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It was sundown at the camp I was staying at with my Boy Scout troop. Everyone but me and the older scouts went to go play with the other campers because I can only stand other people for so long. I was with one of my friend's brothers when we were just talking about some random stuff. I look over to where we made a little make shift bench from some logs and wood where I saw a black cat. I know that you are thinking that is not a big deal, but it was more like a silhouette to me. It had amber eyes that seemed kind of unnatural. I ask my friend's brother why there was a cat here. "What cat?"He asked. I was dumbfounded by this and I quickly pointed to it asking "Do you see it?!". He responded no, so I took a step toward it and pointed at it again, and repeated my question. He again responded no. At his response I took about 3 steps where I was right next to it, and asked for the last time "Do you see it?". The awnser was the same and when I looked back to it, it ran toward the bushes where it just disappeared. He told me that it must have been a racoon that I saw, but I know what I saw. I never saw thought that I would see that cat again, but recently while on a hike with my troop a black cat crossed our path and about 10 minutes afterwards a car was heading toward my friends on a road. Right now I think that my friends are either bad a paying attention or something strange was happening. This is not the first time either that weird things have happened around me. There can be many other things that can be told about me which you might learn about sooner or later.

Hello Fanfiction!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys has been a while! *sweat drop* Yeah I'm sorry for not updateing. I'm not gonna bother makeing excuses only that I have been on deviantart a lot recently. I want to let you guys know about the story I just published called "The Shadowfire". It is a Legend of Spyro fanfic just so you guys know. I'll tell you a bit about my OC, Aterinus.

Name: Aterinus

Age: 15

Element(s): Fire and Shadow

Appearance: Black scales, red wings, spikes going down the back, and red kind/fierce eyes. (His eyes can make it look like he is angry or happy at times.)

Born: A night before the temple egg raid.

Current time: 20 years after Malefor was defeated.

Confused? Go read the fanfic then. I originally was only gonna post it on Deviantart, but I though 'What the heck? I'll go post on fanfiction as well.' I drew a picture of him, but it is hard to see, and it is only in pencil so here it is: Go read the story if you are a TLOS fan, or read it just because you have nothing else to do. 'Till next time! Later!

-The Fire Magician

I almost forgot.
Go check it out!

Update: Sorry I havn't been on lately, I have been busy RPing. Check out the group on Deviantart:

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Xed, after making an ill-defined decision due to exhaustion and stubbornness, ends up getting himself hit by a car. Now, thinking it is either a dream or he is dead, he wakes up in a strange world and ends up meeting a creature called Huckmon, a Digimon looking for his master. Next thing Xed finds out he is alive, in a hospital, and that he is deeply entangles with the DigitalWorld
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