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Author has written 13 stories for Durarara!!/デュラララ!!, Hunger Games, and Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ.

HIIIIII EVERYOOOONNNNNEEEEE!!!!! First things first; I love KUROKO NO BASKET!! Like, I lieterally died when i heard there was goig to be a SEASON joke (Kisamatsu FTW BTY) ahem, second, here are just some non important things about myself:

Name: I am called by many things; Lils, Lilly, Lulu, Kiki, Crasian, Ninja, closet Otaku by my anime friends that know the real me lol, Pip Squeak, and whatever ppl feel like calling me lol

Facebook: Wanna be friends? IDK lol PM me i guess?

Birthday: January 22 year? My username kinda gives that away lol

Gender: You can guess right? lol

Ethnicity: Asian

FAmily: I have two little sisters that drive me INSANE!!! lol but i still love them. I also have a brother 2 years younger than me an we fight ALL THE TIME!!! No lie lol its like he's Shizuo and I'm Izaya, no really! I even have the twin younger, evil sisters!!! LOL XD

Favorite Music: Basically everything, must mostly rock tho.

Favorite Band(s): STEAM POWERED GIRAFFE!! Ohmygod, this band is just... I have no words! They're just wondeful! Listen to them! And SHINee! God those k-pop stars are too hot for their own good! Skillet, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, FLOW, 30 Seconds to Mars, Safetysuit, ect...

Favorite Hobby: Drawing, anything artistic because an EXPLOSION!!!! XD, baking, Laughing with my friends, writing stories for all you wonderful people :D, reading, sleeping, playing video games, and many more...

Favorite Video Game(s): Assassins Creed Baby!!! lol all that, umm, Tales of Symphonia, Graces, all those Tales Games, basically RPG games is what im pulled towards.

Favorite Anime(s): Ohh where do i even begin!!! Anime is probably the greatest thing invented next to ramen noodles lol,KnB no doubts lol FMA definitely is on my top 10 list, so is One Piece, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), Fairy Tail, Durarara!! of course, Hyuoka, Haikyuu!!, Kuroko no Basket (yess i know i listed it twice)!!! I LOVE KISE AND KASAMATSU XD. Bleach and Naruto is ok, ill watch it, but not keeping up with it that much... D. Gray Man, Fruits Basket, Code Geass, Soul Eater, [K, Ouran Highschool Host Club, and soooo manny more that i want to list, but moving on...

Favorite Color: Green! And Purple, and blue if i feel like im in bluish mood? lol

Favorite TV Show(s): Bones, Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Lost, ect...dont watch too much TV

Favorite Food(s): I can never answer this question cause i dont have one! Food is food! If it's to my liking, i'll eat it! lol

Things I'm terrified of: BUGS!!!! KEEP THEM AWAY FROM ME! If a butterfly comes fluttering my way, you can bet i'll be running the opposite direction! It's true!!! and i HATE scary movies. Can't stand them, sorry!

How would a person describe me?: Well, im short lol, can be socially awkward if i dont know you, asian, a ninja (since apparently all asians are ninjas, says my friends lol), very sweet and helpful, creative, talkative, always laughing cause thats what i do best! ( and I'm insane, but in a good way XD )

Favorite Quote: "False tears brings pain to ones self: a false smile brings pains to others."

What I Love: REVIEWS!!! They make me a better writer and I just love hearing from all you wonderful humans! OHH and the number 14, double the luck! 7 x 2 = 14!!!!!

What I want to be?: Criminal Psychologist, I can read your mind!!

Favorite Voice Actor(s): TODD HABERKORN!!! Hands down!!! Vic Mignogna, Johnny Yong Bosch, J. Michael Tatum, Caitlin Glass, Chris Patton, Eric Vale, BAsically everyone at FUNImation!!! And everyone in Japan lmao

My Inner Anime Self

I love love LOVE!!! KISE and KASAMATSU SOO MUCH!! They are my new favorites! Also Trafalgar Law and Sabo from One Piece! Izaya Orihara (and Deidara) and I want to cosplay him soooo baaaad!! Lucky he's like one of the easiest characters to cosplay but that jacket of his is hard to get your hands on. Seriously... I'll stick to being the girl version of him, it's cuter that way XD

I Live, Breath, Watch, Draw, Listen, and Love ANIME!!!!!! I don't care what other ppl think! Anime is 100X better than all those retarded shows they come up with these days on CartoonNetwork! I Cant Stand That Channel ANYMORE!! Sorry NOT! I manage to find a reference to Anime in almost everything in my daily life now lol like in AP Chem last year, I totally imagined i was creating a human being whenever we did labs lol Im Insane what can i say It helps in school too! Cause if i find a connection of something boring to something interesting, it makes it easier to remember!

But there is ONE thing that i hate about Anime... "Wait?! What did you say?!", you may ask!!! Yes, There's one thing i truly hate about Anime/Manga in general. And that IS!!!!... When is ENDS!!!!! D''''''X i hate it when that happens, like in Bleach for example, I havent really been keeping up with the Anime or Manga, but i saw the last clip and i just hate it!!! "See you next time"?!?! REALLY?! Way to tease the audience!! Just end with Ichigo becoming a full fledged Soul Reaper and allow him to travel back and forth between the Soul Society and save the world multiple times already or have him become Captain of the 13 Squads!

I hate girls in anime too. Not the independent type of girls who know how to kick ass and stuff, mostly girls like Sakura although she's ok in Shippuden...You know what types of girls I'm talking about!

I also hate when an antagonist character was actually always a protagonist, like Itachi! I mean come on Sasuke! Open your damn eyes already! He did all those things to protect you, even in his last dying moment!!! Ugh... I really hate that kid... And i hate the reanimation jutsu cause it only makes me more hopefully to see my favorite characters again and then having them die a second time!! Its just pure torture! Im gonna cry again!!!

Geezzzz ppl these days... I make better endings in my fanfics than them lol maybe... enough of my ranting, moving on

I must admit, my first yaoi paring that i fell in love with was SHIZAYA!!! I always thought of yaoi as something weird, but idk there was something about Shizuo and Izaya that drew me towards them and thus!!! My inner Yaoi was born! Now i cant seem to stop pairing two guys in any anime i watch now XD But i must say, there are lines that must never be crossed with two guys. I do NOT support Ed x Roy for example. SORRY Winry and Riza can handle those two lol

But My Favorite Parings Are:

*Kisematsu OPT!!! (Kuroko no Basket) Kise x Kasamatsu!! My new favorite couple!!! Hardcore SHIP!!!!

*Hubert x Pascal (Tales of Grace) The only non yaoi couple I completely adore! They are soo cute together!!!

*Shizaya FTW!!! (Durarara!!) Shizuo x Izaya

*Hikaoru- (OHSHC) Hikaru x Kaoru

*SebaCiel- (Kuroshitsuji) Sebastian x Ciel

*Deitobi- (Naruto) Deidara x Tobi/Madara

*Deisaso- Deidara x Sasori

*Itadei- Itachi X Deidara

If you havent guessed, I love Deidara XD

Ohhh, And one more thing. There's this certain SOMEONE i want to destroy. And i plan to make it a reality some way or another. That person is a danger to my OTP; I absolutely despise her, I want to kill her, I want her GONE AND OBLITERATED FROM EXISTENCE!!!! That person's name IS!!! Vorona. Yes, I may be whiny like an immature little girl, but honestly, its a free country and i have the rights to voice my opinion, I dont care what you say, I hate her and if she ends up with Shizuo for some miraculous reason well you can expect there to be a WW3!!!

Sorry about that :) I had to get that out. Well, now that I have fully introduced myself, lets see what i've been working on

STORIES CURRENTLY WORKING ON/ DONE: I work on like 5 stories at once so if i take a while to update, it means that i've dropped it and moved on to another. Ideas pop into my head faster than i can type!!! XD

*Kuroko no Basket*
The Reason Why: New Story!{Kise x Kasamatsu} CHAP 4 IS UP :)


Making Your Way Into My Life : DONE / SEQUEL IS HERE!!

Losing Your Sense of Love: Sequel! Chap 5 is up

Welcome To My Life: DONE

Let the Durarara!! Games Begin: Chap 4 is up

Crash Landing: DONE!

First Date: DONE

Memories Eradicated: DONE

Do You Remember?: DONE

Keep Your Friends Close, And Your Enemies Closer: DONE/Oneshot

Suicide Note: DONE/ Oneshot

Poetry Session: DONE/ Oneshot

Suicide Prevention: DONE/Oneshot

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