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I went to boot camp and lost all touch with reality... I've veered away from fanfiction to focus on something original which I have a serious goal to have published in the future. That doesn't mean I've given up on my ff. As long as there is still some interest I'll take the time to continue these stories.

Having been highly displeased for a while now with the writing in the first chapters of Book One, I am working to fix them.

Rewritten so far: Book One chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 24, 33, 35. TotH chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Hi all, thanks for stopping by my profile.

I adore intelligent writing, ie. well-thought out, in-depth plots and witty dialogue/narration. I have a deep appreciation for stories (as well as movies and people) that don't take themselves too seriously. I'll read fics from any fandom as long as the writing is well-done. I love reading fics with -- realism, angst, slash, dark themes, mind games, power struggles, anything psychological/cerebral, humor, mystery, suspense, horror, tear-jerkage, romance, and the list goes on.

Like people, each story is different and has a different personality. Therefore, my style of writing tends to change from story to story. Depending on what I am going for, my style can range from terse and completely non-flowery to poetic and abstract. I like writing both in first and third-person. In my multi-chapter fics, the style sometimes changes from chapter to chapter or even scene to scene. So there is a little bit of everything in my stories.

Currently reading: The Fellowship of the Ring.

What else... It is my firm belief that anything that is both edible and savory needs lots and lots of pepper--I like hot. I'm also a minimalist in many ways, as well as a perfectionist. I passionately do what I passionately love--writing and playing music are two of those things.

My current projects/one-shots (and some of my thoughts on them) -

Dreams - This is the shortest piece I've ever written, and was very much spur of the moment. It is inspired by the haunting ending of Twilight Princess.

Ghirahim Boss Battle 1 - An absurdly silly spoof. What are we parodying? The first battle between Link and Ghirahim, of course. Because it was asking to be made fun of.

Blissful, Finally - A short, fluffy ZeLink fic written completely without the letter E. No, really.

It's All About the Shoes - A nice meaty one-shot addressing what I believe would occur immediately after the ending of Skyward Sword. Watch out, it gets a little steamy at the end.

The Thrill of the Hunt - An offbeat first-person Zelda fic set in the world of OoT. Our twenty-five-year-old princess (this age was chosen because I wanted the character to be more experienced/knowledgeable yet still naive and coddled) suddenly finds that everyone in her castle and town, in other words, *everyone* she knows, has been infected with a 'zombie' virus, and she has no idea why. So, upon the urging of her sick attendant Impa, she searches the castle library for a certain gilded book. This book quickly becomes her guide, directing her where to go, who to look for, and tells her what she needs to find to complete a rather mysterious task. So, a young woman - who's never been allowed to do anything on her own - breaks free, setting off into the unknown, all the while dodging shifty characters who seem bent on tearing her to shreds. Huzza!

I will update this story as time permits.

Prequel: The Other End of the Sword - A fun story based in Skyloft. It gives the background info for the main characters in Book One. It starts two weeks before Zelda falls to the surface (the day of the Wing Ceremony). This story is being rewritten. Events will remain basically the same. Yeah, the writing sucked that bad.

The Other End of the Sword: Book One - This story, an expansion of Skyward Sword, is loyal to canon in a lot of ways (in every way that I can manage it, considering the elaborate plot). First and foremost, I stay true to Link's character, and expand upon him as I understand his character to be. He plays a violin instead of a harp, though (anyone else think that little harp is too girly for him?). The geography of the Skyward Sword world remains the same, with an eye on future Hyrule. Places, dungeons, plot points and characters that we know well from the game will be used. But, the thing that makes this story what it is is that everything -- the world, SS plot and characters -- are expanded upon. Characters are given backgrounds, the world is bigger, is more detailed and populated, and while Link will have to do *most* of what he does in the game, he will have to do a lot more and go more places.

The world also includes realms outside of the surface, sky and heavenly realms -- the demon realm (where Ghirahim/Demise come from), and the Empyrean realm (where Fi is originally from).

The story is fraught with OC's, but most play only minor roles. A few will have integral parts, but will never overshadow the main characters.

The dark underlying themes of this fic (especially that of obsession) are inspired by demonology, mythology and psychology. The idea that demons would haunt people's dreams, use them in rather sordid ways and make them go out of their minds is nothing new.

The basic gist (which SS fans will recognize): Our favorite bloodthirsty bad guy is pitted against one of the world's most endearing heroes. Ghirahim needs the divine soul of Link's best friend to achieve what he has been striving for since his "re-creation" as Demise's delegate - the long awaited revival of his master. At the helm of a Goddess-ordained mission, Link must work his butt off in practically every corner of the world to prevent Ghirahim's (and Demise's) victory. Pretty straightforward, right?

But it's not that simple. Ghirahim is no ordinary villain. With the power to manipulate Link's mind, to take advantage of his weaknesses and to kindle his obsession, our little human had better watch out.

To further complicate things, Link owes his enemy something, but he doesn't know what it is... One way or another, Ghirahim's gonna get it. Or will he...?

While the imprisoned form of the demon lord's master becomes stronger, as foretold by the sacred texts, a war approaches.

Part One takes place in the demon realm. Part Two is in the sky. Part Three will consist of a surface adventure. After that, things will bounce around.

There are plenty of dark, disturbing and mature themes, so I don't recommend it to youngsters, though I know some of my readers are young. Several chapters contain delicately worded *content*. Skip past if you prefer.

In a fandom where most seem to want the instant gratification fic, the give-me-ALL-the-answers-NOW fic, or just plain old fluffy Zelink, this unconventional piece resides. If you want a Zelda fic that fits pretty much every genre - humor, romance, angst, drama, adventure, hurt/comfort, mystery, suspense, etc - and, most of all, makes you think a bit, this could be your thing.

I'm always open to constructive criticism, and I love reviews, good or bad. Reviews = readers saying, "I care enough to share my thoughts", which is why I cherish them so much. Any review is awesome in my book. :)

If you review, expect a thank you PM. Unless it's an anon review, in which case, I will respond in an A/N if a question is asked.

The Other End of the Sword (Book One) additional notes-

I'm putting this information here because the Prequel is not available in full at the moment. Hopefully this sum-up of background info will suffice.

In this story:

Skyloft is way huger than in the game, with somewhere between 1500 and 2000 people living at the academy, and even more living in the neighboring village on the Main Island, as well as on other smaller surrounding islets.

Link is 21, not a teenager. He has the ability to grow facial hair, folks!

Link, Pipit and Zelda originally come from the town of Ordon, in the state of Azuria.

Link was an orphan/never knew his parents.

Link is multi-talented (of course)- He plays the violin, can break dance and otherwise cut a rug fairly efficiently, and has even been known to sing and kick proverbial butt at sports like soccer. This is, of course, on top of his awesome sword fighting and flying abilities. He's also a smarty pants, acing every class at school. He's sorta sarcastic, too...But he still doesn't know how to get up in the morning.

Like in the game, Link has graduated into knighthood right before he leaves for the surface, but, he has seven more years of study at SKA (Skyloft Knight Academy, a common acronym used) to complete his knighthood training.Think PhD. This is a college, not a secondary school.

Those who have graduated from knight-in-training status to knighthood are known as first-year knight-students, second-year-knight students, and so forth...up to seventh-year.

Link's love interest is Midna, a third-year knight-student who has recently moved to Skyloft from TKA (Twilight Knight Academy, where else, right?)

Link and Zelda have been best friends 4eva, but were never romantically involved.

Pipit is the greatest. Well...He's Link's best friend, has known him as long as Zelda has and is eccentric, goofy, a bit brash, but still a smart, caring guy. As of the end of the prequel he is in a somewhat tumultuous relationship with Karane. He's got some unresolved issues in his background.

The world in this story stretches far beyond that of the game. Skyloft is not the only 'state' in existence. To name a few, Twilight, Azuria and Superna are other states which would be similar but different from Skyloft in many respects. The idea of these places was not expanded upon in the Prequel, but will be in this story.

As would occur in real life, each state has armed forces. These armies are separate from the class of knights which would come from the academies, but can blend if necessary.

Vulaan Kulaas is the creator/owner of Skylark, an OC mentioned in ch. 33.

.:SD here with a friendly reminder to review what you read. Don't forget that there is a REAL HUMAN BEING behind that fic that you enjoy, giving hours of his/her time - for free - to bring that story to life. It's always worth it to lift an author's spirits with a few thoughts! It's the only payment they ever see. A million thanks!!!!:.

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