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This is a collaborative profile project by SheWolf13 and SuperNatural1985. The story is based on what we have read about Noah, in Frostbitten and Hidden, and is a second attempt at the original story About Noah originally published on SuperNatural1985’s profile.

Noah Bio

Noah Albright is the son of former Pack member Joey Stillwell, and the grandson of former Pack member, the late Dennis Stillwell. He lived in Alaska. His first appearance is in Frostbitten. After the death of his grandfather and the disappearance of his father he moves to New York to live with Antonio, and Nicholas Sorrentino. He has fetal alcohol syndrome, F.A.E. and he is small for his age and has learning disabilities. He was in juvenile detention for robbing gas stations, when Dennis found him while he was on a field trip to the mall.

"His face was young and smooth, with light brown hair hanging into his dark eyes. His hand reached up and impatiently swiped his hair back as he squinted at me, his night vision still poor, his first change barely behind him." -Elena, Frostbitten

His second appearance is in Hidden where he helps Elena and Clay find a man eating mutt and aids Nick and Reese in babysitting Logan and Kate.

“...I turned to see a young man, this one seventeen, but looking a couple of years younger. Two inches shorter than my five- ten. Slight build, light brown hair hanging in dark eyes that didn’t meet mine as if unsure of his welcome. “Noah!” I said as I hugged him. As always, he hesitated before returning the embrace. At first I thought he was uncomfortable with typical exuberant pack greetings. But after his hesitation, his return hug was never tentative, and I’d come to realize that no matter how many times he got an enthusiastic greeting, he was surprised by it. Like not meeting my eyes at first. He always seemed braced for the worst, for someone to decide he wasn’t worth the trouble and kick him out.” Elena Hidden

He is also mention in Spell Bound, “I asked if the twins were in Miami."No." Elena said. "Antonio and Nick took them to Europe with the boys." By" boys" she meant eighteen-year-old year old Noah and twenty-two-year-old Reese, young werewolves the Sorrentino's had taken in last year." - Savannah, Spell Bound

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About Noah reviews
Hated by his mother and abandoned by his father, Noah Albright struggles to find his place in the pack. With his F.A.E as well as his traumatic past, will he ever be able to believe he is worth it and accept that he had finally found a place to belong?
Women of the Otherworld - Rated: K - English - Supernatural/Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 44,512 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 1/1/2013 - Published: 12/21/2011