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Hey, my name is The Art Of Falling Up, (at least is on here, my real name I shall keep to myself.)

not really sure what I'm supposed to write here so I'll just put some random stuff about me...

1) I'm 22 (wow where did the years go?)

2) I'm a girl! (double X chromosomes oh yeah)

3) I'm really short and not very loud (well i can be loud i just don't feel the need to be)

4) I write slam poetry (if you don't know what that is GO LOOK IT UP!! It's awesome)

5) I love music! I really can't list all the bands I like that would take forever. But I though I could list a few (haha a few)


Thousand Foot Krutch


Icon For Hire

My Chemical Romance

Rise Against



Simple Plan

Sum 41

Red Jumpsuits Apparatus

All American Rejects

With In Temptation

Breaking Benjamin

Abandon All Ships


Family Force 5

and a bunch more i have over 60 CDs (it's crazy)

6) I love the rain though it doesn't rain much where I live (not gunna say where that is I don't need anymore stalkers)

7) All of the stories I've ever written have some connection to my life and most of my characters are based off real people. (Yes Carey is kinda supposed to be me.)

8) As you probably already know I can't spell to save my life... I kinda don't care anymore. (I'm not a robot)

9) I have an imaginary friend. 3 to be specific they are very real and all have backgrounds and full personalities. Go ahead and call me crazy now 'cause if your my age and you've still got imaginary friends something is probably wrong with you whatever (maybe I'll write some stories about them... hmmmmm)

10) I'm Weird with a capital W and I know it! (life is better this way)

11) I LOVE coffee! (like really I drink it way too much but its so tasty)

12)I try to up date my stuff as soon as I can but I always keep at least me and my readers a chapter apart so I have time to make it good and not have to worry about getting behind. (life gets in the way a lot though)

13)I have bright orange hair at the moment... it changes contently though (yeah no "normal" hair color for me originally it's natural red)

14) I love British people! Doctor Who is the shit! and I love watching British youtubers, like Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell) Amazingphil (Phil Lester)... okay really I have a lot of them that I watch but those are my two most favorites so if you don't know who those people are go look them up!

15)I love my friends and family. Hurt them and I will hurt you 10 fold! (dynamite comes in small packages)

16) I've made my share of mistakes in life but I don't regret them anymore, each scar each painful memory is a reminder that I can get though things. I am stronger now because of them. NEVER GIVE UP!

17) RAWR... means I love you or I wanna rip your head off and eat you... your pick.

So I just wanted to say thank you for reading my story (stories in the future) it means a lot to me, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. If you have any other questions about me then send me an email :)

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In a Whole Other World reviews
When Addison Roberts makes a random wish she has no clue the results it will have. Suddenly her life is changed forever as she is hurled into another world where nothing is familiar. Can a small quiet boy with the same wish help her find her place in this new world? Will she be able to get back to her normal life?
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Yeah i know a lot of people do the whole "new girl in town" thing but its more then that. Jojo is growing as a Who and nothing will be the same when everything changes.
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