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Personal Profile...

Real Name.. According to fanfiction, I shouldn't tell anyone on my profile.

Pen Name.. Termony Karistis. But anyone can call me Teri, Termone, or ... Moni, or... Ter. Or... Ristis, Ris, or Karistis... :)

Origins of Pen Name... Termony comes from Harmony. Just replace Ha with Te. Karistis was when I was playing with the sounds and got it. I thought it was cute.

Gender.. Female

Birthday.. According to fanfiction, I shouldn't tell anyone on my profile.

Astrological Sign.. Aries

Personality.. I guess... Kinda like an Aries but a little bit more quiet.

Like & Dislike.. I don't have a strong preference for anything pretty much. I mean it.

Hobby.. Writing.

Favourite emoticon expression.. =.= (It's cute.)

Up coming project.. 'Worldly Destruction' 一個同人小説,關於《封神榜》。名字還沒有好好想好。大概就是Worldly Destruction,based on the stories of 封神榜。I won't write better than the original. 三千字。

Hope & Dream.. I don't really know...

Favourite song.. No idea

Favourite food.. anything cooked.

Favourite drink.. smoothies

My account on Fiction Press.. Same Pen Name as Fanfiction Webpage: https://www.fictionpress.com/~termonykaristis

My account name on DeviantArt.. Termony

-transition to something else-

Comments on my finished stories...

この痛み (This Pain)

-I...wrote this as an attempt to get over some of my personal struggles. To me, at that time, life was like...paying for "the price for the living in an era like this." In a world of uncertainty and sadness, losing of those things precious to us and without knowing what really will come...I think, is how we are, on the basis of survival.


-This is...another attempt for me to get over some of my personal struggle. I witnessed many things...and those things were getting to me, and so...I wrote this, so I can get over it. I feel for Fllay. She is somewhat like me, both emotional. Anyway, I had fun. Catharsis.

Her Existence

-What is life? That was my question for this story. It's funny, to be honest, in a sad way, I guess. I think...this is the sadness of existence. There are things you cannot do, and wishes you truly want to become reality. Yuuko, I think, is feeling. This feeling of powerlessness...is really haunting.

Air Plane Mode

-The...irony of life. Air Plane Mode, is about...Shinn losing contact, but somehow making contact. It's a weird story. I basically remade it according to the anime, and I found that it's not enough, so I added in about talking about being a soldier. I think...the fact that Shinn killed Todaka has something to do with the fact that they are soldiers. They fought for their own side, and... they each carries their own ideal. The irony is that life is just so unexpected, and sometimes tragic because of that. To me, this is just sad. So very sad.

Teach me the meaning of Sadness

-It's more real, I guess, because I added more details. I don't really remember everything I intended for this fanfic, so...not much can be commented, but it's pretty much the same thing with Fllay, and so...read above please.


-It's about how I feel about life. Sometimes...I really really really want much much much much more than what I have now. And so I thought, is it really necessary? Maybe, I can just settle down with what's here, instead of what's "beyond," because...what is beyond? I don't think it's something we can actually find. What is beyond is...unknown, and we can only know what we know.


-H.O.P.E. is about... Athrun and Luna. It's a story about true love, I guess. I never really thought about it. I just thought: how can I make a story for them to be them and with each other, and so this story comes up. Everything is a lot like like GS/D and because I intended for it not to be AU but in CE. At that time, in 2006, I didn't like writing AU, that's why. I actually wanted them to be in CE, but somehow it just didn't seem possible, and so I put them in AU but in a world a lot like CE.


-The suffocating sadness. If "I" lose my breath, would regaining it help me regain happiness? That was what I meant.

Sunny Days

-I guess...is...in that cave, it's always sunny, and there was never night. Imagine, it is an artificial environment, would it be scary to be in it? From Fllay and Dearka's experience, it's...horrifying. So, Sunny days describes their existence in that place. It's kinda scary. Though...it's always sunny though. And the turtles are slow, but...it's kinda hard to tell what they can eat and stuff.

Something with Love

-That's a story about...teenage love, from my perspective. Just for to let people know, I wasn't like that when I was young. Ermmmmm... Yeah. All I can say is...I felt really happy when I was writing this story, and hopefully, the ones reading the chapters think so too. :)

Chobits and Chi

- "Chobits and Chi" is not the original title of this story. In fact, not "chobits.~chi" either. It is "chobits.chi". The new titles are okay, but it's because the website doesn't allow this formatting, so instead of the chobits.chi title, we get the other two, but chobits.chi is also a title. The story has three titles.

-I initially wanted to write about two boys changing the ending of Chobits instead in a story I planned on uploading to FictionPress. But instead, I wrote some original fairy tales for the boys to change. The story is called "Original Story". Anyway, I... feel sad about how Chobits ended. I wanted a different ending. This ending is just too sad. At least from my point of view. Knowing that the person you love will always be different, and that there is an unreachable gap between you two. It's just sad. And so I made this story a little bit more sci-fi than my other stories. I wanted a sad but beautiful story. I hope this is good enough, I guess. Thanks for reading :)

Chobits Dot Freya

-I was thinking about changing Chobits and Chi to Chobits Dot Chi, but I decided the name is better unchanged. Because... I feel lazy and I named it already. There really is no point. Anyway, better talk about Chobits Dot Freya.

-I want to give Freya a happy ending instead of a fading consciousness in Chi's hardware. Her life seems too tragic for her. I mean... We've, I've, been doing things I'm not supposed to do. I have been stubborn on things. My emotions went wild. But... ultimately, is it that wrong? That was my question. Besides, I have a darker side. Everyone is like that I heard. So... this story came to be. I really wish that Freya could open her eyes and see around her. She's a robot in Chobits. Ichirou is not her actual father. And... I think she shouldn't be that emotional. Ultimately... that's just how I see it. And so Chobits Dot Freya. Throughout rereading Chobits, I wish she would come out from Chi and become herself again.

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Gundam Seed - Rated: T - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 514 - Published: 3/21/2015 - Athrun Z., Kira Y. - Complete
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