15 years old) - Henrielle Fireband (15 years old)

Caspian Lochgear (17 years old.) - Matilde Marvee (16 years old)

Hunter Moonseed (17 years old) - Ashley Greene (17 years old)

RESERVED - Muffy Windhart (12 years old)

Cleave McLonrot-Roneban (15 years old) - RESERVED

Citron Saddleback (16 years old) - Tressa Fairbain (18 years old)

Monterey Walker (18 years old) - Persephone Sherwood (13 years old)

Kieran Apollo (17 years old) - Brin Juniper Davis (16 years old)


Not Yet Introduced:

Axis LeBouvier (D3F, 17 y/o) - Our Last Summer: The 7th Hunger Games by 66samvr

Through the Reapings:


In the Capitol:

Regan Attwater (D4M, 18 y/o) - The Sixth Quarter Quell, Tremble by HoppsHungerfan

In the Arena:


DED. Ripperoni:

Adonis Rupture (D2M, 18 y/o) - Rebellious Fate: the 2nd Hunger Games by 66samvr - Placed 6th / 1 kill

I know we don't say this often about District Two Males, but Adonis you were too innocent for the Games and at least you managed to establish yourself as a somewhat threat before, well, you died. At least you got revenge - or you technically did.


Foxy Champagne (D1M, 17 y/o) - Rebellious Fate: the 2nd Hunger Games by 66samvr - Placed 1st / 2 kills

AHHHHHHHH FOXY!!!!! I didn't know what to expect when I submitted you but it seems like, quite literally acting like a fox, helped you to go to victory!!

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125th Hunger Games reviews
On the 125th anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that they destroyed their own hope and the hope of those in the Capitol, the tributes will be reaped from a pool beyond the traditional reaping ages. Instead of twelve to eighteen, the reaping pool will be nineteen to twenty-five. (SYOT/OPEN)
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65th Hunger Games reviews
SYOT OPEN. Can you trust the stranger you met only days ago? Can you trust that weird kid from your District that now, suddenly, you seem to be associated with? Will you let a teenager, a mutt or a gamemaker in a room determine your fate or will you guide it yourself? The Hunger Games reveals answers to all of these questions.
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It's one thing hearing another's name being called up and seeing them shipped off to die. It's so much different when it's you. The mundane life, the adrenaline, the life of luxury all leading up to the arena. Who will live and who will die? It depends on how willing you are to make sacrifices.
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SYOT Open / Running through the trees there's only one thing between your live and death; the will to survive. Who has a stronger will and who will crack under the pressure of the Capitol?
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"On the one hundredth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that even victories withhold horrors and difficulties, the male and female tributes will be reaped from the offspring of the district's Victors within the eligible reaping ages."
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