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Well there are a few story ideas rolling around in my head, but the main problem is I have almost no writing experience. The idea I'm most interested in is an original fiction piece but that will have to wait until I get the hang of writing in general. So what I'm going to do is list off the thoughts I had and see what you want me to write.

Living Legend
A Ranma / Secret of Mana crossover, Ranma replaces the Mana Knight. I like this idea because it gives me a long and well defined storyline and a couple great charactors to work with.

Untitled 1
A sequel fic to "Those we Love" Kodachi apologizes to Ranma for her part in the wedding. I know "Those we Love" is a one-shot, but my one review asked if I would be making it epic length. I still don't know how it could be made epic length, but I thought the obvious follow-up might be nice.

Moody Anime
Acually not a planned angst-fest, this is potentially several fics in several different anime fandoms. The Moody Blues albums each have their own theme, I could borrow that and write a few one shots on the theme of the album one in the spirit of each of the songs on it. I'd be interested to hear what album/anime people would be interested in reading.

Untitled 2
A sequel fic to Fire's "Destiny's Child" on the eve of Ranma and Rei's wedding researchers create a time machine and accidentally ruin the present forcing the two guardians of the time gates to go back in time and set things straight. This would definately be the most work and commitment of any of the fics I have if only because first I would have to get Fire's permission and then I would feel more obligated to finish, also people who would not have read any of my fics but did like "Destiny's Child" would be reading this. It may be a decent fic, but probably not the place to be experimenting with writing dialogue.

Untitled 3
A Naruto AU fic, what if the Kyuubi was sealed in someone other than Naruto? I'm thinking Hinata to go the other way with it; Hinata is a quiet girl with a family but it keeps the parallel of a character that seems to have never had the support he or she needed. I am open to suggestions for other characters but I would need reasoning behind it.

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