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Hiya! I'm Erica, and I'll be writing on ff.net along with my slightly disturbed friends D.g. and Brat! I'm going to write this bio, so you won't hear anything from them on it! Basically, we're friends who go to all the same classes, and we even share the same pen name! But at the begining of each fic, we'll mention who is writing the story! I'll be writing the more sensible stories, Brat will be writing the slightly less sensible stories, and D.g. will be writing stories that are just plain disturbed!
Also, thanks to Sakura-chan for suggesting to us that we write fics too!
I'm fourteen, as are D.g. and Brat, and we go to this really whacked out school in California! Some of our fics may even be based on it! I'm in seventh grade, junior high, and hate cafeteria food! My favorite color is dark blue, D.g.'s is black, and Brat's is green. Umm...what else are we supposed to put in a bio? Well, anyways, I hope that I can manage to update my stories in my free time. All I can say is, Enjoy! We'll work as fast as we can to make these fics! Oh, and if you have any comments you want to make my email address is up top! I'm stuck using my mother's! Oh the shame! *pouts* She won't let me get my own e-mail address! Last but not least, don't forget to read and review our stories! We're not that bad of writers! See ya!

Here we are to update our bio again! *tosses confetti around* YAY!! I'm just doing this randomly. For those of you who even want to know, here's some more info about me and my cousins/friends!!
D.g.: Her name is short for Demon Girl. *cough* That's pretty much all that needs to be said in that area. She is a hanyou, of what type I'm still not sure...She is a MAJOR piromaniac, and for our first few weeks at ff.net, she's tried to flame everybody she encountered. Thankfully, Brat and I can control her with two simple phrases. 'Down Girl' for Brat and 'Bad Girl' for me! *hears loud thump from behind her* D.G.! I TOLD YOU NOT TO SPY! BAD GIRL!!! *another thud and a string of muffled curses are heard* Also, NEVER call D.g. D.j.!!! She'll kill you. Enough said! She has light brown hair with blond streaks (natural) and blue eyes that have gold specks in them. The eyes run in our family I guess. Ahem, now where was I? Oh yeah, on to Brat!
Brat: Name says it all. She has a HUGE crush on Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 (gee, I wonder who's fault is that? *glares at Jack* Thank you Jack for getting her hooked on Cloud. Now I have to listen to D.g.'s rantings AND mumblings from Brat!! *curses* Baka!) She has blond hair, and blue eyes with, you guessed it, gold specks! Nearly EVERBODY in our family has these weirdo blue eyes and gold specks! We have one freaked out family.Anyways, back to Brat! She's a tomboy, and hates it when people mistake her for a guy when reviewing. *coughJackcough* And that's about it for her! Now to me!
Erica: Finally, the wonderful, awe-inspiring me! What words can describe my vast perfection? *hears snickering coming from a certain baka hanyou named D.g.* Bad Girl! *thud!* *cough* Okay, I have brownish golden hair, with eyes that fit my mood. Really. They have golden specks too! When I'm happy they're green, when I'm sad they're blue, and when I get really stern they're gray, and when I get VERY angry, they turn a freaky cold steel color, and the gold specks kinda take over around the pupil. It's like I have four separate eye colors! *shudders* It's the first thing EVERYBODY notices!(fear the gold specks!!) And I'm not kidding! My friends take that as a warning sign for when I'm in a bad mood. I am also to be the wife of Ashitaka! SO BUG OFF! THAT BISHOUNEN IS MINE! MINE YOU HEAR?! *calms down* That's about all I have to say. Except for ONE more thing!
If ANY of you are reading this, the READ OUR STORIES DAMMIT!! *cough* I'm done. Ja ne!


Yo, Brat here! Adding to our bio for no real reason! Okay, there is a reason. Lesse, what was it??? *snaps fingers* Oh yeah! I just remembered! Hehe, for those of you who are reading this, I'm giving a warning: For my fic, Snowball Fights and Snow Angels, I'm having trouble finding the time to update, so each chapter will take a while, sorry.

7/26/03: This shall now be known as the Blog. Random journal entries.

Brat again. And it's now official. D.g. IS related to Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing. We just had the blood test results in. The two are now throwing a huge party, and our whole house has started to catch on fire. I'm gonna go kill two certain bakas (Heero's helping). You better pray for their poor souls.


Eh...hey? Erica speaking here. Umm...how can I say this...but...we're not allowed to write anymore. ^^;; Eh...hehehe...ha? Yeah, all of our grades were slipping. Badly. In fact, it looks doubtful that some of us aren't gonna graduate. *looks pointedly at D.g.* So, we'll probably be updating during the summer. I know, I know, you hate us three now...gomen nasai.

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