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Author has written 5 stories for Total Drama series, and Pokémon.

The name came up when I was joking with my friends. I just pointed to a random corner and yelled. I SEE YOU! My friend asked who did I see. I answered back saying that it was the Man in the Corner. It just stuck. But when I tried to have it as my YouTube name, it was taken so I had to put Mr. in front of it. So I became, Mr. Man in the Corner

I use to just post when I finish a chapter, that didn't really go that well because I would get distracted and do other stuff. So this is what I do, I write all of the chapters for the story and then post them one at a time. It works way better then what I use to do, because I get to re-read everything to make sure that it is all good.

Right now I am finishing writing Total Drama Hangover, and Total Drama Villainous Island. While finishing those two, I am writing Total Drama Final Destination, and my first non-Total Drama, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Hope of the Future.

I do shout outs on my stories. If you want to be noticed, tell me. I let my readers know about my friend and my other stories plus whomever wants to be announced.

I prefer people to comment on my stories, it is like motivation for me because I know that people want to keep on reading this story. My stories in Total Drama mixes up some of the couples. I look at it then decide if that will make a good couple or not.

To sum me up, I am a creative teen, go to high school, got my eagle for boy scouts, and was recommended by lots of people to go into a profession of acting. If that doesn't work, I can always go with Criminal Justice and writing.


Total Drama Final Destination= Trent has a vision of him and 12 others dying on a ski lift, after saving all but one of them, death comes back to re-kill them.

Total Drama Final Destination 2= Trent gets another vision of 14 of them dying on a bus. After saving 12 of them, he has to save them while Death is killing them again.

Total Drama Hangover= After getting bailed from jail, Trent has to face the wedding of Duncan and Gwen, after the wedding, Justin, Harold, and Cody go missing. Trent has to find them, yet there are many secrets to the island that he will discover along the way.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Hope of the Future= It started out with a simple save a Pokémon's younger sister. It soon turned into save the Pokémon's younger sister AND the world. Can this team of four do it?

Total Drama Villainous Island= 16 villains from across the cartoon world face off to win the grand prize of 1 mil. This is a big 'who can you trust' competition.














13-Dr. Blight



16-'Lil Gideon

Characters- Bane, Poison Ivy, Shredder, Cree, 'Lil Gideon, Lee, Katz, Jack Spicer, Wuya, Chase, Deadpool, Vickey, Oakley, James, Jessie, Dr. Blight

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With zombies raiding the world, the Total Drama cast seeks to survive, with any means necessary. Some will go insane, new romances will form, and not everyone will survive. At the end of each chapter is a QD (Quick time event that can change the outcome of the story.) Have fun reading
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After nearly escaping death, 12 teenagers will have to relive the moment of death as it comes back for them. Will any of them live? Find out in TDFD. Also going to start working on the 2 story for this. If you have any request on the 2nd story PM me.
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On this island there will be 16 villains going head to head in a battle of wits, attitude, and evilness. Can any of them make it through? Hosted by the worlds evilest villain Chris! Thinking about ending this due to lack of views and reviews. Bringing it to regular for more views
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