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Vas happenin'? :P I'm Izzy :) I'm a normal British girl with an abnormal love for One Direction!

Follow me on twitter if you have it! @Izzy1Dstyle

I NO LONGER POST ON THIS WEBSITE! My two one shots are still on here but if you'd like to read We Met Under An Umbrella (my Harry chapter story) then you need to go to this website or look for it on tumblr... I also plan to post a new story soon which will be on that website :)


(as it's no longer on here, this is the summary of We Met Under An Umbrella if you are interested in reading it)

We Met Under An Umbrella by 1Dstyle

Lottie Summers loved to sing, but one small problem held her back; her nerves. Sweating palms, shaking knees, accelerated heartbeat… you name it, she was probably experiencing it that day in the queue for The X Factor. I know what you’re thinking… why on earth would a person who suffered from such extreme nerves audition for a singing competition? Well, she very nearly didn’t..

Harry Styles loved to sing too. Unlike Lottie, the word ‘nervous’ was barely in his vocabulary and he felt nothing but confidence the morning of his own X Factor audition.

Some unexpected rain, a stupidly long queue and a broken umbrella set the scene for the start of the most exciting journey of the two’s lives.

So proud to say that I won 7 awards in the 2012 One Direction FF Awards!! Big thankyou to anyone who nominated or voted for me :)

We Met Under An Umbrella - Best Scene, Best Portayal of the Boys

Our Time - Best Liam One Shot

Strong - Best Niall One Shot, Best One Shot With All The Boys, Most Tears

And I won one of the Most Favourite Author awards! :D

We Met Under An Umbrella has been deleted from this site which is why it's not on here anymore, but you can still read it on tumblr and at onedirectionfanfiction(.)com... There should be a link at the top of this page but googling 'We Met Under An Umbrella' will take you straight to it! I want to say a big thankyou to the people who read Umbrella on this site.. you were my first readers! :)

I've just posted a new one shot! It's from Liam's POV but all the boys feature :) check it out!

Our Time is now posted! - 08/01/12

I've posted a new one shot! It's about Niall :)

Strong is now posted - 16/03/12

10 Reasons Why We Love Louis Tomlinson: (by 1Dstyle)

1* "I like a girl who... EATS CARROTS!"

2* "I'm putting my hat on, what the hell does it look like?!"

3* "'NO!' Jimmy protested."

4* "I snapped a pencil in half, HAHAHA!"

5* "The boys have said I need to be a bit more serious, so I've gone for this smarter look... Did someone call for SUPERRRMANN?!"

6* "He dresses like he should own a boat (8)"

7* "Hesitation!"

8* "Susan Boyle... cause she's a good dancer."

9* "Stop having curly hair!"

10* "If you loved it, don't come back!"


1Dstyle xxxx


The charm Liam's present is based on x3

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