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Hi :)

you can address me as SweetAmethyst or SA for short.

I used to be Lovelyshiningstar, but it was just a disguise. This man me shows me better!

I enjoy animes such as...

Ouran Highschool Host Club

Gakuen Alice

Maid Sama

Inuyasha (my first anime around age nine!)


Fruits Basket

Code Geass

Black Butler

i enjoy tv shows like...


Kickin It (Don't judge me .)

occasionally. Something else. ;P

I enjoy books like...

the hunger games

harry potter

Percy Jackson


I could go on for hours, but I'll leave it at that.

By the way, of your looking for one of my old stories, they're discontinued. If you want me to re-write one of them than tell me and I might. I think I'm going to write another similar story to the Percy Jackson one, I just feel like I killed it with my personality.

I've been writing for years, but poetry is my favorite. I don't write a lot of fan poetry and if I do I rarely post it. Keep in mind that a message might persuade me otherwise. ;)

I have made a transformation as a person and as a character. My heart is no longer the gold of fall luscious leaves; it is also not a dead black as so many have imagined. It isn't a neon pink and flashing, as my mood may sometimes suggest. It is beautiful clouds of amethyst with purple precipitation gathering on the navy blue shadowed grass. There is, however, a thin slice of a moon, appearing to be white, but actually being a rainbow of the most precise prism.

Am I luring you in as a reader now? Yes, my literary imagery is skillful at least, as you can tell. Be warned, I am not the sanest writer that you will read of, I might even be the most peculiar. Be ready to dive into crystalized lakes of imagination and insanity where you will meet me.

I will introduce myself with one of my best mediums. Music!

I listen to music ranging farther than colors range.

I love five finger death punch and BVB. (For those who don't know, they are punk/ metal)

But I also love Le Mis and Phantom. (Broadway musicals)

And I love glee. (Modern tv show that features old and new music)

Panic! At the disco

american pie

Cobra starship

taking chances

my chemical romance

and so on

For now, I am bored and must be back to my reading.

I dont like most repost things, so I wont bother with them, my might do a couple 12 character type things later though (bacause interactive ones are fun ;))

I must tell you that all of my stories have been taken off, due to either revision, or my disliking of my old writing. Also, my current Gakuen Alice Fic is about 15 thousand words in, yet I still have a far way to go. I'm not planning on posting it until I am completely finished with it.

that plan failed! Also, I'm going on a little hiatus. Or maybe a big one. I blame high school.

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