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Author has written 7 stories for Pokémon, Inheritance Cycle, Harry Potter, Wicker Man, Naruto, and Frozen.

Yes, well. So my name's Arkarian23 and here's a few interesting facts about me.

Age: Does it really matter that much?

Gender: Male

Nationality: Hard not to have one, though I wish I didn't (because I'm all philosophical like that)

Education: Yes

Location: The Internet

Opinions: Make people want to argue with me

Things I hate: People who abandon stories and especially those who abandon stories and start new ones, stories should have an ending, you shouldn't start a story without knowing how it will finish and actually finishing it. I am guilty of this, I will freely admit it, but that doesn't make me wrong.

I hate plagiarism with a vengeance so anyone who intends to copy any of my work or add it to another site without my knowledge or permission be warned, I will find you. Then either of two things will happen. If you are a woman I will make you read the entire Tom Clancy collection. If you are a man and I say this with all seriousness, I will force you to read the entire Twilight saga, twice, while listening to Justin Bieber. You have been warned.

I hate stories where the main character is made ridiculously overpowered. Stories where Harry Potter is given various Gringotts vaults, Merlin's library, automatic download of everything that's in there and a variety of superpowers that Gringotts discover after a blood test, those stories just annoy me. They lack depth.

If you switch any of the following words once in your story, I forgive you. If you do it four times in two pages, stop writing, slap yourself, and go look them up. No excuses. This was adapted from Overdog.

too/to/two (easy to do but I've seen people make this mistake multiple times in a single paragraph)
Very/Vary (I mean seriously, come on!)

(and many more)

Hobbies include:

1. Reading too much literature for my own good, often in the dark, surprisingly I have barely lost my vision despite reading in the dark and spending my early years seeing how long I could stare at the sun, and a laser pointer, and generally anything really bright. I am working on the assumption that it actually encourages my eyes to improve in the same way physical exercise works on your muscles. If only that were actually true.

2. Taking the piss... no seriously!

3. Dispensing weird, and revolting facts mid conversation. For instance did you know there is a small eel like parasite that will lodge itself in a male penis using sharp barbs, it is normally a bit over ten inches long and it attracted to your urine (ouch), what I wondered in a nightmare I had later is what would happen if a woman came into contact with one. Did you also know that Snow white is partly based off a Greek myth about a really attractive girl that had the dubious honour of being raped by not only Hermes, but Apollo aswell and then gave birth to twins, one being the child of each godly parent, ahh the romance.

the most awkward moment of my life:
Ok picture this, I'm spending an evening or so every week at a sort of group for children with disabilities, helping out and organizing things. It's going fairly well up to the point a small boy who I've spotted around a bit grabs hold of my legs and hugs me, his forehead more or less firmly pressed into my crotch. while I was trying to figure out how to extricate myself from the boy without hurting him or attracting attention from anybody nearby a girl walks over. She is about my age from what I can guess and fairly pretty. unfortunately I had never seen her speak and she always had a sort of dreamy smile on her face, which left me thinking whether or not this girl had a disability and obviously this left me in a pickle as to whether I should try flirting or even talking with this girl. She looks at me, and I at her, me definitely not knowing what to do or say at this point, not simply able to walk away, seeing as I am still trapped in the vice like grip of a four year old. We just stand there looking at each other, not saying anything.

Favorite pairings:

Harry P/Hermione G (Ginny and Ron just aren't meant for them)

Harry P/Bellatrix (surprisingly for me, there are some really good stories with this pairing if you look for them)

Ash K/May (I think writing characters with alot in common together makes alot of sense for the most part. Again the reverse is true for the opposite i.e. Ron/Hermione)

Overlord/Fay (she was always my favorite, but I do prefer browns)

Recommended books and authors:

Guardians of time (Marianne Curly)
A series I have always loved reading and one of the few I have enjoyed re-reading several times despite losing the third book three times and having to rebuy it

Discworld novels (Terry pratchet)
One of the few writers to make me laugh out loud consistently when on my own, and one of the few publicly well known writers I feel genuine respect for. I hope the Discworld series never ends.

Wild Hunt (Elspeth Cooper)
Only read the first book fully so far but I absolutely loved it, the second book gets a bit gritty with a different character perspective which generally turns me off. Still i am sure a very good series.

Mageborn (Michael G Manning)
A clever blend of originality, intriguing characters and adult humor that I won't forget in a hurry, I've just started reading the third book now after my holiday on fanfiction sites.

Codex Alera (Jim Butcher)
It was actually inspired by Pokemon, but be warned it's slightly (well a bit more than "slightly") more mature and graphic than the anime or game, but is still a great read, hey, it's got Romans with superpowers so nobody can complain.

All of these books can be found on Kindle with the exception of Guardians of Time which annoys me simply because getting it on Kindle will actually save me money in the long run if I keep losing book 3. Though I will probably lose my Kindle the moment I get the third book on it so it might actually be a blessing in disguise. I recently got another copy from Waterstones, here's hoping...

I generally search for M rated content in the belief that mostly mature people will write something that is M rated, making the writer at least 16 years old and this hopefully is reflected in the quality of the story. Quite often it is not, which depresses me. Though when I do find something half decent I will look at the writer's other works if they aren't M rated, though then I do tend to stick to T rated or above works.

Taking a look at fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey for those who do not know is an erotic novel, modified for public consumption from a twilight fanfiction, wherein Bella explores her desires with Edward. The publicly released book is reputed to be poorly written, with erotica that is not well written either. This lead me to consider why this book became so popular to begin with, after all the two main selling points are apparently badly done. The explanation for how a badly written erotic novel such as this became popular is based on society's concepts of taboo and what is polite in public circles. For example someone in a Dom/sub relationship tends to hide this relationship from the rest of society, someone who is interested in other taboo sexual acts will likewise not invite discussion. As a result when a book such as Fifty Shades of Grey is released and escapes the confines erotic novels are often placed in, the book becomes increasingly popular. This is mostlybecause not only can it be involved to a greater extent in "civilized" society, but it can allow those sexually frustrated by the same taboo society to release their frustrations without feeling that they are acting improperly.

It can be understood then, that if society were far less closed minded about erotica and other sexual proclivities, that books such as Fifty Shades of Grey would never have become popular and society as a whole would be saved from badly written fiction.

Well I've been reading alot of fanfiction and talking to alot of other members of the site and after all that, I have lost all faith in the sanity of J k Rowling. If you would like an almost complete overview look at the profile page of Kalen Darkmoon who has more or less made every point of contention with the story. However I want to make my own points (cue essay writing skills)

A Few Points of Contention with Harry Potter

Harry Potter is an incredibly well known series of books spanning seven titles and various offshoots that go further to describe the world J K Rowling created. The books were adapted into films later which only served to boost their popularity and the story grew in popularity even further granting JKR immense wealth and the ability to sue other groups for even writing stories vaguely related to the HP franchise.

It should be noted that as book adaptions for films have become more popular due to the incredible hype created by the HP franchise other writings have been butchered in their adaptations, resulting in poorly made films that destroy the plot of whatever the first book of whichever series was targeted. Notable examples include Inheritance and Percy Jackson where the story was mutilated in an effort to make the films more entertaining which in the process made creating a second film impossible due to the previously mentioned butchering of plots. Unsurprisingly said butchering/mutilation/disfigurement detracted from said films and ruined them for the enjoyment of readers of the book, this did not happen with the first four HP books as far as I can remember.

In addition to ruining the film industry JKR has also encouraged the formation of harmful, abusive and loveless relationships, implying that such relationships will in fact succeed in life and result in happiness for those involved. the notable examples include the relationship between Ron and Hermione and to a lesser extent Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass simply because they named their son Scorpio (I mean seriously!).

Before the details of the realtionships between the other characters can be brought into question it is imperative that the characters themselves be brought into a clearer, fairly unbiased, light.

Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley is the sixth son of seven children and the youngest son of the Weasley household, he has received hand me downs since he was small. Ron is often seen to act thoughtlessly and rudely to many of those around him, the most notable instances being Hermione (more to be described in the paragraph concerning their relationship). Initially Ron is seen to idolize Harry Potter's fame in much the same way others are described to in the books, asking to see Harry's scar when they are introduced on the Hogwarts express. In later books, despite knowing of Harry's decidedly light and overall good nature, is fearful of his Parseltongue ability, this is fairly understandable considering the stigma associated with the ability and that Ron did not break his relationship with Harry at the time. Another notable instance where Ron's character is brought into question concerns the triwizard tournament where again, despite knowing Harry very well, scorns him following his choosing as a fourth champion and the not very hard leap of logic to deduce that once again, someone was trying to kill Harry. Rather than try to comfort Harry in his time of need and once again, forcing into the spotlight, Ron shunned Harry and despite reforming their friendship after the first task, it is clear of the jealousy that must have been associated with such behaviour. Ron is seen to be very lazy through his uncaring attitude to his studies and his (and admittedly Harry's) use of Hermione for help in their homework. Ron is also described as having little emotional depth and understanding. A third instance where Ron's character is brought into question is during the Horcrux hunt, while the locket is at least partly responsible for his actions in leaving it is logical to assume that the locket was playing on his own insecurities and weaknesses which lead him to leave the group. Overall Ron isn't the brightest tool in the shed and has quite a few inadequacy issues that need fixing badly.

Ginny Weasley

Ginny weasley is introduced into the Harry Potter books as the younger sister of Ron who seems to have developed a severe crush on the Boy-Who-Lived (note the choice of words). She is rarely mentioned in the story until the fifth book and then sixth year where Harry and Ginny's relationship develops, at an alarming rate. Ginny spent her childhood surrounded by the mystique of the Boy Who Lived through the books bought for her by Molly Weasley, it was this which lead her to develop her crush on harry and explains her shy behaviour around Harry. While this may not actually be true for the most part (i.e. the whole worship thing) there is alot to say about how she sin't seen alot until blook six. In fact she gets barely any character development throughout the story and as a result I can't really get behind Harry/Ginny. I can accept it becasue they both have things in common and a shared near death experience but that's about it.

Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger is a muggleborn student and well known for her booksmarts among other things. She grew up in the Muggle world and was enamoured with the Wizarding world. Her relationship with Harry began following the fight with the troll in her first year. It is indicated through the first two books that a closer relationship between Harry and Hermione could have developed (again JKR admitted this was originally the plan). However, it should be assumed that neither were mature enough to recognize the feelings they had for each other. It has been thought by some that Harry's upbringing was at least partly responsible for his lack of acknowledgement of his feelings.

My Challenges

I've set up various challenges on my forum, anyone who wants to take a look feel free:

Well it appears that the change in Fanfiction has been made, rather than include an MA rating for stories on this site the great marketing minds running the show decided that it was much more logical to set up an entire new website to host the MA rated fiction. Initially this seems like a very stupid decision, however this was actually a very savvy business move by the site owners, allowing them to justify creating a new website, and incidentally charge more money for their advertising while simultaneously attracting new companies to buy advertising space.

Now I might be convinced to let this slide. If it weren't for the fact that not only do most people not care anyway and already had their stories on other sites, namely ficwad, hpadultfanfiction or adultfanfiction. What does annoy me is that the MA rated stories on this site have simply just been deleted. This more or less destroys most of the MA rated content that has been left by writers who have since lost interest in fanfiction. Even more annoyingly the new site they have created is impossible to work with, the search feature doesn't even work properly on the first attempt (and has since been taken down)

I should make the point that are actually providing a niche to other internet fanfic websites. Well done for considering your competition!

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