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Author has written 10 stories for Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, Avatar: Last Airbender, Vocaloid, Homestuck, and Durarara!!/デュラララ!!.

Welcome, to my personal page, it's highly doubtful I'd lie on this page, despite the fact that both of my personalities do have different opinions. Name's L, have fun readin'

Fake Friends: When you’re gone from school, tell you what happened.

Real Friends: Run up to you, tackle-hug you and scream so everyone stares “I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!”

Fake Friends: When your crush walks in the room, subbtley hint they’re here.

Real Friends: Shout loudly. “HEY ISN’T THAT THE GUY YOU LIKE?”

Fake Friends: Pat you on the back when you do something good.

Real Friends: Slap you on the arm and say, “Goodie two shoes!”

Fake Friends: Comfort you when your sad.

Real Friends: Hug you tight enough to choke you and hog the bucket of icecream.

Fake Friends: Tell you how pretty you are when you think your ugly.

Real Friends: Slap you and say “Who told you you weren’t pretty? I’ll fucking kill em’!”

Fake Friends: Borrow your stuff and give it back when you ask.

Real Friends: Say “Oh yeah… about that, kiss it goodbye honey!”

Fake Friends: Will consoul you when a guy breaks up with you.

Real Friends: Go immediately, beat the shit out of them, and then hug you.

Fake Friends: Ask nicely for your lunch stuff.

Real Friends: Go “Whats that!” And steal the stuff when your not looking.

Fake Friends: Will pick you up when you fall down.

Real Friends: Will kick you in the stomach softly and say “Hey, are you dead?” (then help you up… maybe)

Fake Friends: Will leave with the crowd.

Real Friends: Will flip off the crowd and tell you. “Those bitches don’t know what they’re missing!”

Fake Friends: Will go with you to the mall and buy their own stuff.

Real Friends: Will give you “the look” and beg for money/ buy you crap you want.

Fake Friends: Will wear the “Best friend” necklace once and a while

Real Friends: Will wear it so long they look at you and ask. “How the fuck do you get this thing off?”

Fake Friends: Will know everything about you when you ask.

Real Friends: Will know absolutely nothing, until it’s your birthday and then they give you exactly what you like.

Fake Friends: Go to your house sometimes.

Real Friends: Sleep in your house so much your pretty sure that they actually live there.

Fake Friends: Are really nice until you need them.

Real Friends: Are kinda mean until you need them.

Fake Friends: Ask politely for your special cupcake.

Real Friends: Say, “Bitch, you best have made one for me!” Then eat half of yours anyway.

Fake Friends: Give you some gum.

Real Friends: Are like “Get your own gum!” And the next day you find a pack on your desk.

Fake Friends: Watch you sing Karaoke

Real Friends: Are up there with you singing… really, really badly.

Fake friends: Go out with the guy you have a crush on

Real Friends: If he asks her out she goes like, “Hell no, get glasses buddy, the hot one is over there!”

Fake Friends: Don’t tell you who they like.

Real Friends: Tell you and then say. “You tell anyone, I will shot you, an bury your body in the woods!”

Fake Friends: Don’t understand your movie/anime talk.

Real Friends: Run lines with you from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. “It’s a bunny.” “Look at the Bones man!” And share your anime crushes. “Kyo and Kyoya and MINE bitch!”

Fake Friends: Get mad when you tease them.

Real Friends: Laugh and then start teasing you back, until it turns into a slap fight and you both end up on the floor laughing.

Fake Friends: Pretend to like your stupid haircut.

Real Friends: Laugh at you for days, but tell you nothing can make you look bad.

Fake Friends: Will let you walk around with your bra sorta showing.

Real Friends: Put their jacket on you by force and glare at every boy in the class.

Fake Friends: Would never do anything to piss you off.

Real Friends: Piss you off know full well you guys have gone through to much to separate.

Fake Friends: Read this and realize it’s true.

Real Friends: Read this and are like “YUP!” Then make their own.

Anime Characters I fucking love and why I fucking love them

Revy- From Black Lagoon, duel 92s, nuff said.

Saeko (Psycho)- From High School of the Dead, if I were as samurai as her I wouldn't be allowed on school property.

Cannan- From Cannan, sharpshooter sweet white hair and I fucking love her attitude.

Okami-san- From Okami-san and her seven companions, kitty boxing gloves. That is all.

Kana- From Minami-ke, she's as wacko as I am

Chiaki- From Manami-ke, she always keeps a straight face, which I respect.

Toma- From Manami-ke, tom-boy who doesn't really care about what people think.

Izumo- From Blue Exorcist, I love tsudere characters... and her foxes are amazing.

Misa-Misa- From Death Note, because the world needs more hot models that are in love with serial-killing maniacs and ignore the honest and loving hero because he's not "handsome"

L- From Death Note, because he shares my nickname, he's amazingly in-tune with everything, he only died because the anime-writers are bastards and according to some books he offed himself, and finally, I have a fetish for guys that hunch over, have spiky black hair, under-eye bags and enjoy sweets almost as much as I do! (notice he's the only male character on this list, that says something)

Maka- From Soul Eater, because she overcomes her fear and becomes the true heroine.

Tsubaki- From Soul Eater, because she's a fucking shadow weapon, how fucking awesome is that?

Medusa- From Soul Eater, my favorite anime villain at the moment.

Yuno- From Mirai Nikki (Future Diary), just because she's loyal as fucking hell, and I love her hair.

Kanako- From Nyan Koi, Manba... i do believe I rest my case.

Nagi- From Nyan Koi, Tom boy which I love plus she's pretty crazy hot.

Erza- From Fairy Tail, love her hair, love her outfit-changes, love her fighting style, love her loyalty, love her in-charge attitude, love her sexy-ness.

Lucy- From Fairy Tail, Because it's so hard being a Kawaii-girl!

Happy- From Fairy Tail, I LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOVE him (I fucking love cats)

Taiga- From Toradora, Kawaii girl with a bokken... I need not a reason to love her.

Minori- From Toradora, LOYAL! My number one reason to fucking love a character! She loves a guy, but gives him up for her BEST FRIEND because that's just what us good friends do!

Kyoko- From Skip Beat, Just another fair maiden who fucking HATES LOVE, she's sweet, nice, talented, and did I mention she's above the bullshit named love?

Minami- From Baka and Test, Kick ass, wrestles, smart, bilingual, and i love her attitude.

Mizuki- From Baka and Test, Let it be known I have a fetish for pink hair, and chicks that can't cook.

Orihime- From Bleach, you know... *cough* huge boobs *cough*

The list continues, but this is what you get for now.

I hate the color pink

I hate the color mauve

I hate when people try to wear pink and purple

I hate when people accuse me of not wearing anything but black

I hate when people decide its their fucking business what I wear

I hate when people think I’m emo

I hate when people tell other people I’m emo

I hate that my guidance councilor probably thinks I’m suicidal.

I hate that people act shocked when I tell them I’m homicidal.

I hate when those people try to get me in trouble for saying that

I hate that people pretend they’ve never thought of killing someone

I hate that people take me literally

I hate that people take me lightly

I hate that people think I hate everything

I hate almost everything

I hate that people pretend they don’t hate everything

I hate that people try to make me love stuff

I hate that people don’t understand I hate them

I hate that kid that sits next to me and pretends I like him

I hate that the kid told his girlfriend that

I hate that his girlfriend started giving me shit about it

I hate that I got in trouble for telling her that if she didn’t back the hell off I’d chop off her pretty little fingers and feed them to her in a steaming bowl of credit-card shavings.

I hate that nobody understands that I’d actually do that

I hate that people try to understand that I’m bi

I hate people that act like their superior to me because I’m bi

I hate that people don’t think that I’ll hurt them when they act superior

I hate people that think I’m dumb because I choose not to do my homework

I hate people that think I’m smart because I actually read books with more than 100 pages

I hate people that try to be my friends

I hate people that try to be my enemies

I hate people that try to get close to me

I hate people that pretend to be close to me

I hate that some of you are trying to relate to this bullshit

I hate that everyone blames the government

I hate the government

I hate the egotistical bigots running the state government

I hate the hypocritical power-hounds trying to get elected

I hate the hypocritical people that say they could run the country

I hate whoever thinks the world would be better without government

I hate that I’m stuck on the government topic

I hate teenagers

I hate that I am a teenager

I hate being female

I hate that boys won’t hit me

I hate that I won’t hit girls

I hate that the reason I won’t hit girls is because a gentleman doesn’t hit girls

I hate when people tell me I can’t be a gentleman

I hate when people tell me to act like a lady

I hate girls who act like ladies

I hate girls who act like their superior because they act like ladies

I hate the girl that took my iPod and mocked my music

I hate that I didn’t shoot her in the knee and get on with my life

I hate the boy who likes my music and tries to recommend songs to me

I hate that I actually like the songs he picks

I hate how much I like a nerd in my science class

I hate that all my friends poke fun at it

I hate that I have to sit next to my crush

I hate my crush

I hate my childhood friend, who I have a crush on

I hate how much I like him

I hate that I’m only allowed 2 hours on the computer because my parents think I'm an antisocial outcast

I hate my brother

I hate that my brother's girlfriends stays with my brother even after he stomped on her heart and ran over it with a fucking car

I hate that my parents took my cats from me

I hate that I loved my cats more than I love myself

I hate that I can't hit my parents

I hate that my parents don't let me break things

I hate thats it's unexceptable for me to break things, but my brother can do whatever the fuck he wants because he's a guy

I hate that I need to post this online to feel better

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Fire by ThatNonMexicanMexican reviews
She had a system, school, work, and make sure her sisters had enough, or she would lose them. When her and Haruhi stumble across the Host Club and a pair of twins make her their toy...she got screwed. HikaruxOCxKaoru -major editing-
Ouran High School Host Club - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 5 - Words: 10,948 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 4/27/2012 - Published: 8/21/2011 - Kaoru H., Hikaru H.
The Prince and the Thief by Ink Tsubasa reviews
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