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Hello everyone!

about me:

My name is Maaike.

I'm a huge lord of the rings fan, I've read the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion and have seen the films.

So I've just finished my second story 'meetings in grief' -thanks for all the wonderful and helpful reviews- and I'm currently working on a new story called 'the captain of the southern border.' It will however still take quite long before I will publish this story. I've decided to first write it completely before publishing it here, because I can update much more regularly then writing it while updating.

Characters (in Meetings in grief):

How I interpret them and how I will use them in some of my stories.

Elrond: Lord of Imladris, an elf with a lot power. A great healer and a great father. His family is very valuable to him and one of the only ways to anger him is to touch his family. He has dark hairs and grey eyes.

Elladan: Eldest son of Elrond, twin of Elrohir. He possesses the famous temper of the Noldor and is very protective of his family. He has dark hairs and grey eyes, like his father. He is a good warrior, trained by Glorfindel himself, and a good healer.

Elrohir: Second son of Elrond, twin of Elladan. He is not quick to anger but if he is, one should not be close. He is very protective of his twin and the rest of the family. He is the mirror image of Elladan and is also a good warrior and a good healer.

Glorfindel: The famous Balrog slayer and captain of the guard of Imladris. He is a great warrior and taught all of Elrond's childeren. He is also an adivisor and a good friend to Elrond. His best friend in Imladris is the librarian Erestor. He has blonde hair and he is very tall.

Erestor: The librarian of Imladris. His talents lay by diplomatic, paper work and the written word. Do not destroy his books for it will make him VERY angry. He is also a close friend to Elrond and an advisor. He has black hair and is not so tall.

Thranduil: King of the Mirkwood realm and father of Legolas. His hair is blonde and his eyes are dark grey. He is a good but (sometimes too) stern father. He demands much from himself and the ones close to him. He possesses the famous 'wrath of the king' and no one dares to cross him when it flares up. He has a love for jewels but no jewel in the whole of Arda could be more valuable than his son. He would go through fire for his Legolas.

Legolas:Son of Thranduil and crown prince of Mirkwood. He despites sitting in a meeting with the many advisors of Thranduil or leading boring negotiations. Because the shadow over Mirkwood he has been taught how to fight and survive before he could even wander around. He is very skilled with the bow and his twin blades. He has golden hairs and blue eyes.

About elven age:

my view on elven age

It is quit hard to define an elf's age. In one of my fic's Elladan, Elrohir and Legolas are still children. The problem with elflings is that they can act younger than their age because they have all time to become an adult but they can also act older than their age because they have experienced more things. I tried to let the elflings act as I think they would and hope that you all agree with my view!

Enough rambling... I hope you all like my fic's so enjoy reading them!

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