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ABOUT ME: I'm one of those writers that has tons of ideas, stories fleshed out and researched, massive character backgrounds/histories etc developed and yet... I can't quite get my shit together to write the thing out and post it.

I absolutely hate - with a passion - stories that are left, abandoned, half-way through - especially when they're of the rare variety (great plot, excellent read, great story). It irritates me to no end when I get hooked on a fic and it just... vanishes, is deleted without word of explanation or apology. So with that in mind, none of my stories will get posted (not even the first chapter) until I have the entire thing fleshed out and pretty much finished.

FICS: I like True Blood, Tolkien, X-Men, FFVII, Harry Potter, Sons of Anarchy.

CHALLENGE ISSUED: For Sons of Anarchy, it's called; The Happy Hitman and you can view the page on the forum HERE


- Gambit/Rogue

Classic. The ultimate 'ship/pairing.

I can't begin to explain the gigantic clusterfuck that was the movie series - with it's lack of Remy/Rogue. Why!? Why miss them out - they're rated as one of the most popular couples in not just Marvel - but in comic books in general... ever. They're the perfect antidote to too much Mr & Mrs Nice-Sweet-&-Fluffy... aka Summers & Grey.
What they did with Rogue's character in general... a god damn teenager. A whiny one that pinned after Wolverine and Bobby-Abercrombie-Drake. That had no real history with Mystique, no Irene, no connection to Kurt Wagner - not walk on the darkside with the Brotherhood - it could of been great! So much potenial had and they left it to waste...*sigh*

So yeah... Remy Lebeau, Rogue... that's about it, I honestly couldn't give a flying fuck about the rest of them anymore :-P

True Blood

- Alcide/OC

- Eric/OC

- Godric/OC

I'm not a fan of Sookie. At all... much. It's like those slasher horror films, y'know the dumb blonde who always runs back into the building, who screams like a banshee and alerts everyone - including the killer - to her whereabouts, the one you don't regret being killed off. That, is Sookie.

Though I'll admit, I'm getting a little sick of girl-with-gift meets Eric and it's a fairytale in stubborn-woman meets her match in viking-who-seeks-redemption. It's not that the idea is bad, per se. It's just be done, a thousand times over.

Godric... I can't explain/defend the slight obsession I have for fics involving him. Though I find the twilight-inspired fics that have him doing the whole 'teenage-forbidden-love-bedroom-window-no-sex' bit highly disturbing. Godric does not fucking sparkle, bitches.

Which reminds me, I love-love-love Lafayette. Severely underused character in TB fanfiction - seems to be a focus on Sookie... paired with whoever, or Eric/OC etc and the rest of the cast get left at the wayside. Pity - they're a great resource to be had. Lala, Tara, Jessica, Sam and of course, the fabulous Pam.

Just came across a great Alcide/OC fic and I plan to look for more stories that aren't vamp-centric.

Final Fantasy

- Angeal/OC

- Genesis/OC

- Genesis/Tifa

- Tifa/Cloud

- Tifa/Sephiroth

- Tifa/Zack

Not a huge Aerith/Aeris fan. When it comes to the love triangle... it's Tifa all the way. So yeah - I'm what you'd call 'Cloti'.

For more about Aerith-Cloud-Tifa love triangle, read: THIS

Tifa - such a likable girl. Capable, kickass, not a whiny bitch or the damsel in distress. I love Tifa fics that expand on her character, or go AU and give her a new direction. But I do enjoy fics that drop the "We're a family..." Tifa vs. a Memory... crap. I like seeing her outside the mediocre guilt laden job that is Seventh Heaven version 2.0.

On a bit of a Crisis Core kick right now, lotta love for Genesis and Zack.

Always thought Zack got a bum deal with Aerith/Cloud (whatever Cloud's feelings, she was all over the boy in a disturbing way; ex: using the pick-up lines Zack used on her... on Cloud! Weird.) And oh... yeah, his untimely death also. Kill your mentor - watch your friend/General go batshit insane and slaughter/burn an entire town and the people (women/children incuded) therein... alive (if they don't get chopped up by Masamune first that is) - become a lab rat/pin cushion for five years - drag your comatose/vegetable friend across two continents - friends become enemies, enemies become friends - then you get shot to shit by the same company you spent years dedicating your life to just as the destination you've spent all this time trying to reach (to get your girl who will later try and seduce former mentioned comatose/vegetable friend) - is finally in sight. Harsh.

And Genesis... because he's the big fucking question mark, isn't he?

The end of DoC pissed me off none too lightly... he chooses THEN to wake up? Nice. Ignores the free-for-all slaughter that goes on within Deepground - the fact they messed with HIS cells - misses out on Meteor being summoned - Sephiroth's whole (first) mad attempt to destroy the entire planet - Holy/the Lifestream/Meteor - the distruction of Midgar - Geostigma - the Remnants Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo - Sephiroth's return/reunion (third time's a charm eh?) - the thousands of people screaming from within Deepground as they're slaughtered - the rather epic war between the WRO and Deepground - titantic clashes from Cloud, Rosso, Azul, Vincent/Chaos, Nero, Weiss - then the cluster-fuck that was Omega. He missed it all! But he wakes up to say "It is not yet time for slumber," only then to fly off with Weiss when it's all over... lovely.

Anyhoo - I like Genesis, the wing... the red hair, the arrogance, that delicious drawling poet's tongue and the big fucking sword.

Not a fan of Final Fantasy 'yaoi' fan fiction that has Sephiroth, Genesis, Angeal, Zack and Cloud fucking like bunnies and playing house within SOLDIER. Nor am I a fan of fanfiction that reads like the script from a bad manga/hentai movie... or placing the characters of Final Fantasy into various generic high school 'real life' scenarios. No. Just... no.

Harry Potter

- Bill/OC

- George/OC

- FemHarry/George

- FemHarry/Sirius

- Harry/Daphne

- Harry/Susan

- Harry/OC

- Sirius/OC

- The Black Family

Not a fan of Ginny. I have massive issues with Ginny 'fan-girl' Weasley. It's so bad I can't read Harry/Ginny fics, she just pisses the hell off, I blame the 6th book. Something sad about Harry ending up with the little sister of his best mate, the girl who had a crush on The-Boy-Who-Lived for years. Someone who 'never really gave up' on him... but nevermind, she had Dean Thomas to occupy her time. I've never successfully read a HP/GW fic all the way through, and I don't ever plan to. Just like Harry/Hermione - they're terrible, wrong and painful to read.

I like a bit of Harry/Slytherin - gives the HP-verse a bit of a Romeo & Juliet fix (whilst avoiding the disturbing redhead/mother/instant family/freudian fuck up that was the G/H ship).

Daphne's a fair choice - canon created character with almost nothing set in stone, beyond the basics that she's a pureblood and likely from a wealthy aristocratic family, that her little sister married Draco Malfoy and gave her son a hideous name.

But as it happens, most of the fics are a pile of gash - full of harems/Harry-is-a-slag and Polygamy is legal and apparently 'normal' in magical Britian. I hate 'Harem/Multi' fics... hate them with an absolute passion. I just... argh! I can't count the number of times I've begun a story, and what seems like a well written one too (how rare) only to find that Harry (for some insane reason) needs two wives, or has come across the vastly socially acceptable harem-lifestyle of wizarding nobility in Britian... just. No. NO. You should beat yourself like a naughty house-elf for creating such monstrosities.

And Daphne... why is so always the third/fourth god damn wheel to Hermione, Fleur or Luna? Or all of them together? These Harem fics are just a poor excuse for porn, badly written porn that reeks of japanese hentai. Unoriginal. Lame. Wank material for the uneducated/inexperienced.

Some fics on the other hand are just badly written with typical clichéd plots featuring at least on of the following; Lord Potter/Marriage Contracts/Soul-bonds, Good Caring/Loving/Fatherly Snape, Manipuative Evil 'Dumbles', Daphne 'Ice Queen' Greengrass, with terribly executed 'bashing' of Ginny, Molly and the Weasleys in general. There are a few notable exceptions but they're few and far between - but I'm an avid searcher of them.That being said, even stories that feature a bit (or sometimes a lot) of cliché can be something of a guilty pleasure (I like the marriage contract idea, soul-bonds have a certain appeal and I love a bit of Ginny/Molly bashing)... so long as they're written well and don't read exactly like twenty odd other stories that came before it - I'm all good.

But why is Tracey Davis ALWAYS her life long friend hmm?
It's boring, predictable - give her a different friend! Branch out and do something different! And in essence of their names, percieved/likely social status I find the whole thing so unlikely to begin with, so much so that it grates on me now whenever I read it. Daphne Greengrass - pureblood, aristocrat. Tracey Davis... it sounds so comon, so muggle, so Welsh. Lol. Life long friends? I think not - what self-respecting pureblood aristocrat would name their daughter Tracey? They just wouldn't.

Susan Bones - she fills the redhead quota I suppose, there is a fair bit of truth to that scenario. But she's she's lost family to Voldemort/the Death Eaters. So she has more in common with Harry than most people in their year/at Hogwarts... and she's a Hufflepuff! The don't have one in their little group, got Luna for the Ravenclaws... so yeah, potential to be had. But I reckon most fics suffer the same issues as the Harry/Daphe pairing. I always imagine her as non-sporty with a killer figure of hour-glass curves and a really nice pair of-

Love Sirius. Lovable bastard. If Zack got a bum deal in FF7 then Sirius... well, there aren't sufficient words to describe the shit storm that continuously that shat all over Padfoot's life. It's his flaws that make him such a great character, I feel. Prefer Sirius/OC fics set in Hogwarts Era, exploring OotP a bit more or AU versions.

THERE'S NOT ENOUGH SIRIUS/OC HOGWARTS ERA FICS!!! - I wanna see more of these! I do a search for Sirius/OC fics and usually I get landed with page after page of Marauder Era teen-movie-esque rom-coms... *sigh* I'm not saying he has to survive OotP - but surely he had a bit of adventure during his little jaunt abroad?

Bill, as a favoured author of mine's would say, 'is a dish'. And Bill with Fleur, yes - it ties in some shit together but honestly he could of done better because, to be honest, she was so boring and... a turd. She goes from arrogant blunter-than-Ron hopping into garden bushes with Roger Davis to... BILL. Lovely, fantastic, very dishy, Indiana Jones-eat-your-heart-out Bill Weasley, they get married and by the time Harry & co get to Shell Cottage in DH she's a fussy mother, not unlike Molly bloody Weasley. What the fuck woman!? Such a let down.

I adore fics centered around the Black Family, any characters - generation. So much potential to be had, it's my main focus just now in writing - exploring the darker aspects of wizarding society. Fun, fun, fun.

Sons of Anarchy

- Happy/OC

- Jax/OC

I'm starting to see a pattern. I don't like Tara... at all. Perchance I have a problem with the leading ladies hmm? But to be fair, Tara is a neurotic demanding fuck up and I think Jax could do better... be better. A better man.

In fact... I'm starting to think they deserve each other. All they do is whine, and bitch, and moan.

... which makes me feel sorry for Gemma, poor luv has a fucking up hill battle with those two. No wonder shit hit the fan in such a spectacular way time and time again. I find it almost impossible to hate her, she's like a bloody cockroach too, gotta love that.

Happy makes me laugh. Hitmen usually do. I adore him, and Tiggy too.

Juice... there seems to be a lot of fics about Juice, or Juice/OC. Bleh - I don't like fluffy rat-bastard-bikers. Most paint his as butter-wouldn't-melt, dumbass can do no evil and yet, and YET - he commits the most heinous act a man can in the Club, he murdered his brother and gave him a traitor's funeral. No honours, no respect, nothing. What a dick. So no, not keen on Juice being the leading man in a fic with romance, fluff and a rom-com lovefest.

I wish more people would work in a cameo or two for Backham or Vivica. Such great characters need to get another look in!

The Hobbit

- Fíli/OC

- Bard/OC

I've just recently got into this; having seen the film three fucking times now, it's hardly surprising. But yeah, I LOVE the film. I can't believe all the flack it's taken and for what? Because people have Tolkien's novel shoved so far up their arses they can't think for themselves anymore. Get over it - yes Galadriel is in Rivendell - yes Azog is prancing about astride a white warg, not dead as canon - and yes! There are in fact sexy Dwarves and there also seems to be Dwarf women who DON'T look like Gimli *gasp, oh the horror!... *rolls eyes*.

First off, out of all the Dwarves I suppose Fíli 'does it' for me more than the rest... which is odd, I don't usually go for blonds. But those braids on his mustaché! *sigh* I had no idea I'd find that attractive... HE makes Dwarf sexy, because he has it all - the larger than average (for a Man) nose, hair, braids. I'll admit I overlooked him in favour of Kíli at first but the more I see/read/watch of Fíli, the more I like and favour him most.

When the other two films come out I can garan-fucking-tee that people will be all over Bard for 'pairing' off their OC too. Tall, dark, handsome, has a bow and is rough around the edges in an oh-so-good way that beats Legolas hands down - and he SMITES A DRAGON! All by himself! Yeah, when those films come out it'll be Bard/OC and Bard/Elf... all over the bloody place. Those shippers of slash will probably piss their pants with the oppertunities that will present themselves when he and Legolas make an appearance.

There seems to be a huge amount of slash and 'mpreg' in Hobbit-fics... wtf... honest-to-fucking-God... where do you fucking people come up with this shit? It's awful in a way that is beyond words... I can't comprehend the enjoyment people seem to get from Bilbo being knocked up by Thorin. Just... argh! I didn't actually think there was anything, ANYTHING, worse than Harry Potter/Harem multi-wives but this... THIS takes the fucking cake. I don't think Dwarven culture is 'okay' with Fíli and Kíli fucking each other. Nor do I believe that male hobbits GIVE BIRTH. No... just... no.

I wish people would write beyond the script of the film... as in, they wouldn't just write it all word-for-word, action-for-action what happens and then just awkwardly slide the OC into the scenario by them either a) saving the day or b) being tortured. I know the script off by heart now, from reading The Hobbit fanfiction - I wish people would use it more as a guide, rather than it being the majority of the chapter with a few added poorly written lines to incorperate the OC... It's terrible.

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