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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto, Harry Potter, and Fate/stay night.

Okay, first things first. Been really busy with school and other things, so I haven't had much time to write. I've also had problems with FFN itself. If you've sent me a PM anytime in the past eight months or so, then I haven't seen it. I also haven't received any of the favorite/follow emails or any notifications of reviews. So, I apologize for my lack of communication.

As for updates, well, as I said, I've been pretty busy. I've been trying to get the next chapter of Sunlight Chakra out, but, frankly, it doesn't seem to want to come together. The next chapter is one of the most important in the whole story, as it sets the tone for everything else, but I haven't been able to get it together. Then there was Kishimoto's complete ruining of Naruto, and I've kind of lost interest in Naruto for the moment. I'll probably write some crossovers with it in the future, and I don't want to give up on my stories, but right now, I'm too annoyed with the series to keep reading it, let alone writing it. If I were to write any more soon, it'd probably be something like Nightmare Star, which smashes canon to pieces, then sets the pieces on fire.

Fanfic Rules:

1. I will NEVER write Yaoi/Slash/MxM/etc.

You're welcome to like it all you want. But people need to stop flooding the site with it, especially when it doesn't make sense. Harry Potter is not gay. Naruto is not gay. Deal with it.

Upcoming Stories/Story Ideas section

SAO: Black Victory - Sword Art Online


With a single unexpected strike, the course of the death game shifts. When Kirito manages to win his first duel with Heathcliff, Kayaba’s identity is revealed to all. With their best hope for clearing the game now revealed to be an enemy, the players of SAO turn to Kirito, forcing the Black Swordsman to take the reins.


Basically, the concept here is basically Kirito managing to out Heathcliff as Kayaba in their first duel, evading the system assist in their duel. This whole story would deal, more than a little, with the mindset of a death game (considering that I'm no expert on psychology or being in a death game, I'll have to deal with what I think people would do). Considering that Heathcliff was considered to be one of the strongest players in the game, not to mention the leader of one of the strongest guilds, what would happen if he was revealed to be a traitor to everyone? There would be panic, obviously, and a lot of new conflicts. However, if there happened to be someone there to fill the void that he left behind? Perhaps, say, a black-clad dual-bladed swordsman? My opinions on this show are a bit uncommon, but overall, I liked it enough to consider writing a story about it. I suppose that we'll see if it goes anywhere.

F/Zero: Final Order - Fate/Zero


What happens when Tokiomi Tohsaka, in that last second of life when he realizes what happened, orders Gilgamesh to avenge him? With Kirei dead, how will the Grail War play out?


While watching the Fate/Zero anime again recently, I came up with this idea. If Tokiomi had just enough time to use his command seal to issue one last order Gilgamesh, the golden servant would obviously have no trouble dealing with Kirei. But what would happen after that? Kirei pretty much orchestrates everything else that happens after that. It's going to take a lot of thought to figure this one out, but I figured that I'd put it on here anyway.

Heavens Aflame- Madoka Magica/Bleach


Just before her Soul Gem could shatter, a Shinigami performed a Soul Burial on Homura. Now alone in a new world and uncertain of her future, she must learn to deal with her new future And with that power, she encounters an old friend. HomuraxMadoka, obviously.


Just watched Madoka Magica and loved it. I want to write a story about it, but, frankly, it ended rather well, in a way that I'd rather not tamper with. I haven't watched Rebellion, mostly because I don't want to risk the ending changing to something I dislike, which happens all too often. I thought about just making it a Madoka only story, but I'd rather not deal with all of the OCs I'd have to make. So, I put some thought into it. I haven't made a Bleach story yet (though I do have a few ideas for another one), so I thought that I might as well cross MM with it, though I might think of something better. The idea for this story is that Homura was waiting for her reunion with Madoka (when she finally died). In a massive battle with a horde of wraiths, Homura finally used up all of her power. Then, right before her soul gem finally shattered, a Shinigami Konso'd her. Now she's in Soul Society, and rather pissed off. She's still not a normal spirit, obviously. Her soul was turned into a soul gem. Her body is formed around her soul gem, and can easily regenerate as long as she's got power. Instead of Kido and a zanpakuto, or hollow powers, she's got her time magic (though it's less effective, since she can't use most weapons against hollows and shinigami as much more than distractions), her magic shield and a variety of bow based attacks. Madoka will be appearing.



All I have to say about JKR is that she is an incredibly creative person. She created a world that is wonderfully entertaining, with a huge number of possibilities. Her overall plot isn't terrible either. Unfortunately, her execution is mediocre at best. There are plotholes throughout the series, and many pieces of the story just don't make sense. Overall, I think she had a great idea, but she couldn't make it as great as it should have been. Ginny, for example. I think I could have liked her, had JKR written her right. As it stands, she's an utterly minor character, who has far more importance than she should have had. The Hermione and Ron relationship makes little to no sense with the way it was written. Another plot hole was the horcrux in Harry's scar. If he had his mother's protection, then how did the horcrux manage to attach itself to him? I could go on, but I won't.


Kishimoto is similar to JKR in that he created a great world that has a lot of potential. He went a step further and created a great first series. With Shippuden, however, everything went downhill. Shippuden does have its upsides, but, as a whole, it was a serious downturn in quality. The biggest problem is, of course, the utterly worthless 'counterpart' to Naruto, Sasuke. Kishimoto seems to be a Sasuke fanboy. Far too much of the series is focused on the one dimensional puppet Uchiha. I can't consider him a character with real goals or a personality, as he seems to change his opinions every few chapters, whenever someone tells him a good enough story. As I have nothing but disgust for him, I do what I can to skip those portions that he's in, which is far more of the story than it should be, considering the story is named Naruto. What's more, the Deus Ex Machina Sharingan keep getting more and more abilities. It doesn't even make sense anymore. I lost most of my interest in the series a while back, and the current way it's going has almost completely ruined it for me. It was bad before, but now I really just want it to stop.

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