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Hi y'all!

I love Country music, reading, sweet tea, writing, and sittin by a lake and writing more (with some biscuits too)!

If ya haven't noticed I'm Southern by now... Um... Well, please forgive my grammar and not so awesome sentence structure, they aren't the best, but still please bear with me. And addressing everyone's works I review, I'm just trying to give my ideas on what can be better, as well as my own opinion, which will differ from time-to-time.

Thanks and Have a Wonderful Day (with a little bit of sweet tea to wash it down with).


Everyone, I will be taking a writing hiatus. I need to cathc up on school-work and I will hopefully be back in October (10th-15th). Thank you for understanding!

Best wishes,



And addressing all of my fanfics. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THE BOOKS, MOVIES, TV SHOWS, GAMES, PLAYS, CARTOONS, or things of that nature (I wish I did own the series; however, as a wise person put it, "All my ideas were taken by the ancients."). I do own my original characters and the majority of the plots. If I don't have any characters that were mentioned in the media, then I just don't own the characters and either ship, have been challenged to, or just enjoy writing about them. I also do not own the profile pictures I have; they belong to others who took their time and effort to make it happen. So a big thank you to you!

Also: I am on www.fictionpress.com same username and such.

One of my favorite quotes:

your money,

your singleness,



your time,

they were loaned to you to show that Christ is DIVINE,

that's why it's Christ in my rhymes,

that's why it's Christ all the time,

See my whole world is built around him,

He's the life in my lines,

I refuse to waste my life.

-Don't Waste Your Life Lecrae

Favorite Movies/ TV shows:

The Avengers

The Pirates of the Caribbean

Once Upon a Time

The Bourne movies


The Beauty and the Beast

(Some of) Total Drama...

Favorite Authors:

Emily Dickinson


Michael Buckley

Rick Riordan

Favorite Musicians:

Britt Nicole



Casting Crowns

Tenth Avenue North



Carrie Underwood

Taylor Swift

Brad Paisley

Darius Rucker

and many more...

Some more quotes...

"I plan on living forever. So far, so good. -Steven Wright

"I buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me." -Warren Buffet

"We were made to be courageous,
We were made to lead the way,
We could be the generation that finally breaks the chains,
We were made to be courageous,

We were made to be courageous,
and were taking back the fight.
We were made to be courageous,
and it starts with us tonight.
The only way we'll ever stand,
is on our knees with lifted hands.
Make us courageous."

-Courageous, Casting Crowns

An Ambassador of Christ

Memories reviews
Memories allow us to see into the previous lives of everyone we have and will meet. Including ourselves, so it is more than fitting that belle and Rumpelstiltskin ought to have them.
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