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Author has written 4 stories for Breath of Fire, Phantasy Star, and Care Bears.

About me: I love cats, I love every kind of cat. I want to hug them all, but I can't :(

I love writing. I love creating characters and stories for them. I need to branch out and write something that's totally my own, but until then I need to practice and make sure I really can finish something epic.



I'm a Monster Hunter now!

Listening: My cracked out playlist. I or my bf randomly update any of these. I don't know why he won't make his own account lol. Some is ambient stuff I write to, and a lot is fighting music to play while pvping/grinding in games.

Nothing! :(

3-30-15: Chapter 35 is done. It just needs to be proofread. It's a bit short, but I don't think you'll be disappointed. I apologize for falling off the face of the earth.

I've been pretty active on Nintendo's Miiverse lately and can finally link my profile to those without accounts on it so if you'd like to see more art than I put on Deviantart check here!

OMG I'm so excited we can make covers for our stories now! Pencil draft for the cover of Benevolent Monsters , please tell me what you think! I'm really not in love with my color version right now, and I think I might make a smaller, more simplified cover, since the thumbnails going to be so small anyways...

What I've got going on here:

Benevolent Monsters

My current baby. I wanted to take a stab at a darker sort of Breath of Fire based story. The characters are all my own (Ryu and Nina's personalities included) and it is set in my own BoF style world. There are references from the games, but all in all it is my own plot. Unfortunately, I don't want to make a summary here because it has a few twists I would rather the reader find out themselves, but I will say my Ryu is definitely different than Capcom has ever portrayed him in the past. Check it out, and make sure to review and give me any suggestions you can!

Of Dragons and Angels

My first fic. Like BM, it is an AU BoF fic I started about 9 years ago. Discontinued. Sorry, I don't have the time or interest for this. It's much, much too sappy for my taste now =( I guess if you want to read some Ryu/Nina fluff have at it!

Searching for the Light

Phantasy Star IV was my favorite game as a kid, and I've played through it so many times I can almost quote it word for word. This is basically a novelization of the game, with a few things added. Also would love to finish this, or actually start it over, or would really like someone else to take a try at it, because PS4 is a great game, and I always felt it deserved to be fleshed out.

The Darkest of Hearts

Dark Heart is sooo cool, and I wanted to write about him! Also wanted to try my hand at writing the Care Bears in Carealot without it looking ridiculous. I've had a few people messaging me to finish this...and I have to say while it would be fun to do so, I don't have the time to put into it. I want to keep it on the site, however, because I still like looking over it sometimes.

Other stuff:

If anyone reading this knows of one already existing or knows a person or IS THAT PERSON that can write a novelization of Breath of Fire V, I would read it and love you and love that person and be a really happy girl.

Check out my deviantart page, some of my art is from Benevolent Monsters. Others are random craziness like Sentinel making it rain on Dante :)

Thanks to anyone bored enough to read my stuff! My chapters are long =3

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Chapter 35: "What's the use blanketing anything for someone you love and share souls with?"
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