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Author has written 8 stories for Pokémon, My Little Pony, Legend of Korra, Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Codename: Kids Next Door, Misc. Books, Hotel Transylvania, and Harry Potter.

Hey there!

Favorite Cartoons: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Pokemon (only the first few seasons), Teen Titans, Kids Next Door, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Some Books I like: Hunger Games, Vampire Academy (the ONLY vampire books I enjoyed), Harry Potter Series, Percy Jackson Series, The Book Thief, Uglies Series, and a lot more

Things I like: Lightly raining days, pickles, all animals, the Internet, silence, writing... I don't know where I'm going with this...

Things I hate: I Don't Hate Anyone!!!... but I hate public speaking, nightmares, war, death, natural disasters, etc.

I love to write and I try to do it everyday. I am currently working on publishing my novel (which is completed!), but I am also dedicated to my fanfictions. Even if you don't like them, I just find it fun to write them. That's why I do it. :)

My oc's:

Silver Script, a purple pegasus with a quill-and-paper cutie mark (MLP:FiM)

Luna Sol, an alien from a neighboring planet of Tamaran with the powers of energy blasts and invisibility (Teen Titans)

Jani, a "lost airbender" who has been in prison her entire life before being rescued and discovering her destiny (A:TLA)

Skyler (Skye) Andromeda, a master Pokemon trainer who is the champion of 4/5 regions and has completed all of her Pokedex's beside Unova [she hasn't been there yet] (Pokemon)

I fully intend to create more in the near future...*

List your Favorite MLP:FiM characters in no particular order:

Ummm... alright...

1. Discord

2. Fluttershy

3. Rainbow Dash

4. Princess Celestia

5. Pinkie Pie

What would he/she look like if you combined #1 and #4's names and colors?

twitch* oh god... Princess Celcord? Dilestia? I don't even... Well he/she/it would be every color known to pony-kind... so disturbing

If you had the pairing of #2 and #5, what would a good story title and summary be?

Easy as Pie: Fluttershy finds herself lost in the Everfree forest with Pinkie Pie as her only companion. As fear begins to seep over her and affect her ability to think normally, she begins to think about the possibilities. She begins to question how she previously felt. She begins to recognize her true feelings and realizes just how Pinkie has always felt about the idea. (Possibly one-shot, but I don't know... it seems like an interesting concept, though...)

If you had the romantic pairing of #2 and #3, how would you react?

Meh. It's been done before. But I do find it quite adorable, actually... I mean, RD defending Fluttershy when they were younger and it's just so cute... *clears throat*

When you put #1 and #2 alone in a room, what do you get?

... Probably Discord acting like a puppy (it's Fluttershy, I mean, come on) or him being extremely pissed off (like in Return of Harmony...)

If you had a combination of #2 and #4, what would his/her personality be like?

Well... it'd be a dictator who was self conscious and passive... how the heck does that even work??

How would #5 act if #3 asked him/her out on a date?

RD: (blush) Hey, Pinkie, would you... uh... want to hang out sometime? Just the two of us?

PP: (squee) Oh my gosh, yes! We can eat cake and have a party and sing and dance and jump around and break the fourth wall and disobey the laws of physics and—

RD: (silence) (thinking to self) I shouldn't have asked...

What would you do if you saw #1 and #4 sleeping together?

Oh my Celestia... it would be like a clopfic of my fanfic... I don't really want to know... I would probably just back away slowly and later try to bleach my mind...

If #2 threatened Equestria that he/she would take over the land, how do you think the ponies would react?

stifled laughter* BAHAHAHA I'm sorry, Fluttershy, but you just aren't that much of a threat on a daily basis... I don't think any pony would do anything...

What did you think of this quiz?

Very interesting... Pairings I've never thought of before... not sure if that's a good thing or not, but... hey, it's new possibilities! :)

I love cartoons, and if you judge me on that, why are you even here?? I hope you check out my novel if/when it is published... "Set in Stone." Please check it out!... if you don't mind... if that's ok... I wouldn't force you or anything... :3

So that's basically it. I'm a girl, I love to write, I'm tall, I'm 15, and I'm quiet. That's enough for you. Go on. Shoo.

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