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• • • Hellllloo & My Name is Christine • • •


Bio: Well to be brutally honest with you, I never know what to put on these type of things. I am proudly British; I love film editing and Photography. Thanks to one of my closest friends, Lauren, I love FanFiction too! (& Have been a member since December 2011) -


& I Love Hope (:

So I write when I can, I make Videos for YouTube too, most are for CSI:NY because that was my favourite show of all time, I have also done a couple for SUITS which I consider to be a very good show.

I do believe that this would be a good time to mention that if you are reading my FanFics 'Broken Glass,' and 'PARADOX' I haven't abandoned them. I may well continue them in the future I just got quite sick of CSI:NY. So to those who liked it, I hope you won't lose faith in me.

As much as I love writing I feel that there are some areas that I could improve. Although I do it for fun, I plan to take A-Level English at college in September and hope to develop my written communication during the summer. (I know that the Education system works differently in the UK). So if you could give me any constructive criticism or some friendly advice I would appreciate it enormously.

• • • Ships • • •


C'mon guys (& girls)!! I simply cannot believe I didn't find this sooner. I watched them all in about 2 weeks. So damn good. It's funny and lighthearted and then so very dark. Castiel is my favourite I think. Can't wait for season 9!! My friend and I did a "Show Swap" He told me to watch a show he'd watched and I told him to watch something I had seen. So he said Supernatural and I said House. We have both watched all of each others TV show. We know each other too well.

Destiel – I am not usually one for the slash ships, don't ask why. I just think that quite often on the shows they seem farfetched. I don't think you can deny it really with supernatural.

Dean and Lisa – Shame it had to end. Head cannon, even though Lisa says Ben is not Dean's son, Good luck trying to convince me otherwise.

  • Not a fan of Meg, so don't really ship her with Cas.

    This is my new favourite show. Lots of friends from separate friendship groups kept mentioning it to me, trying to get me into it. They all knew I'd love it but I was stubborn. I didn't want to give it a chance. All I knew about it before I watched it, that it was lawyers that smoke weed. Now I know that weed it quite a controversial thing, and I am not one to support it. However, on this conflicting view I sit on an "Each to their own" fence. My brother mentioned it one weekend, and curiosity killed the cat and got the better of me. I had to watch it.

    I couldn't tell you how much I have watched it, I have already lost track and made TWO youtube videos. This is me getting pretty addicted seeing as I only watched the first episode a month or so ago. I am really hooked. Gahhh (and words to that effect.)

    Harvey/Donna - Maybe not the most popular ship. Not sure I give "rats ass" (as Harvey might be inclined to say). If not in a romantic way, I still love their friendship!

  • I don't like Scottie. I quite liked Zoe.
  • Mike/? - Not sure.. I quite liked Jenny, seeing as he was supposed to be with her in the first place. I love Mike's friendship with Rachael however, now they are Cannon, they can never go back.


    This used to be my absolute favourite Television Series and had been, up until recently, for almost two years. A couple of summers ago, I sat down and watched the entire Series from start to finish, I must have seen every episode at least twice more since then. Odd story how I got into it, I remember watching the season 6 finale and thinking it was good. Unfortunately I didn’t really pay attention to the name of the show. A month or so later I began to study ‘Of Mice and Men’ By John Steinbeck at school. The audio book we listened to was read by Gary Sinise and we also watched the 1993 film version of the book where Gary Sinise portrays George Milton. I distinctly remember my English teacher saying "I’ll never see Mac Taylor in the same light again after seeing this.” Not many of the class had watched CSI:NY and so when she explained, I remembered and was hooked since.

  • Unfortunately now, although it has ended, I no longer have the same passion for the show. It no longer inspires me.
  • JAC - Jo and Mac are just adorable. I know that many people disagree, that is fine. I didn’t really have a ship for either of these characters before Season 8 Episode 6 and then…Boom! I was slow in seeing their connection, I’ll admit but they are just cute. I will not read any nonsense about Mac and Christine, for two reasons, A.) She stole my name! & B.) She’s not Jo. Simple as.

  • For those people that like the Smacked pairing I have only a few things to say to you. They ruined Stella’s character in season 6 when she had that fling with Adam. What was all that about? She just abandoned the team. You don’t see Mac doing that.
    For those people that like the Mac and Christine pairing, I personally think that CBS should have created a character that was a little older… Mac is old enough to be her dad! (Or Near enough)
  • Dantanna - Danny and Lindsay. I was heartbroken when Danny proposed and Lindsay initially said no. I’m glad they had Mac to coach them through their problems and eventually marry and have Lucy! (and unknown other)

    Flangell - Flack and Angell. I think I may have cried when Jessica died. Couldn’t they have killed off Stella and left Jess alone instead? Maybe they could have brought her back?

    Adam/Samantha - I don’t actually know if Don’s sister ever met Adam on the show, however I have read some very good FanFic’s about them and that was enough to make me ship ‘em!


    Criminal Minds is close to being my favourite show of all time. CSI:NY, Recently has been irritating me with the development of Mac and Christine's relationship and as I am not a fan of that ship, it's ruined things for me a little. Anyway... I started watching Criminal Minds just after my Exams last summer and have only just managed to catch up... I am slow. I was introduced to it by adverts on the telly...

    Hotly - Hotch & Prentiss...I am seiously peeved that CBS decided to cut Prentiss' character... I really hope they bring her back...They've done it before, who's to say they won't bring her back again. Then my ship can live in peace. (After shipping JAC in CSI:NY I thought, 'hah,I get to ship a couple that is likely to get together this time!' giving the fact the the JAC ship is seriously unlikely... Do Hotch and Prentiss get together... PHAAA! NO. D:)

    JJ/Will -Yep I'm gonna be original and ship the married couple.

    Garcia & Morgan - Enough said?

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    I started watching the first branch of the CSI Franchise after being introduced to CSI:NY. I ran out of New Episodes to watch and thought ‘It can’t be that bad, can it?’ It turns out I was right, however I couldn’t stand David Caruso and so never really got into watching CSI: Miami. Similarly to CSI:NY, I have seen every episode of CSI.

    GSR - Grissom & Sara Romance. I liked this ship because of the way they always kept the audience guessing and it’s not any standard relationship of ‘I love you’. I think that the actors played it superbly, although I cringe a little at the age gap on occasion. I know, I know. Age shouldn’t matter. We live in a society that tells us that it is acceptable today, but in my mind, having 20 years difference between you and your spouse is not a healthy relationship. But what do I know?

    Hodges/Morgan - These two are just so cute. They get on so well.


    I honestly don’t remember how I came across this show. It’s only been running for 2 years but is still awesome. I used to watch a British Television Show called ‘The Bill,’ that ended in 2009 and Rookie Blue bears a vague resemblance to what I imagine the Bill would be like if it were based in New York City.

    Sam/Andi - I have thought this from the very first episode! I was so mad when she chose Luke. But it’s okay now she chose Sam. Problem resolved.

  • Not sure how I feel about Nick/Andy yet.
  • Jerry/Nash - Bless these two have been strong throughout. I like the fact that although they have had their ups and downs, they have not once strayed from each other. In Television, there has to be one ‘Normal’ Relationship. - Not Happy they killed Jerry off. Not at all.



  • Favourite Quotations:

    - When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

    Doctor Who
    - When you're a kid they tell you it's all "Grow up. Get a job. Get Married. Get a house. Have a Kid. And that's it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It's so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.

    C.S. Lewis
    - An explanation of cause is not a justification by reason.

    As you have now more than likely gathered I watch an awful lot of crap on TV. But there we go... I will read pretty much anything I have already written about and more.

    If you find my stories entertaining, let me know.

    Until Then...


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    Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,148 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 3 - Published: 8/22/2013 - Dean W., Castiel
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