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A few of my old fans may be wondering if I'll be posting any new content; more specifically, the alleged rewrite of The Miner's Destiny. I have created a new plot, new characters, and a new title - Ghost Lights - but not even one word of it has actually been written. It's difficult to write a story when it's already difficult to make it through each day. I'm not sure if I'll even make it at all. So please don't ask me if I'm "coming back" or posting new stories because that probably won't happen for a very very long time. If ever. Go read Gone instead.

I’m not going to bother with any cool metaphors making me seem like some sort of superior being. I’ll just cut to the chase.

Hey all. I’m cynicalDreamer, formerly known as FullMoonFlygon. You can call me Cindy or CD or whatever, it doesn’t really matter. I joined Fanfiction in 2011 to write a Minecraft fanfiction, and it became so much more popular than I could possibly imagine. You’re probably here for that reason.

I live in West Michigan, in a small town nobody’s ever heard of so I’m not going to bother telling you. I am an average-looking high school sophomore who likes to draw. Nothing more. Besides writing, I like reading, drawing, and playing video games. Mainly RPGs like Skyrim, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, etc., but lately I've been getting into shooters such as Team Fortress 2. My favorite game of all time is The Last of Us.

When it comes to music, I like Fall Out Boy, Lana Del Rey, Daughter, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, and videogame soundtracks. I’m not sure why I’m telling you my interests, but some people like to know.

Anyhow, onto my story. I have one story titled The Miner’s Destiny that I have been writing and rewriting for almost three years. A very crappy version is completed, but I am kinda-sorta in the process of rewriting it to be much better. This story has a deviantART account called TheMinersDestiny that I strongly suggest you follow, and I am planning on making a tumblr blog to try and get it further out there.

Now, since I’ve started rewriting this story, I’m going to ask a few things of everyone. First, do not ask me to read and review your story. I really don’t have the energy to do that. Sorry. ):

Next, do not nOT NOT NOT ask a character a question like I made the mistake of doing for TMD Classic. Do Not. You are dead to me if you do that when I’ve said so many times not to.

PLEASE tell me what you like and don’t like in the review. :D I love hearing what you guys really think. One-worded reviews don’t tell me anything and give me nothing to go on!

Don’t be intimidated to send me a PM about something! I’d be happy to talk. C:

Before I end this, I highly suggest you go read the following stories:

Gone by exb756: This guy works so hard on his writing and it's some of the best stuff in the entire archive but it has barely any attention. Go read it right now. Read Whispers too. Review it. Unless you don’t like dark apocalypse stuff, then I guess don’t.

Ears to Hear Us by Mellifluousness: READ THIS ONE TOO. DO IT.

The Chronicles of Minecraftia by HarryPotterEncyclopedia24: HPE is making her series into a manga. Follow HPE24 on DeviantART and marvel at her superior skills. Just go.

I’ll add more when I feel like it. Just read my best friends’ things :UUU

Yeah that’s pretty much it. Sorry for being all boring now. See ya.


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Okay, I've recently been playing on a server, and I found this really weird text hidden inside a mountain biome. It seems kind of significant, and I think more people should know about this. Something tells me I shouldn't be spilling all this stuff out to the public, but it's just a feeling. Anyways, read with caution, and do not attempt any of what it says.
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Meet Adeline Jones: A lonely girl who just turned 13. When her cousin gives her a necklace and introduces her to the game Minecraft for her birthday, her life turns upside-down as she gets warped into Minecraftia and discovers she and her new friends have to save the world. Rated T for lots of violence, annoying love triangles, obnoxious mysteries, and some suggestive thoughts.
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