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Hey guys its restlessStorm aka Alex

Please click here to go to my youtube channel (user/saywhatcosmicthunder)

I have a story series on youtube called Lost and found, seasons 1 and 2. I also have a story called "I'm yours" and "Follow me down" on youtube. However Follow me down is being postponed till further notice. I might not continue the story or I may just finish it when I get more ideas.

However I have some upcoming stories I will be posting on here, most of them being one-shots.
the ideal rating I will have for some of the stories will be rated M or T. Very few being rated K+ or lower. Very basic vocab and writing style at times, (I'm not perfect at grammar so no hating please lol)

But in order for you to understand any of the characters please visit my youtube page and find my character videos and or watch them.
here are the characters I will mostly be using: (by the way I should mention these are webkinz stories, well kinda)


However if i'm writing a story and I want them in human form, here are their traits, (they keep the same personality):
Haley-brown eyes, brown hair, fairly light skin
Spencer-Black hair, Dark brown eyes, Light skin
Starlight-Brown hair, Hazel eyes, slight dark skin
Kolton-Blue eyes, blond hair, light skin
Zack-light brown eyes, Brown hair, tan skin
Ashley-Blue eyes, dirty blond, Light skin
Drew-Dark brown hair, blue eyes, fairly light skin
Brad-light brown hair, black eyes (nearly), slight dark skin
Tori-Brown eyes, Really tan, Brown hair
Alexa-Blue/green eyes, really light skin, dirty blond

Upcoming/Possible one-shots/Stories-(Webkinz)

Regret this...nah-What if Spencer cheated on Tori with Alexa? How will things turn out? Rated M-Two shot (Possibly)

Heated- Things get heated between Spencer and Haley, how far will things go? Rated M-oneshot

Winter break disaster...right?-Holiday break, Ash, Haley, Spencer, Zack, Kolton, Star, all go to a ski resort for vacation, what happens when Starlight meets someone new? (no rating yet)-Full story

Alone with you- An evening alone with Zack and Starlight, how romantic, rated K, one-shot

Could it be you and I?- Drew and Alexa, just friends? or more? I guess they will find out... rated T, one-shot

Don't stop- What would happen if Tori and Brad got even more into it at Spencer's party? Rated M-one shot

Out of my element (currently on youtube)- Let's rewind, how did Zack and Starlight start dating? Wanna find out? only one way to know, Rated T, full story

Skate till you're gone(Possibly a youtube series or fanfiction, not sure yet.)-What happens when a rising rockstar Jake comes to Kinzville. Michelle isn't into allthe hype of his band "Emergency get away."What will happen when they meet? Skateboarding world meets the music world. Read/Watch how Michelle teaches Jake the importance of living life without judgement while he teaches her the love of being on stage.


Never let you go Ashley- Ashley and Kolton break up, who will be there for Ashley when she needs someone? Rated K, one-shot

Okay so let me clarify on the ratings, I'm 17 years old and i'm not going to constantly write "clean stories" I'm going to try and provide each person or reader with a story they are comfortable reading, So i warned you, if you can't handle rated M or T material, DO NOT READ OR LEAVE BAD REVIEWS

Information about me:

Hmm I'm 17...not that you should know
I love soccer
I love writing/reading
I love my significant other
I love my family and friends
I love playing mw3 on my xbox360 (Sorry I don't share gamertags)

Collection of my oneshot stories reviews
Includes my one-shot stories about webkinz or related
Webkinz - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 352 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 12/22/2011