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Story Info:

The Spirit of the Ninja:

Original Characters Profile:



Gender: Male.

Age: 102 year old (1 in spirit year).

Description: A glowing gray or sliver orb with four gray or sliver feather wing. The doll medium form is the same shape with body made our of sliver metal, wing made out of fine wire and cloths and sky blue chibi eyes made out of sapphire.

History: Naruto’s first familiar. He is a wind elemental that wanders the skies and ride on floating clouds. Have the power to create gently breeze to hurricane gale.

Personality: Like most spirit and ghost have no sense of self-preservation. Mostly carefree and easygoing but like the wind can be fierce as a storm.

Nature Type: Wind Release.

Favorite skill or jutsu to use: Use the wind to change his voice and make music. Also like to fly.


Gender: Male.

Age: 253 year old (2 in spirit year).

Description: A small human shape being made out of wood wearing a flower hat with branch like antler sticking out of it head, moss and leaf cover clothing and holding a large leaf like an umbrella. The doll medium form is the same shape with body craves out of fine oak wood, hat and clothing out of find fabric, golden chibi eyes made out of amber and holding a large leaf like umbrella created by his jutsu.

History: Naruto’s second familiar. A spirit that affiliated itself with plants life that tends to wanders and inhabits the forest. Have the power over all plants life and control how fast they grow, how they grow and the properties the have.

Personality: Like most spirit and ghost have no sense of self-preservation. He is very calm, patient and nobly. Respect Naruto a lot adding -sama to his name.

Nature Type: Wood, Water, Earth Release.

Favorite skill or jutsu to use: Any jutsu that use or aid plants.


Gender: Male

Age: Forever 25 years old.

Description: Have blue spiky hair, emerald green eye and average adult size.

History: A ninja warrior that once serve princess Hikari. Die when the foolish Lord Oni accidently set off a bomb. He has been searching for princess Hikari for a 100 plus years. Name means nameless in Japanese.

Personality: Like most spirit and ghost have no sense of self-preservation. Extremely crazy, extremely silly and extremely perverted can only be stop by princess Hikari.

Nature Type: Fire Release but doesn’t use it much.

Favorite skill or jutsu to use: Like to use Nise no Genjitsu: Tobu e no Buto no Jutsu (False Reality: Boot to the Head Technique) and Nise no Genjitsu: Tobu e no Sen no Buto no Jutsu (False Reality: A Thousand Boot to the Head Technique) especially when teaching other but anything that mental traumatic for friend and foe work just as well.


Gender: Female.

Age: Forever 23 years old.

Description: A beautiful woman with white hair and sliver eye, average petite adult female size.

History: A princess of a kingdom long gone. Die when the foolish Lord Oni accidently set off a bomb. She has been a prisoner of Lord Oni for 100 plus years, it been that long due of Nanashi perverted nature. Name means light in Japanese.

Nature Type: Water Release.

Personality: Nice, kind-hearted and caring unless face with Nanashi perverted nature than it is extremely short temper and violence.

Favorite skill or jutsu to use: Mainly healing and defense water jutsu unless face with Nanashi perverted nature than any jutsu that will be really painful for him.

Mugen no Sora

Gender: Female

Age: Around 1600 year old (16 in spirits years)

Description: Weapon mode: The standard weapon form is a scythe. She is a staff as black as night sky with blue blade made out of chakra to look like a scythe, spear or any form of the user choice. Spirit form she is a teenage girl with sky blue hair and sky blue eye.

History: Forges out of a dark ore that fall from the heaven and ashes from an ancient tree so no matter how much damage she receives she will repair herself back to hers original form. Her last owner was a great warrior that was able to defeat his enemies even after he long been dead.

Personality: Kind but fierce and the relationship between her and Naruto is more of big sister and little brother than weapon and wielder.

Nature Type: Whatever her current wielder is.

Favorite skill or jutsu to use: Slashing and cutting jutsu.



Gender: Male

Age: ???

Description: A man with stiches all over his face and body that wear goggle and a white lab coat

History: Also go by the name of The Mad Scientist or The Harvester of Body Parts. He was once a brilliant man of science but his obsession with the inner working of life to the point of being able to create it and unlocking humanity full potential drove him to madness. He turns to grave robbing and murder to collect corpse and body parts for his experiments and his homunculus, artificial created human. His experiment lead to his discover of the equation of life and created the Kenja no Shiki (Philosopher’s Formula), the Jiongu (Earth Grudge Fear) is the bastardization of the Kenja no Shiki (Philosopher’s Formula),.

Personality: A sadistic mad scientist that like to cut up people to collected their body parts to add to him and created his monstrosity of flesh known as homunculus, and a big fan of biology.

Nature Type: Depend on the body part’s affinity that he implanted in himself.

Favorite skill or jutsu to use: All kind of elemental jutsu that gain or created from his implants.


  • Abomination: A large buff human, created by Frankenstein, with stitches all over his body that wear a medieval helmet and wield a large battle axe, a heavy hitter unit.
  • Behomoth: A colossal horned being that stands upright with a whip like tail, a meaha, boss summon or tank unit.
  • Runner: Mangle deformed dogs like creature, tracker unit work in packs.
  • Underling: Deform human like beings, helper and foot soldier unit.
  • Wraith: A pale skinny medium size man with stitches covering his body, wear a clock and has razor metal claws attach to it arms, speedster infantry unit.

  • Legion

    Gender: Male

    Age: ???

    Description: Look depended on the unit.

    History: Also go by the name of The Undying Army or The Immortal Army. A genius of sealing and technology but he despised the entire human race viewing it as flaw and imperfect to the point that he rejected his own humanity. In the end he built himself a new long lasting mechanical body of metal and machinery and sealed his consciousness in it. Traveled in a group of four or five durable mechanical soldiers but each soldier has a copy of his consciousness seal in them but lived is an entire city that is said to house millions of him so if one of the bodies falls there’s a battalion of them ready to replace the one that fallen. Also each of the body use to be human, a person until he ‘converted them’ as he put it and make them one of him, he suppresses their consciousness deep within their mind when he seal his own in them and used their life force as a power source to power the new body

    Personality: Fan of technology. He is arrogant, cold, ruthless and emotionless, look down on everyone else. Kill off those that have no use for him.

    Nature Type: None

    Favorite skill or jutsu to use: Depend on the units.


    ??-more infor to come when it written in the story-

    Romaji (English Name Meaning): Description.

  • Osho (King King General): ??
  • Hisha (Rook Flying Chariot): ??
  • Ryuo (Promoted Rook (“Dragon”) Dragon King): ??
  • Kakugyo (Bishop Angle Mover): Teleporting unit, a Pawn with all kind of seal on it. When active a chakra shrine is form and the pawn can’t attack or defend itself because its become the power source that is use to teleport the units.
  • Ryuma (Promoted Bishop Dragon Horse): Repair unit, robotic head on a giant bell.
  • Kinsho (Gold General Gold General) Heavy Golden armor infantry unit with barrier casting shield and elemental contacting chakra gun-blade.
  • Ginsho (Silver General Silver General): ??
  • Narigin (Promoted Silver Promoted Silver): ??
  • Keima (Knight Cassia Horse): Mounted samurai unit that can use tai-, nin-, genjutsu, horse fire chakra cannon.
  • Narikei (Promoted Knight Promoted Cassia): ??
  • Kyosha (Lance Incense Chariot): Samurai arm with chakra rifle range attacker.
  • Narikyo (Promoted Lance Promoted Incense): ??
  • Fuhyo (Pawn Foot Soldier): Robotic samurai that can only use sword, taijutsu and chakra based physical attack.
  • Tokin (Promoted Pawn Reaches Gold): Robotic samurai that change from Pawn to chakra construct mecha, in macha form they can only do physical damage.

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