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Welcome to my temporary profile, reader! I know, it sucks, but hey! At least I wrote something!


Name: Shinywolf

Species: human, I think...

Age: this information is classified

Gender: a cute milady! :)

Habitat: Solar System, planet Earth, Europe, Italy

Hobbies: drawing, reading, playing videogames, surfing the web

Favorite games: Mario series, Pokémon series, Kingdom Hearts series, Super Smash Bros Series, Ace Attorney series, Drawn to Life, Mother/Earthbound, Rayman series, The legend of Spyro series

Currently playing: Pokemon Rumble Blast, Super Mario 3D Land

I can't believe that I haven't updated this profile ever since 12-19-2011, but I'll fix that!



"Super Smash Bros Clash: when realities collide", or "SSBC for short

This is a fic about a "real" girl (yeah, a person like you!) that after a rather unfortunate accident ends in the Super Smash Bros Universe. She'll have to befriend the Smashers and all the residents at the Smash Mansion and face various obstacles in order to reach her goal: return home.

OCs in the story (or Original Characters, as you wish):

Name: Juliet

Surname: not available at the moment

Meaning of name: daughter of Jupiter

Gender: female

Age: 15

Race: human

Universe: unknown

Appearance: dark brown eyes, brown curly hair, fair skin, slightly shorter compared to people of her age (I won't put any details about her height since everybody has his/her/its own idea of normal height)

Character: very emotional, she cares about the others and their feelings and she's always willing to help them when needed. She can be a bit coward sometimes and tend to get scared quite easily when threatened, but when needed she does whatever she can to protect the people she cares about. She's also very curious and excitable and loves to explore places and discover new things. She can be rather clumsy sometimes and crowded places make her feel uncomfortable.

Powers: none

Friends: I think everyone, except the villains and Snake, and her world's friends (absent, at the moment)

Relatives: mother, father, younger brother, a bunny named Lampo Blitz (all of them absent, at the moment)

Favorite food: hazelnut cookies

Catchphrase: "Holy cheese!"


Name: Fuego

Surname: Estallido

Meaning of the name: literally "Fire Explosion" in Spanish

Gender: male

Age: 17

Race: human

Universe: classified for now!

Appearance: green eyes, black straight hair, tanned skin, he's quite tall. He tends to wear ponchos or military suits and bandanas around his head. He always wears a golden necklace.

Character: a very strong-willed boy that never gives up until he reaches his goal. He's very proud of his skills, to the point that he tends to disregard whoever is better than him. He has a crush for a Psynergy Adept called Lily, who avoids him every time they meet, and he's working hard to make her like him.

Powers: he can generate flames, thunderbolts and gusts of winds from his hands and feet. He has also great mastery with fireweapons, especially bazookas and fireworks.

Friends: Captain Falcon, Captain Olimar, Snake

Relatives: father

Favorite food: nachos

Catchphrase: "Andale!"


Name: Meguri

Surname: none

Meaning of the name: union between Megumi (Japanese female name) and Moguri (Moogle in Japanese)

Gender: female

Age: unknown

Race: Moogle

Universe: Final Fantasy Cosmos

Appearance: white fur with a yellow mane around her neck, orange wings, antenna on her head with a yellow pompom, big catlike years and big pink nose.

Character: affectionate Moogle that has a thing for Olimar. She tackles and affectionately hugs and cuddles him to show her fondness, even if her extreme attentions are always seen as an attempt of stalking or excessive fangirl's obsessions.

Powers: she can cast a great array of different curative spells, like Curaga and Reraise (Auto-Life). She can also cast simple magic like Blizzara, Aerora or Gravira, or induce status conditions like Burn or Sleep.

Friends: Olimar (?), partner at the shop

Favorite food: striped apple

Catchphrase: "Kupo!" (like all the Moogles)


Notes: this profile will keep uploading as long as I develop the story, so expect more!


Remember... I accept criticism, but I despise flames. English is my third language, after all (Italian is first, Spanish is second). If you notice some grammar errors let me know ASAP!

With that said... bye bye!


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