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So as you can see, this is my profile!!! This page is basically going to consist of me ranting about random crap, so READ AT RISK OF YOUR SANITY!!!!!

Hi! my name is Claire, and I (sadly) live in the U.S. I'm a girl in case you could't tell but the way I talk.

So the first thing you should know about me is that I go through obsessions. When I say obsessions, I don't mean "Oh! This is cool!." it's more of me launching into excessively long rants about how David Tennant is better than Christopher Eccleston and Matt Smith... In case you can't tell, my current obsession is Doctor Who. If you have not seen Doctor Who, then I suggest you skip the next paragraphs... Also, despite my efforts, I am NOT British (I wish!!). There is a chance that I will use British swear words, so be warned.

Here is a list of my favorite fandoms in case I don't get around to a full description of each (in no particular order, just whatever comes to mind):
I am willing to go on a rant about any of these, so If you like some of them, feel free to PM me. It's gotten to the point where I'm afraid to talk to my friends about any of this stuff because they are so sick of hearing me talk about it that they are losing interest.
1. Doctor Who
2. Harry Potter
3. AVPM/S/Starship
4. Maximum Ride
5. Fablehaven
6. The Big Bang Theory
7. Maze Runner
8. Matched
9.The Hunger Games
10. Percy Jackson
11. Princess Bride
13. The Goddess Test
14. Torchwood
15. Sherlock (haven't seen season two yet though)
16. Firefly (only on episode 5 or 6 of this so far though)
17. Wicked
18. Rent
19. Legally Blonde (both the musical and the movie)
20. Avenue Q
21. How to succeed in business without really trying
22. Billy Elliot
23. Sister Act
I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. :D

Doctor Who:
So yeah... Doctor Who... I probably quote this about twenty times per day... DAVID TENNANT RULES ALL!!!!! About October, I was getting fed up with not understanding what my friends were talking about when they said things like Dalek, TARDIS, and Weeping Angels, so I decided to watch Doctor Who to FIND out (more on the find thing later). I watched the first episode of series one (the most recent ones, starting with Eccleston). Needless to say, I finished all of series one and most of series 2 that weekend. I then had to go back to school, so I had no time to finish the series, thus leading to my love of The Doctor/Rose pairing. I almost cried when she got stuck on the parallel universe. Even though I have watched up to the current episode (anxiously awaiting season 7), Rose and the Doctor are still my favorite characters (Which is why I LOVE season 4 so very much).

Despite my love of The Doctor and Rose, I still love all the other characters... well, all the other characters except Martha. All throughout series 3, Martha is like "I love you Doctor!!!! I just want you to love me back." I mean sure, Martha does get some of the best episodes (like Blink, The Sound of Drums, and Family of Blood/Human Nature), but she is too attached to the Doctor (unlike Rose, who didn't admit to loving him until she thought she could never see him again, and didn't always do exactly as the Doctor said, had a will of her own). My opinion of Martha COMPLETELY changes when she leaves the Doctor. she starts to be able to do things on her own, and becomes such a badass (I had to say it). At that point she becomes cool (like bow ties and fezzes!!!) and I love her. While rewatching the finale for season 2, I noticed that the girl who plays Martha (Freema something) had a minor role of letting all the 'ghosts' through. She worked for Torchwood. Needless to say, I squealed every time I saw her.

List of My Favorite protagonists and Why:
1. The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant): He is the perfect combination of serious and goofy. Definitely not ugly (especially with his glasses!!!), and me being the nerd that I am, he is the most sciencey and technical, yet in a way that you understand ("People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually—from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint—it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly...timey-wimey...stuff."). Also, you can't go wrong (at least in my opinion) with the whole debate about whether it is wrong to kill people in order to save more people.

2. Rose Tyler: She is (in my opinion) exactly what the Doctor has always needed. A constant companion who is willing to spend forever with him and will do what he needs. But the best part about her is that she knows what is right and what is wrong. She teaches him to not kill (and also supposedly teaches the Meta-Crisis) my favorite ship by far is Rose/Ten :D

3. Donna Noble: I recently finished re-watching season four. I love how she is basically the Doctor's ultimate baby sitter! But I hate human Donna, the person she becomes after he erases her memory. She is so... human. but other than that, I just love her personality!

4. Jack Harkness: you really need no explanation here. Jack is the ultimate Gary Stu, yet he isn't. He's kind of philosophical too because he lives so long. I really like that he has his own spin-off. Torchwood is amazing! Especially Ianto/Jack shipping, which I put second only to Rose/Ten. I found it funny that when I went back (after finishing up to series 6) and rewatched all of series one, you notice that The Empty Chid is the only episode where he flirts with Rose. The rest of the time, he is flirting more with the Doctor :D.

(after this point there is no specific order to it)

5. The Meta-Crisis (AKA 10.5, Tenth Doctor Duplicate): Okay, so I have some really mixed feelings about him. I like him, but I don't. I love that 10 gave him to Rose as a way of having her happily ever after, but in my opinion, he is not the Doctor!! He is as awesome as the Doctor, but he is not just a copy. He is his own person, which most people don't seem to get. I see it as a different man who happens to have a similar personality to Ten, so Rose would accept him and maybe end up loving him.

6 The Ninth Doctor(Christopher Eccleston): He is just fantastic (ehehe see what I did there?) He is all grouchy and northern and I love him... I really miss the sarcasm!

7. The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith): So very Cool!!! He's a lot more childish than Tennant and repeats himself a lot (for example, Bow ties are cool) but I still love him

8. River Song: I love her! she just acts like she owns the Doctor (because she kind of does) it's really awesome, although she could tone down the killing a bit. I din't like her much at first, because I like Rose, but I kind of understand her a bit

9. Rory Williams: I had to put him before Amy because he is so insecure!!!! AND A ROMAN!!!!!!! I BLOODY LOVE ROMANS!!!!! (sorry i had to get that out of my system. I take Latin for school, so Romans rule all in my book. I was so very excited when I saw the Pompeii episode because, out of all the TV shows I have ever seen, Doctor Who is the only one that got the layout of a Roman House even remotely close. they actually got it spot on)

10. Amy Pond: I like her because she puts her faith in the Doctor. I honestly love her in every episode other than the scene where she tries to seduce the Doctor... that was an awkward scene. I really think she would have been better off traveling with the tenth Doctor though. Her personality kind of clashes with Eleven's in a way.

11. Martha Jones: see above paragraph that involves me ranting about her.

My Random list of Doctor Who Quotes: (all from memory)
1. " Always bring a banana to a party, you just might invent the banana daiquiri a couple centuries early" ~Tenth Doctor
2. "People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually—from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint—it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly...timey-wimey...stuff."~10th Doctor
3. "This guy is too thin!!! You give him a hug, you get a paper cut!!!" ~Donna
4. Ninth Doctor: "Sorry, what was your name again?"
Rose: "Rose Tyler..."
Doctor: "Nice to Meet you Rose. Run for your life!!!!"
5. Rose: "There are five of us now. Mom, Dad, Mickey, me, and the baby"
Tenth Doctor: (completely flabbergasted) "You aren't!!!!"
Rose: "No, it's Mum." (I had to include that because he actually shows surprise and is worried that she has already moved on)
6. Rose: " Doctor, I love you"
Tenth Doctor: "And you are right to" ( I bloody love that!!! Even in the most serious of times, he is still being his conceited and joking self!!!!)
7. "Bow ties are cool!!!"
8. Eleventh Doctor: " Doctor Song, you are making that face again"
River: "What face?"
Doctor: "That 'He;s being clever and he knows it' face"
River: "But I am not making any face, just my normal face"
Doctor: "Exactly!!!"
9. "This is a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool!!"
10. "I am being extremely clever and no one is up here to congratulate me! What is the point in having you all here?!?!
11. "All you have to do to fix the Chameleon Circuit is reroute the binary binary binary binary binary binary binary binary binary binary binary binary binary binary-"
12. "Don't blink"
13. "I want you to listen very carefully, because sometime in your future, your life may depend on it. I am a madman with a box"
14. Rose: I think Jack would like to dance too."
Doctor: "I'm sure he would, but with which one of us?"
15. "You fought them off with a water pistol! I bloody love you!!!!"
16. "Rude and not ginger!!!"
17. "You named your daughter... after your daughter"
18. "I will just step inside this police box and arrest myself"
19. Doctor: "I'm a bit of a hermit"
Yana: "A hermit with friends?"
Doctor: " Oh yeah, Hermit's united. We meet up every ten years and swap stories about caves"

I find it excessively weird the way this show works. David Tennant watched Doctor Who when he was young. It is the reason that he became an actor. His favorite Doctor is the Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davidson. Peter Davidson is the father of the actress Georgia Moffett, who played Jenny in the Doctor's Daughter, so she is the daughter of the Doctor in two ways, both on screen and off. The really weird thing about this is... David Tennant is getting married to Georgia Moffett, his daughter on screen, and the real daughter of his favorite version of 'himself'.

Okay so this is the last thing about Doctor Who I have to say before I move on to my next obsession. In the original script of The Journey's End, When the Doctor leaves Rose and the Meta-Crisis on the parallel universe, he gave them the coral of the TARDIS. It is possible to grow a TARDIS from the coral. normally this process takes a really long time, but Donna, still having the brain of a timelord, tells them a way to increase the rate of growth by 52. This means that there is a way for Rose and the Meta-Crisis to come back, because they can grow their own TARDIS. I AM NOT JUST MAKING UP ABSURD FANTASIES THAT CAN NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!!!

A Very Potter Musical/Sequel:
Up until I watched Doctor Who, I was obsessed with AVPM/S. This is another one of the things that I watched because of my friends. The only difference between my obsession of this, and my obsession of DW is that I managed to get all of my friends to watch AVPM. We always walk around school singing about how we need to get back to hogwarts and making random quotes. If you didn't figure out the find thing from a couple paragraphs above, I got that from AVPM. Let's just say two of my friends are hufflepuffs, so we always employ them to find people and things.

Harry Potter:
Heck yes! I grew up on this! I learned to read by reading Harry Potter. It shaped my life in so many ways! Especially since my entire family filled with the biggest Potterheads in existence! The room I am currently sitting in looks like a potter shrine. There is literally a Firebolt hanging from the ceiling. If anyone has heard about Wizard Rock (Wrock), well... here is my list of people that I have had stay at my house before:
1. Alex Carpenter (Remus Lupins)
2. The two Harry and the Potters
3. All of Pottercast
4. Matt Magaicomo (Whomping Willows)
5. Jason (from Ministry of Magic)
6. Justin Fitch Fletchly
7.Gred and Forge
8. Catchlove

I'm sure there are more, but all their names escape me. I just love Harry Potter so much! I always dress up as Luna or a firebolt for premieres and parties and stuff.

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