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This is where I put a bunch of random stuff about myself? I'd better not. I prefer not to send people to sleep by droning on about things that they probably don't care about very much. Heck, I'm not even sure I care. What, you insist? Well, I did warn you. Better grab a pillow before reading on. Or three kilos of sugar, whichever you prefer. Yes, I do use metric. Deal with it. I'd start a rant about how the imperial system is completely useless and dysfunctional and should be purged from this planet, but that would be slightly off-topic, now wouldn't it? Anyway, on with the presentation.

Fave Books: The Inheritance Cycle (Christopher Paolini), Skulduggery Pleasant Series (Derek Landy), The Lord of the Rings (JRR Tolkien, despite having only read it once and never planning on doing so again)

Fave Cartoons: Avatar: The Last Airbender (NOT to be confused with the movie, That thing was AWFUL), Ben 10, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (also not to be confused with the terrible movie of the same name).

Fave Games: Ratchet & Clank (Never would have guessed, huh?), pretty much any LEGO game (EXCEPT Indiana Jones 2, first LEGO game I did not finish within a week. Still haven't).

Fave Movies: Star Wars (sleeping yet?), Avatar (I think you'd have guessed by now that I am NOT a hipster. If you haven't, there you go)

What, still awake? I suppose you deserve a reward. Well, punishment depending on how you look at it. Here are the non-canon pairings I support (Brace for impact. Seriously. No flaming please): Anisoka (You heard that right), Saphygon and Bwen. If you just lost your lunch, I do apologise. I see certain relationship dynamics and tend to just push them that bit further. It's up for debate whether I should or not. Also, if you can't translate stuff like Saphygon, I'll tell you when you're older.

Still with me? Gee, there's some tough to break folks around here. How about what I look for in a good fic? That's something. In summary, I support all forms of writing. That doesn't mean I'll enjoy reading them all, though. Generally, I won't read something if it's too similar to everything else out there, doesn't involve a universe I'm even vaguely interested in, doesn't contain any form of comic relief (ie. 'That still counts as one!'), has completely out of character, uh, characters or makes no grammatical sense.

I mean that last part. I'm generally pretty forgiving when it comes to the odd typo or error, but stuff like 'AnD hApiLLY everr arfta they all left' makes me want to bash my monitor into more pieces than it has pixels. As the saying goes, it's okay to try and make a mistake, but it's a mistake not to try.

Also, that topic of... 'sensitive' scenes (Read: lemons). I'll generally only read M-rated fics if the M-rating complements the fic, rather than vice-versa. You're more than welcome to write that sort of stuff, just don't stick it in my face, please. I like my face un-stuck-into. But seriously, I won't shy away from a plot-filled fic just because it's M.

Violence is okay.

All right, I give up. If you've read this far it means you haven't fallen to sleep or thrown up. What will it take for you to go away? Oh, I know! Wait, I'd better not. It's so utterly unbearable that you will not be able to avoid throwing up and falling asleep at the same time. It'd practically be cheating for me to pull that one on you. Ah, what the heck...


Watches as eyes pop out, ears melt and hearts stop, grinning sadistically to one's self*

That's better.

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