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Hello all. This is me. You may address me as flower or moon or moon-flower or any such variation of my pen name that you see fit. I'm not really picky. Let's see, about me...I'm a female teenager in my junior year of high school in the U.S. I have wonderful friends who all think I'm "completely off my rocker, but sweet, so I guess that's makes up for it," as my best friend once said. I have a wonderful boyfriend, who shall be dubbed "suga" from this point onward, at least to whoever sees fit to actually read my vague ramblings. Anyhoo, that's about it on this topic. (didI actually have a topic for this?)

What I like to read and what I (might eventually) write:

Harry Potter

Teen Titans


Lord of the Rings

Harry Potter Pairings:

Harry/Ginny- absolutely adore this one

Ron/Hermione- well duh, isn't it obvious? its going to happen, don't see why some ppl don't see this.

Remus/Tonks- this I like, even though I somehow doubt J.K.Rowling will write it

Harry/Hermione- ewww. that's all I have to say

Anything slash- look,I don't haveI problem with it personally, but sinceI don't think it'll ever happen in the books, I don't like to read it.

About my stories:

Look,I started both of these stories before OotP came out, butI posted them anyways because I thought I could make it work, but I'm no longer sure. In any case, they are both under major revision, if not just waiting to be deleted altogether. I'll do what I can to save them, but it'll take me a while, as I have school and track and band and choir and church and who knows what else.

Well, that's about it. Check out my favorites for some really good stories and authors.



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