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About this girl: My name is Somnus Vicis. Latin for "Time to Sleep" which is quite fitting for me since I do almost everything at night/early morning when I'm suppose to be asleep. I've been writing non-fiction for a while, and wanted to try my hand at a bit of fanfiction. There's still much for me to learn when it comes to writing, but by keeping my mind and heart open, I'm sure I'll be a pretty good author in the future.

B-Day:12/27/90 Now 23

Fave Season: Fall. Everything just seems more alive to me for some reason. The air is crisp and the color of the leaves is beautiful.

Fave Shows: I have such weird taste in TV shows

Ghost Adventures

Teen Titans

Adventure Time

Regular Show

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Young Justice

Green Lantern Animated Series

I also enjoy a number of Anime

Movies: I've come to appreciate a wide variety

Beauty and the Beast

While You Were Sleeping

The Ring


Batman: Under the Red Hood

Summer Wars

Games: I haven't played much in the past few months, but I do love me a good game

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle


Silent Hill

Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Odin Sphere

Kingdom Hearts

Harvest Moon

Theresia: Dear Emile

Scribblenauts Unmasked (for obvious reasons)

Fave Band/Singers: Where I find my inspiration


Cipes and the People

Amy Winehouse




The Script



Fave Books: I own so many books, some of which I haven't even read

Geek Charming - By: Robin Palmer

You Can't Hide - By: Karen Rose

The Seer Series - By: Linda Joy Singleton

Beastly - By: Alex Flinn

Perfect Chemistry - By: Simone Elkeles

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - By: Ransom Riggs

..:Lots of things have happened since my last update. I'm still the girly-girl/tom boy. I still love pretty dresses, wearing make up, and drooling over cute boys. I also love playing video games, reading comic books, lounge like a slob, and wear fromy clothes that make me look like a homeless cat lady. I'm currently attending online classes to obtain my Child Development Associates (CDA). Over the summer I worked at a daycare where I bonded over children I only knew for a short while. I think I've found my passion. I'm still discovering things about myself, and as 2014 rolls along, I'm sure to discover even more things:..

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Pretty is a Beast* In Progress

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January, 9 2014

Chapter 8, This Bitter Earth, has been uploaded

January, 6 2014

I have just re-uploaded a newer version of Chapter 4, since MANY things about it have been preventing me from moving on with the story. I think that's the only chapter, but I'm going to look back at a few and see if changes need to be made with them as well. Please forgive this lowly author as WRITING IS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS.

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