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HI! This is Calcifer the Pyrophobic Fire Demon! YAY! Ok
i am insane and hyper...AND I LOVE JOEY [Wheeler that is]! AND SANOSUKE!
I love anime! YAY! I love reading and have about a bizillion books in my room!
(We're talking 16 shelves here people!)
I love science and math and writing and singing and Latin, and Spanish and ... well pretty much everything! ^_^ Oh, and I think that I am Hermione Granger. And i talk to invisible characters from movies/Tv/books... bwahahaha!

Guys i like (and that belong to ME!): 1. Joey Wheeler- Face it gals, he's the best man in the world!
Not invited into Mensa, but still the awesome-est
person you could ever know!
2. Sanosuke Sagara- Does anyone see a
pattern here? I tend to fall for the EXTREMELY goodlookin sidekick with violent tendencies ^_^
3. Souzou Sagara- Sanosuke's gorgeous,
dead captain and mentor *yum*
4. Katsuhiko Tsukioka (Katsu for short)-
Sanosuke's pretty, but otherwise a bit
insane buddy ^_^
5. Hiei- Violent sidekick... but he's so gorgeous!
I always love the 'badboys' *sigh*
6. Spike Spiegel- Oh... so hot with a gun!
This bounty hunter is the most beautiful
thing in the galaxy, now how
can i get rid of Faye...?
7. George Clooney- I HAVE A SIGNED PHOTO!!
8. Aragorn (Book and movie)- Sorry but
this guy is so dang coool! And he
has a SWORD! (I also fall for the guys
with the swords)
9. Fernand the Count Mondego- Can
we say 'gorgeous'? Yes! Can we say
'evil'? Most certainly! Can we say
has a really pretty sword'? OH YEAH!
Need i say more?
9. Jack Sparrow- He is so funny!!!!
And cute! And piratical! Woohoo!
10. Saito Hajime: *DROOOOOOOL* God he's cool! And so sarcastic! And awesome! YAY SAITO!
11. Seta Sojiro: I like him! He's cute! And i love it when he gets "irritated"
12. Aoshi Shinomori: HE'S SO COOL!! COOOOOOOOL!
13. That pelican from "Finding Nemo"...
just kidding, though i LOVE his voice ^.^ Girls that i think rock:
1. Mai Valentine- You'd think i'd be
insanely jealous, but Joey's girlfriend
to be is one of my favorite characters!
She's so cool! YAY MAI!
2. Megumi Takani- *Sigh* Why does she
never get together with Sano?! WHY!?!?!?!
3. Shura- This gals got power, she's a pirate,
and she has really cool green hair!
What's not to like?
4. Hermione Granger- Okay, okay... I like myself,
got a problem with that?! 5. Serenity Wheeler-
Apart from being the adored younger
sibling of Joey, Serenity is
so cuuuuuuuute! (^.^ =typical Serenity face)
6. The commentator cat lady in YuYu Hakusho
(I think her name is Koto)- I
just think she rocks,
though she is a bit morbid...

Okay that's it! HI to: Patrick Mckinney, Miracle Vedilien(sp?), and Rogndaldr! You all rule! So do all reviewers (Except for one)! YAY! Okay! Remember! "Erin go Bragh" (Ireland forever). "Amate Linguam Latinam" (Love the Latin Language). "Bear's DON'T have tails!" (Long fluffy ones at least). AAAAAND! "SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALODOCIOUS!" sorry i just had to type that! Longest word in the world: "Antidisestablishmentarianism"
Though really that isn't the longest word! You see most people think it is, but Psuedoantidisestablishmentarianism is longer!
But if you really want to see this word pale in comparison to another check out this word which means "Tobaco Mosaic Virus, Dahlemense stain: Acetyl­seryl­tyrosyl­seryl­isoleucyl­threonyl­seryl­prolyl­seryl­glutaminyl­phenyl­alanyl­valyl­phenyl­alanyl­leucyl­seryl­seryl­valyl­tryptophyl­alanyl­aspartyl­prolyl­isoleucyl­glutamyl­leucyl­leucyl­asparaginyl­valyl­cysteinyl­threonyl­seryl­seryl­leucyl­glycyl­asparaginyl­glutaminyl­phenyl­alanyl­glutaminyl­threonyl­glutaminyl­glutaminyl­alanyl­arginyl­threonyl­threonyl­glutaminyl­valyl­glutaminyl­glutaminyl­phenyl­alanyl­seryl­glutaminyl­valyl­tryptophyl­lysyl­prolyl­phenyl­alanyl­proly­lglutaminyl­seryl­threonyl­valyl­arginyl­phenyl­alanyl­prolyl­glycyl­aspartyl­valyl­tyrosyl­lysyl­valyl­tyrosyl­arginyl­tyrosyl­asparaginyl­alanyl­valyl­leucyl­aspartyl­prolyl­leucyl­isoleucyl­threonyl­alanyl­leucyl­leucyl­glycyl­threonyl­phenyl­alanyl­aspartyl­threonyl­arginyl­asparaginyl­arginyl­isoleucyl­isoleucyl­glutamyl­valyl­glutamyl­asparaginyl­glutaminyl­glutaminyl­seryl­prolyl­threonyl­threonyl­alanyl­glutamyl­threonyl­leucyl­aspartyl­alanyl­threonyl­arginyl­arginyl­valyl­aspartyl­aspartyl­alanyl­threonyl­valyl­alanyl­isoleucyl­arginyl­seryl­alanyl­asparaginyl­isoleucyl­asparaginyl­leucyl­valyl­asparaginyl­glutamyl­leucyl­valyl­arginyl­glycyl­threonyl­glycyl­leucyl­tyrosyl­asparaginyl­glutaminyl­asparaginyl­threonyl­phenyl­alanyl­glutamyl­seryl­methionyl­seryl­glycyl­leucyl­valyl­tryptophyl­threonyl­seryl­alanyl­prolyl­alanyl­serine
1351 letters! Bwahahahaha! This word is power!
This is a real word! i swear! You can look it up,
along with some other scary ones on
I love that site! it rules! go there! now!
My favorite quotes:
"I like lines. They're straight." -Rebbie
"It was just a pigment of my imagination!" -Me
"I need therious therapy" - Me (i HATE braces)
"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because i'm winning!" - Veronica from Hoyle Casino
"You're *special*" - Me and all my friends
"Help! Help! I'm being compressed!" - My version of monty python ^_^
To patrickmckinney while she's drinking water "Hey! Did you know Kamatari's only nineteen!? He's accomplished a lot.." PM: "*chokes*" i did this about fifteen times to her in one sitting...
"I'm sure he'll come back and.. uh make a sandwich or something.." - Kenshin outtakes, Sanosuke!
"Get ready for round two!!!" - ZANZA!!!
"Crispety crunchety peanut buttery!" - the motto on butterfingers.. i swear it is!
"We are not thinking in terms of fish!" - My art teacher.. i don think she likes me..
"And you can put *cheese* on the ships!" "cheese?!" "did i say cheese? I meant people!" PM's little bro
"Par-me-se-an Puffs! Par-me-se-an Puffs! Don't you want a bowl of Pa-me-se-an puffs!? Crunchy on the inside! chewey on the outside! Don't you want a bowl of par-me-se-an puffs!?" - me PM and rebbie
"You killed me baby brother! (in a northern irish accent)" - Sean Bean (in patriot games GOOD MOVIE!)
Spike: "Jet.. there's no beef in this. so you wouldn't call it 'bell peppers' and beef, now would you?"
jet: "yes.. i would"
spike: "BUT IT'S NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"BAKA! BAKA! BAKA! ^_^" - Ed. nuff said.
"Find your inner rhino!" -Kate
"The triceratops girl is with you! RARR" - Me
"Yeah... well .. your..face is.. ugly!" -Stephie
"Calciferae joey sanosukeque sunt" {sanosuke and joey are calcifer's} - who do yah think??
"Su-ki-ya-ki! Su-ki-yum-yum!!" - Ed. Again. nuff said.
Me explaining the difference between subject (noun) and subject (verb) "I'm subject to... severe... pains in my... head... when i ... do.. my.. homework. yeah"
"It's all a plot!" - me being paranoid
"*cling*" - Rebbie! kawaii... ^_^
"Yugi... your existance... excites me..." -screwed up bootleg subbed kaiba... don't know what he was really saying.. but wow is that suggestive,
and so we see both sides of the story: "Kaiba... some of your soul.. is in me." -da Yami

"HI! DAHLING!" - All growed up Rebecca Hawkins from Yugioh

Okay now i am just being pointless! Sayonara!
- Calcifer

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