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"What's important is not the character of a place... rather, the characters in the place." -Plato

And, with that, welcome to my profile!

I like to write and read fics that are from the point of view of the Pokémon themselves - our dear old human race bores me to death. Besides, Pokémon like Absol have such interesting back stories, and OCs are always very interesting.

My Pokésona is either going to be the silver Flygon, Virus, or Swift, the Weavile. It will most likely be Swift, since she has a more interesting backstory/is easier to write about.

My favorite Pokémon list?

10. Pidgeot
9. Grovyle (mostly because of Time/Darkness/Sky)
8. Scyther
7. Azurill
6. Articuno
5. Flaaffy
4. Pidgeot
π. Bounce Magikarpz. :I
3. Weavile
2. Luxio
1. Staraptor

I really like unevolved Pokémon... xD

My spirit Pokémon is Croconaw, and my spirit legendary is Articuno (which immediately brought it up to a high spot on my favorites list.)

Because my Pokésona is a Luxio nicknamed Bloo, my pen name had to change.
My deviantART account name is xSterlingSilver... after Ster, of course. xD

Current Stories

Heart of the Storm: An impulsive young Shinx manages to escape from his cruel tribe, but at the cost of his mother's life. He arrives in a strange place where he is not despised and shunned for his strange parentage. Yet while he forges a new life there alongside a new ally, a friendly Charmander, old enemies lurk in the shadows, waiting to strike again.

Status: In Progress

Soul of a Warrior: The forces of darkness and light clash in their biggest struggle for supremacy yet, upsetting the mortal world below. Matter, time, and even minds have become distorted, and nothing is safe. Yet, while the gods wage a deadly war far above, a half-wild Starly sleeps in a mystery dungeon - while an Growlithe longing for adventure creeps closer, unaware of the perilous destiny that awaits them.

Status: Brainstorming; sequel to Heart of the Storm

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