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Wow, I wrote this a while ago... (update Aug. '05)

I live and work in Philly, starting up my grad degree in engineering.

I speak enough chinese and japanese to know I KNOW NOTHING.

I've loved Naruto since it was just a manga. Umm... Yeah!

Other anime/manga I like include (no particular order):

Evangelion, DBZ, Akira, Last Exile, Fushigi Yuugi, Escaflowne, X, Tenchi Muyo, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Alchemist, Witch Hunter Robin, Basara, Juuni Kokki, Noir, Rah Xephon, Fake, Maze, Flame of Recca, Ah! My Goddess, Magic Knights Rayearth, Samurai X, Gravitation, 3x3 Eyes, Scrapped Princess, DNA, Battle Angel Alita, hack/sign, Gilgamesh, Kare Kano, Neoranga, Utena... many, many, more.New additions: Bleach, Blame, Street Figher Alpha movies and Gakuen Alice

Been addicted since I was a kid watching reruns of Robotech (that Macross/Mospeda mutant) after school.

I'm presently addicted to Blade of the Immortal, Paranoia Agent, Kyou Kara Maou, Tenjou Tenge, Samurai Champloo, Gantz and of course Naruto!

I have plans for two new projects.

First,I'm planning of another Naruto story with no Naruto or Sasuke, focusing on Hinata, Choji and Sakura in Sand Village. Since Kishimoto leaves out tons of details about the time skip (cause he's got too many characters~!) I believe it's a great opportunity to fill the gap with how certain characters evolved. I think it will be Suna Chuuninshiken or something like that. I think I'll explore ShikaTemari (or TemaShika=) and the challenging GaaSaku~!

Second I'l thinking about a Bleach story! It's my new obsession and there is sooooo much Rukia too write about...I like Ichigo and think there are tonnes of Ichiruki, IchiOri and (personal fav) IchiTatsu to write about. In fact if there aren't a thousand 'Kon gone wild in Ichi's body' fics by next spring I'll be in shock.

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