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Name - Lucia, but just call me by my nickname Coors. Yeah, like the beer lol
Nickname - There's really too many to name, but obviously there's Coors, Lu, Luchy, Luchy-chy,and one of my personal favourite, Queen Of Insanity
Nationality - I'm so Canadian, eh?
Music - Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, The Used, Jimmy Eat World, Sum 41, AFI, Crossfade, Midtown, Avenged Sevenfold, Billy Talent, Breaking Benjamin, Coheed and Cambria, Franz Ferdinand, Dashboard Confessional, GOB, Godsmack, Green Day, HIM, INME, Jakalope, Ash, Kiss Chasy, Metallica, Muse, Nirvana, The Offspring, Rancid, Story of the Year, Taking Back Sunday, Funeral For A Friend, Papa Roach, The Distillers, The Tea Party, The Vines, Tsunami Bomb, Unsung Zeros, Brand New, A Perfect Circle, Rise Against, Marilyn Manson, InMemory, Trapt, Collective Soul, Garbage, Goo Goo Dolls, Oasis, Queens Of The Stoneage, Hot Hot Heat, The Black Maria, Project Orange, The Marble Index, and The Waking Eyes
There's probably some more I didn't mention but basically you get the idea. I like rock/punk/metal bands.

Favourite Quotes/Sayings:
"If you're drinking coffee and your eye starts to hurt, take out the spoon."~Me
"Watch out people The Breadstick Crew is here!" ~Colin
"That's ok we'll be noncommonsensible together."~Gems
"Cokey and Coors, the pop twins!"~Me!

And there's loads more in these awesome fics: (Read them, they're amazing!)
All fics by Gems(Zadien), Tari(ChibiTari/Unlucky-Star), Rin (Zimo), Cada (ArcadaAvaLon), Sae (Spitfire-Sae), Càit(Kindred Insanity), Animerle, Kerrie-Chan, ChibiKai02, umm...who else...there's more I know it! But if I forgot...sorry guys if I didn't put you! Just read their fics okies? I got cookies :holds out plate of cookies: Everybody loves cookies. And if you don't then your freaking crazy!

Ok guys I'm just going to let you know that Glory Fades is DISCONTINUED! That's right you heard me, DISCONTINUED! Read Devilish's way better. And review! I love reviews :cuddles all my reviewers: I love you all! Thankies!

News on FIP(Fics In Progress):

Devilish Desires
Rated: R
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Chapters: 5
Summary: Voltaire is the Devil. Hitoshi and Kai are his grandsons. Voltaire has to retire and is handing over Hell to Hitoshi. The catch is, Hitoshi has to find a mate so he can have other heirs when he has to retire. He meets Shahero, a normal twenty-one year old girl with a sharp tongue and a fiery temper.

News on PUF(Possible Upcoming Fics):

On Wings Of A Dragon
Joint fic between Coors and Gems
Summary: Shahero and Amber are half breeds, half dragon half human, and are captured by Voltaire, the evil King. Shahero is then given to Hitoshi, who used to be a half breed like her until he was kidnapped by Voltaire and made Prince to help rule the world. At first, Hitoshi feels nothing but desire for her, but could those feelings escalate into something more? And would Shahero accept it after what he did to her? Kai had betrayed their kind and sold them out to Voltaire in an attempt to save his mother who Voltaire held captive. As a reward he received Amber. He wanted her and cared for her a lot. But can they both realize their feeligns before its too late?
Status: Don't know when it will be posted, if ever. It's complicated lol

Stockholm Syndrome
Summary: Shahero is kidnapped, but she doesn't know by who or why. What happens when she starts to have feelings towards her captor?

Another fic I had in mind was a vampire fic, I don't know the details yet or a title. But so far, Shahero is a vampire who is very curious about humans. Then she sees Hitoshi one night and immediately wants him. But he doesn't seem to want her. She's determined to change that.

So that's whats going on over here, hopefully I'll post the next chappie for DD soon if I'm not too lazy lol. Layta!

AND GUESS WHAT EVERYBODY? ZIMO IS BACK! :dances: It's good to have you back girl!

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Devilish Desires reviews
AU, "Shahero walked over to her bike and was about to get on when all at once, she felt as if an icy finger had trailed down the nape of her neck." Non Yaoi {Full Summary Inside...}
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Ha! You think this is rude? Then dude you got a lot to prepare for. {DISCONTINUED}
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