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Author has written 6 stories for Wild Kratts, and Alvin and the chipmunks.

My Fave shows; Wild Kratts, Winx Club, Monster High, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 version), Wander Over Yonder

Wild Kratts OCs:

Adult/Teen OCs: Anya Renes, Jessie Carmine, Annie Varmitech, Candace Gates, Mira Varmitech

Children/Teen OCs: Ivy Z, Ming Z, Cassidy Varmitech, Tony Varmitech, Charlie Kratt (CK's side), Joanna Kratt (CK's side), Wendy Kratt (MK's side), Greg and Jeff Kratt (MK's side/twins)

Animal OCs: Cerberus (wolf cub) , Bonzai (baby monkey), Jewels (vampire bat), Rhea (tiger cub)

OC(s) for AATC:

Lily Seville (CGI)

Species: human

Family: Dave and Claire's niece, Toby's sister

Age: 13

Apearence: pale tan complexion, has brown hair in a tight ponytail, green-blue eyes, wears black skirts, platform shoes, and designer tank tops

Carolina Romeno:

Species: Chipette

Age: 16 (in chipmunk years)

Height: taller than Brittany, but shorter than Jeanette

Appearance: electric blue eyes, golden honey fur, hair in high ponytail with end in curls, wears a red-orange sundress, neon orange heels

Rosalinda Romeno:

Species: Chipette

Age: 14 (in chipmunk years)

Height: same as Eleanor

Appearance: aqua blue eyes, light mocha fur, dark brown curly hair in a afro-like style, wears white tanktop with silver heart, jean capris, light yellow sneakers

Esperanza Romeno

Gender: female (Chipette)

Age:13.5 (chipmunks years)

Height: same as Brittany

Appearance:ocean blue eyes, milk chocolate fur, brown wavy hair held by two barrettes, lime green graphic tee of skull with red bow and hearts for eyes, jean capris, and forest green running shoes

OC(s) for MLP: FiM:

Angel Wings:

Gender: female

Age: same as Twilight's

Eyes: magenta

Mane/Tail: wavy / light blonde with small rainbow streaks

Cutie Mark: red heart with angel wings and halo

Coat Color: light lavender

Species: pegasus

Starry Night

Gender: female

Age: same as Rainbow Dash

eyes: light pink

Hair: curly / velvet cupcake red

Cutie Mark: three golden stars

Coat Color: pale yellow

Species: unicorn (magic is purple)


Gender: female

Age: same as Rarity

eyes: blue

Cutie Mark: paintbrush and paint splatters

Coat Color: lime green

Species: unicorn (magic is light green)

Cookie Dough

Gender: female

Age: same as Fluttershy

eyes: green-blue

Hair: curled/ dark and light brown

Cutie Mark: plate of cookies

Coat Color: peachy-creamish

Species: earth pony

Random Things To Do At Wal-Mart!

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Upcoming stories:

(Wild Kratts) Love You To Death: Anya and Chris are trapped in Anarctica, alone... or so they think. What happens when an "old friend" comes back and nearly kills them? ChrisxOC

(My Little Pony) Meet the New Mares: Newcomers arrive in Ponyville. Can the Mane 6 show them a good time?

(Alvin and the Chipmunks) Cursed: During a trip in Spain, the Chipmunks and Chipettes discover three more chipmunks, but the new 'Ettes have a dark


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Results: Artemis and Apollo (Cool! I'm a combo of the Greek twins. XD)

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