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Hello I am DisneySeeker otherwise known as FaPingMulan or Katie to those who know me closely.

I am still very new at writing fanfictions so you'll have to forgive how rusty or bad any fanfictions I post up here are. I am a huge fan of cross-overs so that's what most of the stories I post here will be about.

Current Fandoms:


Legend of the Seeker

Disney (Mulan, Aladdin, Brother Bear, Lion King, Pocahontas, Hercules, Tarzan, Little Mermaid ect)


Quest for Camelot

Warrior Cats

Road to El Dorado



Vampire Diaries

Good Luck Charlie


Lord of the Rings

Pirates of the Caribbean



Favorite Pairings:














Pocahontas/John Smith

Pochontas/John Rolfe








My OCs:

Kia- Daughter of Ali and Kayley but raised by Kayley and Garrett

Kai- Daughter of Mulan and Shang

Rylee- Son of Mulan and Shang

Jake- Son of Gwaine and Morgana (For Merlin universe) Son of Faramir and Eown (For Lord of the Rings Universe)

Arowen- Daughter of Arwen and Aragorn

Tristan- Son of Legolas and Emily

Emily- Daughter of Lucy and Tumnus; wife of Legolas

Eldarion: Son of Arwen and Aragorn

Roran- Son of Eragon and Arya

Triran- Son of Rillian and Erynn

Rillian- Son of Caspian and Susan

Elizabeth- Wife of High King Peter

Justin- Son of Arowen and Tristan

Freya- Adopted daughter of Arowen and Tristan

Faeron- Adopted son of Roran Merlin and Eldarion

Jackie- Daughter of Jack Sparrow

Mathiyas- Son of Triran and Gwen

Malcolm- Son of Robin and Neera

Neera- female elf of middle earth and wife to Robin

Robin- dragon rider and prince of narnia. son of Phillip and Aurora

Talon- Robin's dragon

Esperanza- Roran's dragon

Phillip- Son of High King Peter and Elizabeth

Aurora- Wife of Phillip

Ali- Son of Aladdin and Jasmine

Jim and Katie Rolfe- Twins of Pocahontas and John Rolfe

Brian- Son of Rose and Jim

Sha Ron Ki- Kai's boyfriend

Friend OCs:


Lil and Landon Pendragon- Twins of Merlin and Arthur; Adopted siblings of Richard

Mark- Son of Lancelot and Gwen


Tanis- Sarra's dragon

Levi- Kitty's dragon

Cedric- Weaponist pirate on the black pearl taken in by Jack when he was a kid

Sarra- sister of Triran and dragon rider

Kitty- Daughter of Sarra and Cedric

Mariah- Sister of Mathiyas

Cam- Grandfather to Triran and Sarra

Saphira- Adopted sister of Pevensie siblings and grandmother to Triran and Sarra


Hayley- Younger sister of Jack Sparrow

Clarissa- Daughter of Jake (LOTR one) and Hayley


Bobby- Grandson of Genie

Blake- Knight of Camelot and Kia's best friend

Drake- Son of Hercules

Kody- Son of Genie and Eden


Gracie- Granddaughter of Jane and Tarzan and daughter of Jim and Rose

Rose- Daughter of Jane and Tarzan

Amber- Gracie's Rival

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The Legend Begins reviews
This is my very first Merlin fanfiction. It is based on a couple rps between my friend Meg and I. It takes place after Arthur is king of Camelot and ignores the fact that Lancelot died since I did not like that in Series 4.
Merlin - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 11 - Words: 13,495 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 5/6/2012 - Published: 12/31/2011 - Arthur, Merlin
Albion High reviews
This is a new story I was inspired to create from Merlin rps between my friend Meg and I. For this story it takes place in modern time and deals with the Merlin cast's High School life at Albion High.
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This is a Quest for Camelot cross-over fanfiction story starring my QFC OC, Kia, the daughter of Kayley and Garrett and the many friends she meets, places she goes, and adventures she has.
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