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Ok, to all of my lovely readers who are quite fed up with the fact that I haven't updated anything in just about FOREVER: I feel terrible about that, but their is nothing I can do at this exact moment, as I am on an exchange program, in Germany, and I really don't want to save my fiction onto my host family's comp. Good news is, I am going home on the 17th (and I'm SO EXCITED, I HATE GERMANY!) and then i won't go to school until January, so I will have lots of time to finish and continue my fics, plus post some NEW fics I've had bounding through my head...all HP fics, a few featuring Hr/George, H/G, Remus/Hr, and more!

Much love,


Now preced down for my usual bio

Hello all!! Who am I, you might wonder. To answer the question that I so sure you are all DYING to ask, I am a book readin', Orlando Bloom lovin' (stalkin'?), story writin' (not just fan fic, too...I WILL be published someday!!), church goin' (Don't call me a prude...call me a girl with morals...),karaoke singin' 16 year old girl. Or, to make a short story long, I'm Taryn.

Favorite books: Harry Potter are my ALL TIME favorite books, followed by books by Meg Cabot (or Jenny Carroll...), and Tamora Peirce. I could go on and on, but we would be here all night, because I am QUITE the bibliophile!

Favorite Harry Potter Pairings: Remus/Hermione ALL the way! Seriously, they are so meant for eachother! They are like Beauty and the Beast...except, less French...Um, what else do I like? Ron/Hermione, Bill/Hermione, Charlie/Hermione, George/Hermione, SOMETIMES Fred/Hermione (wow, Hermione sure has been getting around lately :-P), Harry/Ginny, and James/Lily.

Least Favorite Harry Potter Pairings: Harry/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, Ginny/Draco, ANYTHING SLASH, Twincest (EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW), and anything really revolting like Hermione/Dumbledore, or Ginny/Filch. . .

Favorite Movies: At the moment, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Benny and Joon! Ahh, Johnny Depp...More importantly, though, ORLANDO BLOOM!!!! I am so obsessed :-P Seriously, I have 2 huge posters of him, plus all this pictures and things of him on my wall...*dreamy sigh* WAIT!! I just realized, I have FOUR Orli posters, because I ordered a Pirates of the Caribbean movie poster (Ok, so he has to share it with other people...but hey, at least one of them is Johnny!!), and I ordered a LIFE SIZE door poster of him, and they just came in the mail TODAY!!!!!!!

Pet Peeves:

1.When people, in their summaries, put "Oh, I'm sorry, I am sooooo bad at writing summaries, just read the story, I promise it is good!". That makes me not want to read the fic, because a good writer should be able to paraphrase their plot in an interesting manner!!

2. When you are all like "Please, no flames", and someone sends you one anyways. Grrr.

3. WHen someone sends you a flame that makes no sence, or that completely contradicts what you wrote.

Well, I can't really think of anything else to say, except that I hope you enjoy my fics, if you choose to read one (or two or three or four...*hint*) of them!

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