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stuff about me

ok so i don't have much, but hey i like to read and write, almost as much as i love anime.

i'm 19 live in new york big family annoying to but you guys make it all worth while.

i'll admit a lot better at poetry than accutal stories but it's getting better as i go along you know what they say practice makes perfect. the more I Write the better I get.

favorite quotes

what does not kill you makes you stronger

live life to the fullest

live everyday as if it were your last cause some day it will be

do unto others as you would have them do unto you

imagination is the key to sucess

a promise is a comfort to a fool

"sit" (inuyasha)

and many more

favorite anime




Yu yu Hakusho

Dragon ball z/Gt

Case closed

Blood +

Dn angel

Shaman King

Full metal Alchemist

Ruroni Kenshin

Ranma 1/2

Prince of Tennis

Shugo Chara

Rave Master

Air Gear


ouran high school host club

Lovely complex

One Piece

Fairy Tale

i'll add more when i remember



Utlimate betrayal:

Kagome's cousin likes Inuyasha. Inuyasha likes her. She like Sesshomaru and Sesshomaru likes her. If she goes out with either it's betrayal. if she goes out with none then she betrays her selfand her feelings... either way you put it it's betrayal. Kagome's jealos of kikyo and now she's gotta worry about her cousin too. well 2 can play at this game... she decides to go out with kouga... and the tangled web just keeps getting even more tangled this is the story of the ultimate betrayal! talk about drama?

Yu Yu Hakusho:

Seeing is believing

You are a seer, happy go lucky, innocent...you don't remember a thing before you met the Yu Yu gang aside for your name... you are complete even with out knowing your true past and what you were ment to do. But things come tumbling down as you are now running from your once perfect world. Pregnant and alone... Kurama/reader

HIei's Rivaled love

RE-written First chapter is out!

Hiei's thown into a new case that will bring him many test, one of then is training a boy but that's the least of his problems he's gotta work with a half demon girl to save the world and undo all the wrongs that her twisted father did. hard part about it is he's in love with her.


Dining to kill

I am the ninja with no name. the one who posses the curse kekki genkai. I am the deliverer of death, a murderer...and yet I ...Where am I? How did I get here? Covered in blood but I am still alive. I feel no pain, as I continue to look around at my surroundings now fully waking up. Pairing Gaara or Naruto... you can vote if you want! be advised that THis is written in first person for the moment and the reader has a split personality be adviced this story may get a bit discriptive with violence and character deaths may occur.

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Silent Hello reviews
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