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You can probably tell from our pen name that this isn't just one person. The Twisted Trio is made up of three insane LotR-obsessed girls. Brooke, Michelle, and Kristina. Read and review our story! It will be updated soon!



Hey guys! It's me, Kristina. Sorry for the lack of updating. School is hectic and such but now that marching band is over and we are in concert band that should give me time to type up the rest of the story, seeing as I'm the one with the notebook...¬.¬;;

:dodges all objects being thrown:

I know, I know! But I actually had it all typed up, yep all the left over chapters, and I sent them to Brooke but they got deleted by her little brother or something to that affect. ((I think..)) And I didn't save them so I'm having to retype them before the 15th because then my internet is getting cut off for a little bit and to top it off Brookes' computer just kinda..Died. Heh..So...We're working on it! Stay with us and soon you'll have the rest of the chapters, maybe before the end of the day. Ta minna-san! ^.~


PS: I have a few stories of my own, check out my name Eruionvyrien, for a parady and a few anime fanfics..:runs before Brooke sees what she has said: