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Hi there! I'm LunaEvenstar. At press time, I am 18 years old. I absolutely love to write and have been doing so for most of my life. People keep telling me that I should publish a book, but all of my attempts to write one have failed due to lack of patience, lack of time, and simply not knowing where the plot is going. (Rhyme! I like poetry too, just so you know. And that was completely unintentional.) Anyway, this is why I've decided to give fanfiction a shot. I figure that, at the very least, I'll get some valuable writing practice.

This is a video I made as a tribute to the women of LOTR. I just thought the song fit them perfectly.

Another LOTR tribute, this time set to "Life in Technicolor II" by Coldplay. This one is a bit of a tearjerker...


My thoughts on Tolkien, fanfic, and feminism

I do not believe Tolkien was a sexist. However, many (not all, mind you, but a lot) of the so-called purists only object to changes in the Jackson films that involve expanding the roles of the few female characters. One excellent article pointed out that the same fanboys who complained that Arwen's part in the Flight to the Ford "ruined" the first movie were perfectly happy when Legolas, who was a fairly minor character in the third book, performed a ridiculous stunt in which he took down an Oliphaunt and everyone on it. This is one reason I've chosen Arwen as the protagonist of my first fic and also the reason why I've set it in the movie-verse.

The phenomenon that I find truly disturbing, though, is "fangirl misogyny", a term for an unwarranted attack on a female character by a woman. LOTR is one of the most frequent victims of this precisely because its female:male character ratio is indisputably tiny. Some of the most common instances I've seen, which I will now counter as best I can, include the following:

When WOMEN say that Arwen's presence ruined the movies- People forget that books and movies are completely different media. Even "minor" book characters usually need to be played up in cinema. Tolkien could get away with mentioning her just a few times in passing because he knew that readers who asked "Wait, who was she again?" could always refer to the appendices or reread a chapter. Sure, movies have IMDb, but if you're going to go to the trouble of bringing a character to life on screen, you need to make that person memorable. I think the way Jackson decided to introduce Arwen was perfect, and anyone who disagrees is free to remake the LOTR films.

On that same note, I have my suspicions that some of these women only miss Glorfindel (who, by the way, was actually mentioned fewer times in the books than Arwen was) in the movies because they were hoping for another "sexy" elf to drool over. Personally, I think Liv Tyler is hot enough to appeal to all genders.

Any attack on Éowyn- Good grief! So Tolkien creates this courageous, assertive woman who surprises all the dudes with her battle skills. And what do some female fans decide to do? They attack her for the stupidest reasons and try to downplay her importance. I'm going to have to go piece by piece on this.

(read in whiny voice)

"She's a slut who tried to steal Aragorn from Arwen!"- This is neither true in the books nor in the films. In the books, she didn't know Aragorn was engaged, and when she did find out, she was embarrassed about her earlier behavior. In the movies, she knew of Arwen's existence but believed (as did Aragorn for a while) that she was out of the picture, courtesy of a ship going West. Also, for those who say that she was stupid for being so infatuated: have YOU ever felt truly in love with someone who didn't reciprocate? It is DEVASTATING. Which brings me to the next topic...

"She wasn't being brave, just suicidal."- Éowyn was quite obviously suffering from depression. The fact that she found the will to live after everything she'd been through tells me that she was one of the bravest characters in the story. And she was truly scared when she faced the Witch-King but decided to fight anyway. That is the very definition of courage.

"It was Merry who killed the Witch-King, not Éowyn!"- Yes, it was Merry's sword that made the wraith mortal. But there's no freaking way Merry would have gotten close enough to stab him if Éowyn hadn't single-handedly taken down the fell-beast and then kept the Witch-King distracted long enough for Merry to sneak up from behind. They worked as a team and deserve equal credit. I have no clue why any woman would want to downplay the role of the sole mentioned female fighter in the story.

Notice the word "mentioned"? Maybe Tolkien himself imagined other Sweet Polly Oliver types on the battlefield and he just chose to describe the one who was relevant to the main plot. It is not blasphemous to upgrade the roles of women in adaptations just because the author didn't specifically say they were supposed to be there. This definitely applies to the latest Jackson-related fangirl misogynist complaint concerning Tauriel, an Elvish warrior who appears in the Hobbit trilogy. Seriously. It's not like they're using her as a substitute for Thorin.

General thoughts on fanfic

-I love well-written slash (especially Merry/Pippin. I don't know why, but those two have wonderful chemistry, like Na and Cl.) I believe that love is beautiful in all its forms. However, MPREG weirds me out a bit unless the guy is a seahorse. (Although when I was an early tween, I learned from "The Fairly Oddparents" that male fairies are, in fact, the ones who get pregnant.)

-I find it highly amusing when flamers have terrible spelling and grammar.

-The whole point of fanfic is to create your own stories within a made-up universe, not to blatantly copy the style of the creator. If you feel the desire to make a character based on yourself, that's totally fine. I only dislike Sues if they're extremely obnoxious or if the author simply cannot write well.

Stuff other than fanfic

Cats or dogs? Cats. I think dogs are sweet and all, but I've had cats my whole life and there's just a soft spot in my heart for the sound of purring.

Country or city? City. Again, the other option has its charms. I happen to be a night owl, though, so my circadian rhythm is better suited for a bustling metropolis.

Coke or Pepsi? Dr. Pepper. It's a tie between the other two.

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