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Author has written 12 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Hunger Games, and Misc. Books.

So, uh... hey guys/gals. I'm PerseusSlayerOfMedusa, I'm thirteen in real life, a GUY, and an author (but you know this if you've read my stories all this time :3).

Name: Jonathan.

Pen-Name: PerseusSlayerOfMedusa

Age: Thirteen.

Favorite Bands: Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With Sirens, For All Those Sleeping, Avenged Sevenfold, Falling In Reverse, All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Woe is Me, Hollywood Undead, Taylor Swift.

Favorite Books/Series: Almost anything by Rick Riordan, of course! The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series? You bet! The Kane Chronicles? Hell yes! The Heroes Of Olympus? Should I even go on? The Hunger Games trilogy; the Divergent series, and... honestly, that's it. I don't read very much. I've read Harry Potter, but it just didn't stick with me.

Favorite Writers (books): Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins

Favorite YouTube Channels: danisnotonfire,Jenna Marbles, wickydkewl, TheMostPopularGirls, ItsKingsleyBitch, riserecords

I am a beta writer, and I'm dying to work on a story for someone! It would help me majorly to get back into writing! Thanks... :3

Information on each story:

Camp Half Titan—I've not worked on this in forever, and I'm so sorry. I've had a majorly busy year, I've changed so much this year, I'll get to working on it soon.

Stolen: The Rise of Chaos—Completed! Chapters undergoing editing (not like Camp Half Titan; I'm gonna keep this one up, just editing the chapters).

All For One—Still writing it; twenty probably more chapters, but I'm honestly considering making a sequel of it.

The Demigod Games—I have too many stories that I'm working on at the moment, so I will not be able to update that for a while. Sorry. \:

The Calm Before The Storm—Sequel to Stolen: The Rise of Chaos! Still being worked on.

A Christmas To Remember—I kind if gave up on this since it was after Christmas and I had several chapters to go...

Well, that's it. I'll constantly update this part as I work on stories to give out info about it. I'll have contests for people who can get me more readers and reviewers, for your information. ;)

When in doubt, look at this .gif:

Lol random... ._.

The 27 Commandments of Fanfiction (I stole this from HecateA. I don't always apply to them all but I'm trying to now. xD)

1. Thou shalt not post a fic until it has been checked for grammar and spelling errors. The fanfiction gods hath given you a spellchecker on the computer for good reason. Use it.

2.Thou shalt not post a chapter of less than 100 words, unless it is a drabble. This displeases the masses.

3.Thou shalt not put author's notes in the middle of the story.

4.Thou shalt NEVER use text-speak in a fic, unless the characters are actually texting.

5.Thou shalt keep to one tense, and only one, throughout the story. Do not switch randomly.

6.Apply the above number 5 to POVs as well.

7. Thou shalt not get offended when someone makes fun of the crack pairing featured in your fanfiction. It probably is rather hilarious.

8.Thou shalt not use ._., ;), or >:( in a fanfiction to show the emotion exhibited by a character.

9.Thou shall try-eth to keep characters in character!

10.Thou shall not treat every criticism as a flame.

11.The author's note is not a spot for your personal drama, and thou shalt not make it so.

12.Thou shalt not put any form of the phrase "first fic" in thy summary.

13. Thy created characters must not have names that exceed five syllables in length. Nor shall thy name have more than five words in length.

14. Thou shall not insert thyself into the story line as thyself or as a character—yes we know that you are in love with yourself and are very narcissistic, we just don’t want to read about how you end up with the main character.

15.If thou art writing a story that does not follow the original story line, point it out in the beginning.

16.Thou shall not make a person randomly smart or powerful unless stating a reason for the change (a good reason).

17.Thou shalt show and not tell.

18.Thou shalt not EVER use the phrase "I suck at summaries" in-est thine summary. This annoys thine readers.

19.Thou shalt not write the same way thou speak-est- writing is an art.

20.Thou shalt ALWAYS spell the word "okay" correctly. Using the letter "K" is an unacceptable compromise.

21. Thou shalt only use clichés when thou a) art writing a parody or b) find a new and interesting twist to make such clichés bearable to thine reader.

22. Thou shalt always separate dialogue from two separate speakers in two separate paragraphs. Otherwise thine readers shalt be confuse-ed.

23. Thou shalt not EVER make a chapter all one paragraph. THIS INFURIATES BOTH THINE READER AND THE FANFICTION GODS. They have given thee an ENTER key with good reason.

24. Thou shalt not write with thy caps lock on, it displeases the masses and causes thy readers to lose their vision and make angels weep.

25. Thou shalt know how to spell the character's names correctly before you writeth the fic. Misspelling the name of the main characters makes readers angry and distracts from the story.

26. Thou shalt not say in thine summary "summary inside". This shows lack of creativeness and infuriates the masses. The only exception is when a summary is cut short and a continuation of it lies inside.

27. Thou shall use paragraphs and space the story so it is not terrifyingly daunting to thine readers.

Follow me on my stuff!:

Tumblr: (don't ask, it's a long story ._.)

Instagram: @undead_turtlecorn_2

So, I'm working on more spin-offs!

An Almost Love Story: Songfic to Love Story by Taylor Swift, AJ/Eme relationship.

When Will You See?: Songfic to You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, AJ/Eme and AJ/Bay relationship.

Unnamed Fic So Far: I don't know a title for it yet, but it's a songfic to I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift.

Unnamed Fic: Songfic to Mine by Taylor Swift

Unnamed so far:

Okay guise. ;-; I got a new computer (really my mom just gave me our Macbook Air xD) so I'm gonna be on here a lot more. :'D So expect more frequent updates lol.

Guise, prepare to laugh yourself a set of abs.

I'm pretty sure I could laugh myself a set if I tried hard enough (start with the top .gif).

(Minor updates, as of summer vacation):

I'm not going to be on here AS MUCH (that's never a good thing when it comes to me), but I'm gonna start writing more, since I'm on summer vacation. Yay!:D

Anyways, I'm gonna be outside tanning a lot (trust me, after I discovered what the internet was, nothing good happened).


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