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Author has written 10 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon, Star Wars, Naruto, and Kantai Collection.

Name oh no, I am not making it easy for those internet stalkers.

Gender: male

Age: does it matter?

There really isn't that much to say about me. I like multiple different Fandom's, but I can't write about them all. I like country music, Nightcore remixes, a few rock songs and anything by Crush 40.

August 17 2015: I am currently in college, while it is my town, there is a LOT of homework. Does this mean I won't be able to post new content? No, it doesn't. I will still try and post content when I get the time/motivation, but third semester of college AND an eventual part time job will take up a lot of my free time. I make no promises about when I will post, how much I will post or even that I will be able to post within the next month or two. But I will be posting content, eventually...

My FanFiction Forums:

Favorite Games: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Star Wars the Force Unleashed one and two, Kingdom Hearts series, The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion and V Skyrim, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm series and some of the earlier CoD games like MW2 and Black Ops one. I will play most any game that looks fun. Except those games that have adult (Sexual) themes in them. I personally don't like those kind of games anyway.

OC's: All my main OC's will be named after my profile, so if you see an OC named Tyber, it's me. If you want to use one of my OC's just PM me. I'm also decent at creating OC's, so if you want me to make an OC for you, or if you just want an idea for an OC, feel free to PM me.

Alternate names/accounts: I won't post these directly, but I will provide PS3, Steam and League of Legends names upon request.

On reviews I post or on silent follows: When I review, it can mean a few things. If it's long, that means I really liked the story or I had multiple points I wanted to make clear. If it's short, it means that although I liked the story, there wasn't much for me to say. Which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

If I follow a story but don't review, it can have a few things. It could mean that I just want to keep an eye on it, that I liked it, but had nothing to add or that I'd rather not say either something that I liked or didn't like but don't want 'publicly' known. Also, if I write a long glowing review, it's probably on the fast track to my favorites list next time it's updated. I'm also pretty random, so expect my longer reviews to deviate from my point a few times.

Another thing: I may say something that, on the surface at least, looks offensive. At times I'm pretty critical, and when I write reviews that trait is highlighted. So if I say something that seems mean, overly negative, completely offensive or just plain rude, tell me. I don't mean to sound like that. I'm generally a pretty upbeat and overall kind guy. Again, if I say something that doesn't sound right please tell me. I'll clarify whatever I said or apologize for it.

To "Critics Untied", "Eliminators" and any other group out there "enforcing" the rules: Look, I respect what you're doing. But I'm not thrilled with how you're going about doing it. For example, I posted a story that broke the rules, I didn't realize it, but the way your member worded his review made it sound like I was trying to 'sneak one by the mods'.

It was a list of ideas, which breaks the rules, and I took it down to make you guys happy. Said story was my last resort, seeing as how I bet very few people ever actually see my profile, a forum is very hit or miss due to the fact there are maybe three or four active forums for that genre. A story was the only option that ensured it would be found, but that idea apparently breaks the rules. As it turns out, the forum I created for it, has had 4 visitors as of June 28 2014, great... So did I end up following the rules? Yes. Did it piss me off? My rant kinda says that. Oddly enough, I didn't plan on leaving it up for very long, just long enough that I had two or three people using the ideas. Once I had enough people using the ideas, I would create a forum with them listed and tel everyone that they will be posted there from now on. But you guys accelerated my timetable, by about three weeks.

As I said earlier, I respect what you guys are doing, some stories are breaking the rules and not caring. But could you at least offer an alternative to what we're doing? Something specific, not simply: "This belongs on a forum or profile". That really sounds like you just want us to follow the rules and if the rules make it so we're in a Catch 22, oh well. Suffer. On a side note, some of us actually don't know/realize we've broken the rules, so could you verify that we're not being malicious, we just don't/didn't know we're breaking the rules?

Favorite couples from games and anime:

First up is Sonic

1) Sonic and Amy (If I need to explain it, you need to play more Sonic games.)

2) Shadow and Maria (I love this couple; this is the one couple that if I see a fanfic about it I will read it.)

3) Knuckles and Rouge (Do I really need to explain it?)

4) Tails and Cream (I like this one a lot, mainly because this is the only Tails couple I support.)

5) Silver and Blaze (Why not?)

6) Any OC x OC and any OC x Real character (Why? Because you can alter an OC however you want in order to make them work with the Real character.)

Next up is Kingdom Hearts

1) Sora and Kairi (Like Sonic and Amy, this one is obvious.)

2) Roxas and Namine (The inverse of the originals.)

3) Roxas and Xion (Play 358/2 days and tell me you don't agree.)

4) Ventus and Aqua (I'll get slammed for it, but I don't care. I like this couple.)

5) Roxas and Namine and Xion (Um, I'm personally against multiple person relationships. But, this is fiction and I can't decide between the two sometimes.)

Pokemon is next

1) Ash and most of the female cast (Chalk up another up to my inability to make a decision. I like most of the female cast, so yeah.)

That's it for that series...

The next series is Naruto

1) Naruto x most of the female cast. But most notably: Hinata, Ino and in the right circumstances Shizune, Anko or Yugao (Yeah, I know. But I can make a case for a good portion of the female cast.)

2) Sasuke and Sakura (They deserve each other... I'll elaborate in a PM if you're that desperate to know.)

Now for the ones I can't stand. These will be in the same order as the above

1) Any yaoi or yuri (Any series. I'm not sure which I'll catch more flak for. This one, or the Naruto one. I'm just personally against the lifestyle.)

2) Sonic and anyone but Amy or Blaze (Sonic)

3) Shadow and anyone but Maria or Rouge (Sonic)

4) Sora and any girl other than Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) Just to note, I'm not as solid with this one, I still think some other Sora x female characters are good, but SoKai comes first. Full stop.

Vanitas and Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

5) Naruto and Sakura (Naruto) I know I'm going to catch a couple metric tons of flak for this, but I need to say it. I loved Naruto and Sakura for a long time. But, what happened in Iron Country, in my mind it showed her true colors. I may move her off this list eventually, but not for a LONG time. Not to say I won't read NaruSaku, but it's no longer something I'd actively seek anymore. I'm not sure if/when that will change.

Naruto characters I don't mind being bashed

1) Sasuke. I'm sorry, but this guy is too easy of a target. Let's list off some of his problems shall we?

Power hungry. We all know this, and it's obvious. I mean, how many times did he get stronger much faster than anyone else (another point of contention for me) and yet he still wants even more.

Inferiority complex mixed with a Superiority complex. For some reason, these aren't mutually exclusive. On one hand, Sasuke hates being weaker than anyone, I mean during the Bell Test he took on Kakashi fully expecting to win. And again with Itatchi during the Tsunade Retrieval Arc, and the only new attack he knew was the Chidori, and he hadn't even mastered it. And each time, he fully expected to not only win, but to dominate. How does anyone think this is ok? And as shown by the beginning of the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, when it's shown that the Rasengan is stronger than the Chidori, he goes ballistic. And he thinks that Naruto's power should be his, and why has the "Loser" been growing stronger faster than him? I mean, during the Tsunade Arc he tried to fight Itatchi. S-Rank missing nin. S rank is basically Kage level. He tried to fight a person who's basically a Kage, and expected to win. Right...

Arrogant. Do I even need to explain this one? I do? Oh well. The best example is after he meets Tobi (Obito) and learn that the Elders of the Leaf were the ones who ordered the Uchiha Massacre. His reaction is understandable, I mean, I don't blame him for wanting to hurt the Leaf Elders. But here's where I get confused. He doesn't want just the Elders dead. Oh no, he wants the ENTIRE Leaf Village wiped off the map. To him, a child born after the Massacre is just as guilty as the Elders who ordered it. I personally think he's a sociopath, but if ANYONE thinks they can explain this without saying that "He's just in pain!" or "How dare I like bashing Sasuke!" or even "It was because of Itatchi!" or better yet "Why do I hate Sasuke?" than go right ahead and try. Just don't say it's the Curse Mark, that hasn't been active since he fought Itatchi.

2) Sakura. She seem to be a cross between the average Tsundere and a girl who does nothing but toy with someone's emotions simply to feel better about herself. If you bash her, then thank you. That means you saw what she is underneath the exterior that everyone believes.

3) Hinata. Why is she on the list? One reason. She never approached Naruto. Ever. One story put it perfectly. I haven't read it in a while and have forgotten the exact wording, but it's something like this: "You saw what was happening to me, yet you did nothing. Do you know how much it would have meant to me if you had even had just said hello? I was alone, and yet you did nothing." I'm sorry, but cheering silently from afar does nothing. I really like Hinata, and I love NaruHina. But, that's the one problem I have with her. I know she's shy and insecure, I get that. But if her courage that came from her watching Naruto isn't even to even attempt to make his life better at all, why does she even bother?

4)Hiruzen Sarutobi. Wow, for the God of Shinobi he's an idiot and a wimp. "Let's tell the village that just got decimated that a defenseless baby, specifically this baby, holds the thing that just decimated said village." I'm sure that won't backfire. Not only that, do you really trust the civilians that much?

"I'm going to keep the knowledge as to why this six year old boy is hated from him, while also telling him that he's not allowed to know who his parents are. I'm also going to make sure none of the Jonin or higher rank people know who the parents are, and I'll ensure that no one who would care knows who the parents are as well. Just to protect him and make sure he lives a normal life. I'm sure that won't mess him up at all, right?" Hiruzen, you're an idiot.

I honestly think he's someone who's seen too much. He's too afraid of rocking the boat that he'd do anything to ensure that the "peace" is kept.

5) Minato. Oh Minato, you're such an easy target. you sealed the Nine Tails into Naruto. Granted, you weren't happy with the choice, but you also seemed a little too ready to sacrifice him. Also, why did split the chakra in half? Kushina held it for YEARS and it wasn't an issue. Why not seal the entire thing an NOT have to use the Reaper Death Seal and then flash all three of you to a hospital so Kushina could have a chance of surviving? Sorry Minato, you're a good guy, but you're also a very easy target for bashing.

6) Most of the Jonin. Are you guys BLIND! I really mean that. Are. You. Blind. Could you not see the resemblance between Naruto and Minato? If you did, then why didn't you do something about it?! If you didn't, you're blind.

7) Danzo. Wow. Kishi must have been drunk when he made this guy. I'm all for ultra-nationalistic characters, they have a lot potential. Same for the Anti-Hero role. But Danzo, yes everything he did was for the "Leaf", but he caused a good size chunk of the problems that Naruto has to deal with, such as the Akatsuki, the Uchiha Massacre and to an extent Orochimaru. I seem to remember him also having dealings with Tobi, but I could be wrong. So yeah, this guy is such an easy target for bashing.

8) The "Council". I know the one that people bash (Civilian Council) is a Fan Fiction creation, but even the real one can still be bashed. But I'm not going to mention the real one, because that one is a bit harder to nail down how it works. But if you have a Civilian Council, bash them. They deserve it.

If you want to discuss my views, feel free to PM me. It may take a little while, but I'll respond.

Something that happens every so often in Naruto stories that just annoys me, is that they make his life better, and worse at the same time. For example: They make it so Minato and Kushina survive the sealing, but something happens like a Naruto has an attention seeking sibling with the power of the fox and he's ignored due to said sibling, Naruto has some disability, something is wrong with the sealing or he's kidnapped by someone at birth. The last one isn't that big of a problem if done correctly, but the others are just annoying. I look for stories where they're alive because that would mean Naruto would have had a better childhood, be more powerful or the like. I'm not saying I won't read these stories, I will. But, they aren't the type that I would normally look for.

Another thing that annoys me is making a Female Naruto story with Naruto as one of the character filters. And before you start raging, let me clarify that. I dislike when they're labeled as Naruto, rather than Naruko. The Naruko filter is there for a reason. Use it! Same goes for ones that have both in the filter, but only have Female Naruto (Naruko). Why do you do that? It's misleading and very annoying. Oh, and ones where he starts off male, but somehow magically becomes female, I still think they should have a Naruko filter. Sorry.

There will not be any sexual content whatsoever in any of my stories, the most you will see or hear is a reference, and that is the most you will encounter. In other words, don’t ask for a mature themed story or one-off, because I won’t do it. Maybe in a year or so when I have some experience writing, I will try one. But until then, DO NOT ASK ME TO MAKE ONE! Just a good Shadow and Maria music video I found.

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Within the Straws I Grasp by Melkor44 reviews
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 82 - Words: 297,523 - Reviews: 601 - Favs: 729 - Follows: 888 - Updated: 12/11 - Published: 5/14/2016 - [Naruto U., Tayuya]
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Sometimes few ill placed words can change one's future dramatically. This a story of Uzumaki Naruto and the group of people similar to him that struggles in brutal Shinobi world. Those are Tales of Outcasts.
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 60 - Words: 1,062,044 - Reviews: 1813 - Favs: 2,549 - Follows: 2,253 - Updated: 10/7/2016 - Published: 6/14/2012 - Naruto U.
Namikaze, Senju or Uzumaki by Vanor reviews
Summary: The truth behind Minato's heritage is told and how will it affect his son and his journey to become a Shinobi of Konoha and the rebirth of one of the greatest clans Naru/Hina/Harem SasuSaku bashing Lemon-Warning
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Outfoxed by hazeleyes180 reviews
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Leftovers by Viraqua reviews
Due to certain events, Kurenai finds herself the reluctant sensei of a student that makes her genjutsu look like infomercials. Thus is the story of Team 11. Rated MA because I'm evil...and possible lemons, drug references, harems, depravity, and everything else I can think of. No, Kurenai and Naruto don't get together.
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What if Kyuubi was not as evil as everyone says? What if Itachi Uchiha said completely different words to Sasuke when he killed the Uchiha clan? What if Sakura wasn't as useless as she usually is? What if Naruto awakens bloodline, which will change his life? Strong Naruto with different Rinnegan. Read the story as Naruto becomes the Hokage and leads the world to PEACE.
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League of Legends - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 28,408 - Reviews: 40 - Favs: 42 - Follows: 39 - Updated: 2/18/2013 - Published: 12/8/2012 - Xerath, Syndra - Complete
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Under new command
Ship Girls. Are the weapons of war, merely androids, or are they simply just girls forced into warfare? Follow a young Admiral as he tries to come find answers to all of these questions.
Kantai Collection - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,493 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 6 - Published: 7/31
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What happens when Rocket gains the DNA of a few legends? What will they do with it, and how will the subject control his newly acquired powers? Unlike my others, there will be only one OC.
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My two main OC's look back on that fateful day. In memory of those who perished on 9/11.
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Again, it's OC based. But it will have Shadow, Rouge and Omega. Will contain the birth/death of an OC.
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