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Author has written 1 story for Naruto, and Persona Series.

Genres I like:

AU: Do you know how many what ifs and plotholes you can manipulate to your liking? One author's trash is another fan's treasure.

-HSAU: I put it in different section of AU because this is a special kind of AU. It is a delicate, sweet baby that could grow into a diabetes if you put too much sap in it. Seriously guys, just because it's an AU doesn't mean you can turn Hinata into a total OOC bitch. Actually you can, but with a good explanation. And no, "Hinata(or insert any other character here) is a bitch in real life too!" isn't a good one. The most believable I could think of is 'reincarnation'. Which bring us to the next genre...

-Reincarnation: Especially if combined with HSAU. Most of my Naruto plot bunnies are these you know. (Usually centered around Kyuubi/Kurama/I actually liked the name Nozomu better, but Kurama is canon... so yeah)

-Crossover: You know you like this too.

Genres I dislike:

-HSAU: Surprise, surprise. It's usually the diabetic type that I don't like. Especially the yaoi one.

-Yaoi/Yuri: If you want to make a gay story, at least make it believable. Rabid fangirls/boys/third genders usually just want to make it look sexy instead of touching. And by touching I mean emotionally, not physically.

-Smut/Lemon/Melon: As mentioned above.


1. Umbra (NarutoxPersona 4)

You can read the summary below the profile, I will just add notes here.

-It might have slight Naruhina in it, for obvious reasons. (the first reviewer guessed it, so many might have guessed it as well)

-No pairings from Persona 4 Universe. I'm actually a huge YuxNaoto fangirl,but it feels weird having them being a couple in this story. Imagine all the awkwardness I would write. It would be a waste. I should practice writing fight scenes instead of sappy romance. (which take us back to point one about 'might having slight Naruhina')

-If you don't get point one and two then I will say it slowly for you. "No pairings, even if there is, it would only be a hinted, one sided crush. Well, except for Hinata's crush. No matter how blind Naruto is about love there's no way he wouldn't realize her feelings for him with what I have planned. Doesn't mean it will be an official pairing in this story though. Wait, am I rambling now? Do you guys get it now?" You know what? I suck at explaining things.

-Umbra will end before Shippuuden would happen. Unless a plot bunny would kindly hit me in the face again.

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