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Oh, why hello there! Thank you for stopping by my profile page!

Since I'm such a newb, any visitors to my page are greatly appreciated. Actually, I'm not as new as my profile says. It lies! I've been reading fan-fiction since I was in high school, following my favorites when I'm not too busy. But I've become so obsessed that I finally just decided to bite the bullet and create a profile. Right now I'm a senior in college studying graphic design. I always have story ideas floating around in my head and soon I'd like to put some of those in to action and see what you guys think. Hopefully they're good, but if they suck then we can all point and laugh at them together later on. Just don't be TOO rough. I don't have a heart of stone!

If you're on my profile, I feel like you're here to get to know me better. I like to think that people will read my stories and my reviews and wonder "wow, who's the genius that wrote this? I must learn more about them!" So you come to my profile and immediately want to be my best friend after reading my very friendly introduction. In actuality, you probably just clicked the link on accident, but I'm just gonna keep believing that my awesomeness is what lead you here. Anyway, if you wanna get to know me I've put together a few little factoids that might help out:

1.) I swear A LOT

I have the worst potty mouth. Luckily I don't swear as much when I write, but in person it can get pretty bad. Especially when I'm ranting about something. It can be a rant on something stupid like the ending of Titanic (which is total fucking crap. I love that movie, but Rose has and entire headboard-thing to lay on while poor Jack floats out there in the freezing cold. A WHOLE HEADBOARD. Couldn't she move over for the poor guy?!) but I'll still start swearing like a sailor once I get going. I'm thinking this is gonna leak in to my stories, so all I'm gonna say is - you have been warned.

2.) My favorite color is blue

3.) When it comes to movies, I'm the anti-girl girl

All of my girlfriends cry a ton when we go to the movies. Any type of girl movie will make them tear up, but for me crying during movies like The Notebook just doesn't happen. I've been called many names (usually some form of the word bitch) but I just can't do it. Don't get me wrong, I go and see chick-flicks all the time. Some of my favorites are Bridget Jone's Diary, Love Actually, Pride & Prejudice, and Sleepless In Seattle. But there are never any tears. And just so you know that I'm actually capable of emotion, some of the movie's I have shed tears over are Gone Baby Gone, War Horse (I practically weeped during that one), The Help, and the very last Harry Potter.

4.) I love sarcasm

I didn't really need to tell you that. If you're still reading this, you probably already had a pretty good idea.

5.) Usually I'm a really quiet person

People have told me I'm the most quiet, laid back person they have ever met. Over the years I've chosen to take that as a compliment. But whenever I meet new people or I'm not around my friends, I don't talk a whole lot. Usually it's because I'm thinking so hard about what I should say. I want to give people the right impression. I want people to meet me and think "Wow, this chick is so cool! Where has she BEEN all my life?!" and the pressure to perform becomes too much to handle (that's what he said). So I panic and say nothing instead. But I guess my point is, if I'm coming off as a hilarious, outgoing person (hopefully not an ass) it's because writing this in the comfort of my own apartment in my oversized shirt and flannel pj's makes it a lot easier to be myself.

6.) I have the weirdest book collection

You would think now that I'm an adult I would spend more time in the adult section of the bookstore, but alas I don't. When you go to Barnes and Noble I'm the creepy adult you see in the Young Adult section with all the teenagers. In my defense I'm only 22, so at least I'm not a balding 45 year-old man wearing a wife beater and driving a van. Still, I'm starting to feel a little weird when I have to ask the twelve year-old next to me if I can get by to grab a Holly Black book. There's no stopping me though. Once I discovered the young adult books in middle school there was no going back. But I'm also an avid reader of classic books like Northanger Abbey, Jane Eyre, and Alice in Wonderland to name a few. So when you look at my little bookcase there is a lot of young adult books, classics, and Shakespeare, with a light peppering of biographies like Running with Scissors and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Hey, even I don't fully understand it and I'm the one reading them all.

Ok, now that I've probably scared you off with the length of this introduction I'll stop talking... er, typing. But this has been fun! We should hang out more often.

I know I haven't actually written a whole lot yet (hell there probably isn't even anyone reading this right now) but once I do I'd love feedback. Thanks and I'll be seeing you ;)

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