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Hey guys, I'm new to Fanfiction.net

I have read some amazing stories told here!

Its just sooo amazing uhm...I am a NaruHina Fan and SasuSaku fan so i will be making a fanfic of my two favorite couples and thanks also for posting great stories!


Last Name:-_-

Age:-_- 15




Likes:Reading Books

Looking at myself in the mirror(I can't help it! It was a trait passed down from my mom. She used to look in the mirror all the time so i can't keep myself from looking at my beautiful face as i say. XD Lol)







Flirting (With my best friendXD)-_- He's a boy Btw

Training in Martical Arts

Peace & Quiet



Doing people hair

Talk things out to people who i think could understand me

THE MOON!(For some reason I love to gaze up at the moon at night. I feel an attractive and at peace when i'm alone sitting on my porch just looking unto the dark nite sky watching the moon.I just loved how it always glistens and outshine even the brighest of stars.The moon was a pure peace to even just watch it from a farsite. Even if i can't see it close..I can still feel the presence of it..and i could get lost in it forever if i wanted to. If i needed to.

Being Alone. By myself bring me peace. I'm never bored really.Its hard for me to get bored anyway.But you wouldn't get no where near bored around here unless you were up by yourself.-Grunt- I have 2 annoying brothers. I'm the youngest of them.Gosh they tick my nerve everytime.(Often we would fight each other exspecially my eldest brother!He the most annoying one of them all but despite how annoying and stupid and crazy they may be they are still my brothers and I love them with all my heart.

Heh That reminds me of someone who i once knew..

-Sigh- Anyways


Someone who cheats at their game.Its unfair when i can't do the same towards you. But its even more selfish for me not wanting to make the same mistake you did. Because it just not who i am.It wasn't me and never will be.

Someone who exaggerates. This is one of the things I hate the most!And it takes me a great amount of anger to make me to the point i just can't look at you without never forgiving you. I know it may seem childish but i really don't like people who says'You took an entire year to get' Oh just shutup!Even typing it makes me mad. I already got to hear exaggerations from my brother and i try my best to calm myself

(My Tragic Love Life)People whom are blind. Have you ever had a person that were clueless that you even like them?That you even love them and they just take you for granted?Just walk right past you like your nothing..like your invisible..Well you see i'm so inlove with this boy and he keep breaking my heart and crying everynite because of him... i had been wanting to tell him how i feel but knowing him i wouldn't know what he would say..He has me so confused and i'm still a little confused as of now. Heh You can't trust no one with your heart now-days because all they end up is breaking them. Thats what made me so depressed and mad than but now..I'm not going to let him ruin my life or take over it just because of him..I loved him and yet he threw it all away..all in my face..What i hate now is knowing that i still do. I still do love him and i don't think it's going away anytime soon. You could see why i like the couples NaruHina and SasuSaku right?I feel as if they are apart of my life because surprisly i'm going through some of the what both characters are going through. It may seem laughable but its the truth but for me this isn't just a fairytale. Its real and I want to move on and be happy but also i just can't leave him. My feeling won't let me do it. I'm too inlove with him to just say goodbye so quick. I just need him to know but..I'm so stupidly shy around him!It may seem stupid but i always smile when i see him and blush whenever he talks to me. I'm not saying hey i'm Hinata-Roll Eyes- Because i'm not and i don't stutter and not shy as her.Well she has grown to a point she could stop fainting around Naruto thats good:)But yeah..I'm was such a wreck..hurting so much but than i stop thinking about him for weeks and focused on me. It didn't hurt so much.But sometimes he would cut me so deep that my shoulder would go back like tugging and a pin-needle was struck through my heart. It hurt more than physical contact. I thought i gotten over him by now but i can't even keep my eyes from watering now. I'm was so stupid.. but than again I never was really wise coming to relationships..Even if we were not together..even if i'm not the one happy i would still be happy..happy for him..sometimes i could be stupid..I let people slip off to easily...but i guess it fine..once my tears are all dried..It becomes slightly ok because its not like i was especting anything different..Somethings always in the way of my victory..I never really succeed.

Crybabies: This is funny to me slightly but it can't be helped

People who insult my family: Don't you hate it when someone insult your own family?!Your own blood. Exspecially my mom. No one ever talks about mom..because i swear if i hear another word i'm not going to be myself..and i'm quite the nice kind person..I can be cruel when i want to be and Need to be.

Yaoi and Yuri: Sorry people. I don't like neither of these. They go against my religion, badly go against it. A dose of that than you could find your self in hells grounds and Lord knows i don't want that. I never liked it anywho to began with. I foud it rather...not my taste but please don't get offened. I'm just stating my opinon better yet facts in my book.

Couples I love: NaruHina and Sasusaku of course!

Couples I like: ShikaTema(ShikaIno is alright I don't really like her more than Temari-San or with that much of Naara Shikamaru)

NejiTen(Comeon!They are marvelous for each other!)

SaiIno(Sai could now know what a bond feels like)

NejiIno(I found this couple quite cute from my taste)

KibaIno(Wassup with all the Ino couples?XD Lol Well she just seem to look cute with almost everyone)

NaruSaku(I kind of feel disgusted writing out 'NaruSaku' They seem more like siblings than anything but they are so cute together but Sakura would kill him in one day XD

SasuHina(Whats better than Ying Yang with an innocent and a guilty shinobis?That is Hott XD)

ItachiHina(Don't scowl me people but i find them cute too even though he's older than her)

InuKag:I love Inuyasha and Kagome! My hatic for Kikyo has piped down. I remember i use to hate Kikyo XD Now i still don't want her with Inu but i was kind of sad for her death

SaiSaku(Omg!This couple is something Ive never felt before!I think i'm slightly starting to love this couple XD)

Couples I hate: NaruIno: I hate this darn couple with my life!They are just not right for each other-_-

NaruTema:Wtf?Who made up this shiii?Like really?I find this couple oddly disgusting.

ShinoHina- Two weird people don't match together. Not that Hinatas weird but come on?She quiet so it would seem like a weird couple-_-

NejiHina-I feel like puking..I know its allowed in japan and in the Hyuuga bloodline..I just find it disgusting

NarukoHina:WHAT THE HELL?!Yuri of Naruto?Now you people are turning Naruto into a girl -Smh- I get pretty upset with that!But you want to know whats worst?NaruHarem.

I HATE NaruHarem so much i could slap Naruto and kick in his private parts!

So now that you see my likes and dislikes lets play the game..

Would you rather..

Would you rather save the one you loved or save a family of people whom were a complete stranger to you?

Would you rather be blind or be deaf?

Would you rather have an arm with no leg?Or have a leg with no arm?

Would you rather work at Mcdonalds or work at Popeyes?

Would you rather eat to-fu the rest of your life or have a broom smudge up your a*

Would you rather give love than recieve it?

Would you rather live your life as you please on Earth in an amount of time through sins, knowing you would die one day..or would you burn for all eternity?

(Update on Tragic Love Life)Hey guys!Just my update on my love life and let me tell you something!God almighty has helped me through all the way of my life! He is a huge help, but not also forget our Lord, Jesus Christ!(Yeshua)

I'm no longer depressed!I'm no longer sad because of him..but sometimes i get sad when i see couples walking around, and walking by myself.Just feel kinda lonely.But i smile my entire way through.Because i know God is watching me from up above.Causei know my heavenly father is watching me up above.




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