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Hello. If you are here to read my profile, then you may do so. Just take into consideration that it was written right after I read a lot of terrible Advent Children fanfiction... so I was in a bad mood when I wrote it. Yeah... it may seem a bit blunt, but who cares.

For those who care (and some who don't) XD

I'm writing a doujinshi. An Advent Children doujinshi. :) At the momment, I've just begun the third book of the series. The books are very um, big. Well, not the first one. Though the first book was kinda pointless, and I'll have to re-write it some day. It centers around Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz. Book two mostly takes place during Advent Children, what with the battles with Cloud and whatnot... Book three is a continuation, and basically begins at the part in the forgotten capital. It's funny, because it started out so stupid and went page after page of complete nonsensical conversations. And then gradually- a plot magically appears and suddenly things are all sad and serious. :P

Yeah, it'll never end. Twenty years later, I'll be working on vol 54 or whatever. XD And one day, perhaps I'll redo them all and get them published. And then you can buy them. Don't bother looking for them now because I haven't uploaded them onto the internet. And frankly, I don't think I want to- there are like 500 pages so far, and that'll take a long time to scan! D:

Anyways, onto the actual profile. The angry profile. o.o;

Blah. This is my profile.

My name is Tara Hunt. I'm 17.

Once upon a time, I had many stories- some good, some not so good. All of them were Mario based.

Then one day, decided to ban all scripted stories.

The end.

Now, you can find my stuff on Newgrounds. I make flash cartoons because sucks. It used to be good, but now it's overpopulated by noobs.

For your amusement, I will now perform various impersonations of fangirls in the following scenarios.

Scenario 1:

Vincent: Clones want to kill you.

Cloud: Thanks for the heads up.

Fangirl1: diowyfdoiwhdjjadlkalhdoqy(eyHDKISGJ;AN ZOMGGGGGGGGGGG YAAOOIIII KZZZZ111111111

Scenario 2:

Cid: 77587((

Vincent: ...


Scenario 3:

Yazoo is fighting Reno, whilst Loz is fighting Rude.


Scenario 4:

Yazoo is standing beside Kadaj.


Scenario 5:

Sephiroth looks in Cloud's general direction.




...that's my opinion. Flame all you want. -.-

So far I've only come across a FEW (maybe 3 or 4) DECENT Advent Children fanfics. I write my own ff7 AC manga. Starts off with no plot, gains a plot over time. I'm on the third book. No love relationships whatsoever because I don't like to meddle in that sort of thing. Only brotherly love (in a non-lover way) and platonicness... yes. Incest sucks, find something else to do.

I have seen a lot of terrible fanfics, and one day when I'm not lazy, I'll list them. And I'll also list the few good ones. :)

K bye bye.

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