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my name is dominic yannick and I go by dominique, but the majority of people just call me domini since dominique is actually my sisters name. it's quite confusing. anyway.

i have been accused of being a hipster, but i viciously deny that accusation.

i have also been accused of thinking i'm better than everyone else, and i deny that, as well.

despite the lowercase thing, i'm actually very strict about grammar. especially you're versus your. i will never get over the fact that people even mix those up. how? it's so simple, it's just so simple.

my interests include: adventure time, classic novels, eisley, flapjack, glee, horror novels, manga, mcr, paranormal romance, playing with cats, rhianna, royksopp, teen titans, the justice league, the it crowd and young justice. i'm quite a dc and marvel nerd, actually.

my hobbies include: playing with cats, trying not to oogle really cute nerds, typing in all lowercase letters, you know, general things.

and no, in case you're worried, in my writing i do not do the all lowercase letters thing. that would be stupid.

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Summary: Robin has an asthma attack.

(Written for a prompt on the Young Justice Anon Meme. Not mine, but I was given permission by the author to put it up.)

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This is what I think Tetsuo would have wanted to say before he turned into a universe.
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