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Hello everyone!

Just call me Ega for more easy.

I like Putin-P Series, Vocaloid, and Homestuck!

I with Anonymous.Crystal were discuss this series in this forum :

My favorite creator is : Okame-P, and Putin-P

My Favorite pairing from Vocaloid:

Miku/Meiko x Kaito

Rin x Len (NOT INCEST)

Gumi x Dell

Mikuo x Rin

Ritsu x Tei

Galaco x Taito

Piko x Iroha

Hiyama x Gumi

Luka x Kamui

My Favourite pairing from Homestuck

Karkat x Terezi (KaRezi)

Jade x Dave(sprite) (JaVe)

Nepeta x Equius (NepQuius)

Aradia x Sollux (AraSol)

Kanaya x Rose (KanaSe)

John x Vriska (?)

Vriska x Tavros (VrisRos)

Feferi x Eridan (FeRidan)

My OC that will appear in A/N or maybe even in my story:


A half Demon that was living as Ega (me) reflection. The appearence was absolutely the same like Ega until people can't different him with Ega and mostly though he was a girl. Though he was a Demon, he was far more nicer than Ega his own master, and the fallen angel, Mia. His best friend was Haru and Hakurei. He have a crush on his own master. Weapon are chain saw. His ability as a Demon is make a mirror for a portal.


A fallen angel that was also Ega reflection. She was once corrupted by the darkness and almost become a demon if Akuru didn't help. Akuru give a new wings to Mia, and it was forced out her darkness. Later, the darkness will have a soul and it was named Mai. Because she was corrupted that day, she became a Yandere. There is a time she was really sweet and hyperactive, but she can become really scary when she was angry. She liked Akuru before she likes Honoo. Have some obsessive with Len until Akuru must always control her. Weapon are axe.


He was a Demon that adopted by Kiroi Lucifer. The evil and cruel way Kiroi Lucifer teach him how to become become a Lucifer like him make Hakurei broken and become a rebellion. In the final confrontation, Hakurei kill himself though he know he was an immortal. After he was jumping from the building, it began his first encounter with Akuru. Akuru that help him, soon become Hakurei best friend. But Hakurei envy him because always able to smile without fake it while he can't smile no matter how much try to smile from the heart. He was always able fake his smile in front of Akuru. In the end, can't stand with his envy and Kiroi promise to free him if he takes his friend wings, he pull out Akuru wings and attach it on his back. Know if take out Demon wings is same with kill him, Hakurei suddenly feel guilty because he has kill his one and only best friend. Broken once more, he was killing himself from the building in the same spot again. His wish for Akuru to live was granted with Akuru become Ega reflection. Though there is a time Hakurei and Akuru still fight, in the end, they become a friend again. And now, he was able to smile from his heart. He was in love with Mai. Before a Giant scythe, a metal pole. His ability as a Demon is create fire. Rival with Oshi.


He was a human that become a grim reaper. This could happen because he kill the person he hate after he die. It was impossible for a ghost to kill human so he must become a Grim Reaper to kill someone. Before he was become a Grim Reaper, He was thrown to Hell because his sins. After he become a Grim Reaper, he was rebelled and kill many Demons in hell. He become the first person that see Lucifer true face. Weapon was scythe. Rival was Hakurei.


She was the Fallen Angel that was created by Mia darkness. Though she was a fallen angel, she was far more soft and nicer than Mia. Weapon is unknown for now.

Kiroi Lucifer:

He was Lucifer in 110 generation. He was also Hakurei step father. His ability as a Demon is to control people with only a glare. That's why he was always cover his eyes. Though he was immortal, he still can go old and after he old, he will die.

Kuroi Lucifer:

He was the true Lucifer. There's a possibility there was a higher rank than him, but it was currently unknown. Because he was a true Lucifer, he was an immortal and never gets old. Because his face was too handsome, he change himself into an old man so no one will jealous with his face. But Oshi become the first person that see his handsome face. So Oshi always try to force Kuroi to reveal his true face. As a demon, his ability is to control darkness and such.


It was a living blob that can speak and it always follow order. Burcky was actually a food that Mia makes but coincidentally it become to life.

Craw Avesse :

My original Troll on Homestuck and AU. He is blue blood and loves ALL kind of birds. Especially crow. THough he was blue blood, he was well mannered and scaredy cat sometimes. His strife specibus is guitarkind. Title is Singer of Life (though maybe there will be some change). Quirk : AlwaRys adRd "R" whRen he tRalks especially whRen nRervous.

Raen Reggae:

Troll OC too. He was yellow lood yet don't have any psyhic power. Despite his name, he really love rap. Though he prefer reggae fashion. He is poker face. He SO LOVE NOODLES. Strife specibus is chopstickkind, fishingpolekind, and stringkind (Wait. Is this even possible? =o_o=) Title is Lancer of Mind. Quirk: doouble "oo".

This is not my OC, but I using it with their permission.


Created by Hetalia Sautoir (but call him Lightsworn Kit). A fanloid deriative from Len. A half angel that lost his wings because it was given to Mia. The God believe that he will be still able become a good angel, that is why God was choose him for take over his wings to Mia. He was a sarcastis type of Angel. He didn't afraid to tell the truth even it could hurt people. There was a time he can become really nice and calm pace. His first meeting with Akuru in Pane Dhiria mission have make them a best friend and take care of Akuru. His weapon are spear.

Leon Anderson:

Also by Hetalia Sautoir. Fanloid deriative from Oliver. He was a human like Ega between a Demon and Angel. He was a sweetheart type of person that makes everyone squeal when see him. He has a big brother named Oliver (Imagine Oliver the Engloid). His weapon is shovel.

Katsumi Tomoya:

Created by momokokoro-chan. Have nothing to do with the Demon and Angel character and story up there. Appear in The Adult World story. He was a guy with 4 personality. Energetic, leader, crazy, and wrath. He was a Leader of a Big murderer group without a name in whole corner of Japan. His ability was break a bone using his bare hand makes his bone is stronger than normal human and so people call him The Master of Bone breaker.

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